Secrets from Yiayia’s Greek kitchen

secrets from Yiayia's Greek kitchen

This summer I was given a Greek food project to have a go at and I embraced it with open arms but having never been to Greece, nor prepared a lot of Greek food in my life, other than a Greek salad,  which I have since learned is a Horiatiki salad, I had to do a bit of research. Talking to my friend Sarah Pylas who is married to a Greek man and writes a seriously good blog she jumped up and said, “I’m writing a Greek recipe book, Secrets from Yiayia’s Kitchen, I’ll send you some recipes to use.’

She did and my Greek barbecue this summer was a huge hit. Thank you Sarah, actually thank you Yiayia.

For anyone who doesn’t know Yiayia is the name given to grandmas in Greece, and grandmas the world over have the great reputation to be Holders of the Best Ever Recipes, tried and tested for decades on the most discerning guests, their family!

Just before Christmas I received a copy of the book, Secrets of Yiayia’s Greek Kitchen, and because of the time of year, the wrapping that needed doing, the cards that needed writing, the food that needed preparing, I put my gift to one side. However once the last of my guests had left the house, the decorations taken down and put away, I snuggled up on the sofa with Baxter by my side and flicked through my book.

spanakopita slice - Secrets from yiayias greek kitchen

I spotted the recipe I used for Spanakopita shown in the photo above, a superb spinach pastry that everyone said was a success (I served it a family party for the girl’s birthday last year). I also spotted Yiayia’s so-easy-to-make Tzatziki dip that I served that very same day. It was really, really easy and very delicious.

tzatziki - secrets from yiayias greek kitchen


Secrets from Yiayia’s Greek Kitchen

Secrets from Yiayia’s Greek Kitchen focuses on Meze, soups and dips and one of the first recipes I want to try out this January is Crepes with fresh and smoked salmon. I’ve been saying for a while that I want to introduce more regular fish nights and poultry nights to try and get us on an even healthier diet and this recipe is perfect for one of those evenings.

Each recipe starts off with a wonderful family anecdote which brings Yiayia and her fabulous character into your home. Then you have your list of ingredients and well laid out method accompanied by an image of the finished product which of course Sarah and her sister in law Eva got to eat and try! I know the twins will devour these in minutes.

I love the look of Maria’s Spicy Prawns too and the Avocado mousse will make a great starter. In fact there are lots of recipes I want to try out, the soups being my first port of call as I’m on a post Christmas diet and shall be taking soups into work with me to eat over the next couple of months.

Each recipe also has lots of Yiayia’s tips to ensure that your recipes turn out time and time again.

Disclosure: Thank you Yiayia, Sarah and Eva for sending me a copy of your book, I shall cherish it and when I cook from it I will Instagram an image and tag you in.

If you’d like to join Yiayia’s Facebook community and find out more, please click on that link. You can find even more recipes online here Yiayia’s Kouzina and if you’d like to buy her book Secrets from Yiayia’s Greek Kitchen retailing at £7.99 then rush over here and make your 2016 even healthier and more delicious