And what a beautiful life it is!

As I come towards the end of any year I do stop and take stock of the journey I have followed, the choices I have made and the direction my life seems to be taking. It’s a good starting point for making New Year’s Resolutions and for deciding where I am going and what I should focus on in the coming year. What do I want to achieve?

In fact at the start of this blog last January I added a page called Lifeplan, it’s still there and every three months or so I update it. It’s more for me than my reader. I am a big believer  in happenstance serendipity and ‘meant to be’ situations and I like to see what has happened looking back. My Lifeplan is a mixture of wishes, dreams and goals I’d like to achieve, for obvious reasons winning the lottery is a dream and will be taken over to every New Year until I win it :)

At the beginning of last year we had our house on the market but it was so slow, I thought we’d never get there but we did, we sold end of April and moved end of June. Hoorah!

My book, well it’s nowhere near finished but spurred on by Rocky Mountain Woman’s intention to join in the NaNoWriMo this year we joined forces and started to write. I’m happy with the progress, maybe not as quick as I would like but hey, I’ll get there. Should you be interested in having a peek go here.

Finances – we really are beginning to feel the pinch right now surviving on just one wage. The girls would cost me £40.00 plus each to go to nursery per day making it quite difficult to step back into the working industry pretending to find a salary that would cover nursery x 2, travel and something leftover, so I resign to another year at home unless of course something comes up. I’ll leave the door open on that one this year.

Body – I STILL have to lose the same identical 3/4 kilos, I know it’s dreadful. I should be ashamed of myself. Funnily enough on Blogger.Ed blog forum yesterday I noticed a post asking for volunteers to run the London marathon for a huge Big Brand company, they’d give you a personal trainer, nutrition expert and all the kit necessary. Oh my heart jumped, that would be marvellous but in my heart I know it’s just not the right time, I’m not ready for that yet as much as I’d love to do it.

So what’s for 2011? Well I love the idea of Karma it’s good for the soul and journeying around Jenny’s K week I spotted someone doing this (and I’m sorry I can’t remember who it was, but I did bookmark the link) I’m going to give it a go, it will be good for spiritual growth and understanding myself a little more.

I also found the 365 project which sounds fun, a project where you take one photo every day and post it, at the end of the year if you’ve been consistent you have a wonderful photographic diary. I want to improve my photography skills and maybe this will help me. I shall also be looking in on Cosmic Girlies brilliant tutorial blog if  can make time. I have promised myself since July and as yet haven’t made it but maybe 2011 will be easier who knows?

I also pondered on sharing my love of Italy and maybe one day a month focusing on an area that could be interesting for a future holiday, that’s the Italian Tourist Board coming out of me :) Oh and one last thing I shall be attending Cybermummy thanks to the wonderful people at Loud Karaoke (are they trying to tell me something?) who are kindly sponsoring me, I wonder if I should brush up my vocals here and enter for next year’s X Factor?

So that’s blogworld, how about real life?

Well we need to do some more decorating, starting with the girl’s bedroom which currently is a vile golden embossed wallpaper. I would love to start an allotment and will have you know I have bought a book, as yet not opened but I’ll get there. The garden needs an overhaul and so does my wardrobe!

Let’s keep this simple

  • Carry on/complete book
  • decorate the girls room – move them from cots to single beds, that should be fun!
  • allotment – this may slip over to 2012 I think
  • Enjoy the girl’s growing up, make the most of this year with them before they head of to pre school in September
  • Try to see Thomas, Megan and Gracey at least twice throughout the year
  • Win the national lottery :) Gotta give it a go right?

So there you have it, my lifeplan drawn up for 2011. What goals are you going to set yourself? Which dream is it time you gave a go at to see if you can make it come true? Which skill are you going to dedicate time to in order to try and improve? Have a think and let me know what’s on your mind for 2011 – just make sure it’s a good one!

I am immensly happy at being nominated in the BMB Freshest Voice category for 2010, I need votes in order to bag the medal and I kindly ask all of my readers to visit BMB and cross the Mari’s World box, every vote counts and I am up against some brilliant blogs, it’s a toughie, please help. I’d be eternally grateful xxx

This is my entry for Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe Thursday, today’s letter is L, please have a look at wht the others came up with

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My boy will be 22 tomorrow (Friday 26th March).

He’s an adult. A grown man, ok he has plenty of growing yet to do but he’s passed the first hurdles of teenagedom into adulthood. He’s got drunk a few times, tried some silly cigarettes and maybe more only I am no longer privy to all of his life.

Nowadays I get a glowing self reportage that has edited all the nasty bits ‘Not For Mum’s eyes’ :) And that’s ok. Just be safe son, use your head.

He’s grown into a good lad. He’s gentle and kind and always trying to please, maybe too much sometimes. He’s fun and always up for a laugh and he doesn’t mind making a fool of himself to make someone laugh. He’s nice to have around. You’re on the right track boy, don’t change.

He’s very reserved my Tommy. I often have the inkling that there is so much more bubbling under the surface and occasionally, no quite often, he updates his Facebook status in such an alarming outright manner that I want to stop him. But I must let him see for himself. Calm down Tommy, take a step back before you let anger take control of your emotions.

I would love to see my Tom with a girlfriend (another area which is pretty shady when we’re chatting) he’s yearning for a companion and I believe he’d make a wonderful partner to someone but first he has a lot of growing up to do. He wears his heart on his sleeve and jumps right in at the deep end before any poor girl has even put her handbag down. Slow down Tommy, you have the rest of your life to find happiness. Don’t be hasty.

Tommy lives in Italy with his dad. He works in the family hotel Club Hotel Alpino.

When it’s a family run business there is no definition of role. You get on and do what has to be done. It can be very stressful but also rewarding when customers send thank you notes saying they had such a wonderful stay. Well done my love. You’re doing a good job. Stick at it even when it exhausts you. You’ll be so proud of yourself later on.

Ever since he could walk he wanted to work there and he trained to be a chef, I use the word ‘train’ very loosely because Thomas and school did NOT mix well together. He hated it. Even in Infant school there would be tears whilst trying to coerce him into starting his homework. A nightmare from day 1 but the boy turned out well. He reads, he writes and he watches life. Keep on reading Tom, it’s good exercise for the mind and widens your knowledge.

He recently spent six months in England. He worked at the Punch Tavern in the City with my brother who is the chef there. I was able to enjoy my boy, chat with him and share some very special moments. It was wonderful to see him play with the girls and moving to see him tearful when we said goodbye in January at Gatwick airport. He was genuinely going to miss them.

I have my card and present here as he said he would be with us for his birthday but in the end for one reason or another can’t make it till April but more than the materialistic gift I would like to wish the following to him

  • An eternal hug for whenever it’s needed.
  • Sneaky mum kisses that no one sees for when he’s upset.
  • An ear to listen to his woes when he needs to share them
  • A shoulder to support him when he’s feeling broken
  • An embrace to assure him he’s special and loved when he’s feeling alone

Happy birthday son, I miss you more than this post can transpire and I wish you a year ahead filled with joy love and laughter.

The Euro Lottery that is.

Again for the umpteenth week, I have bought my two lucky dips leaving it all to destiny to decide if I should I be the lucky winner of £113,000,000 this Friday evening.

Once I have my tickets, I feel very lucky and will continue to do so until I watch the draw. (There’s a 13 in there, lucky for some… and all that.)

I also spend a lot of time wondering how I’d spend all that money and over the past months this has become a favourite pastime of mine.

I would be quite happy sharing my win with another one or two so as not to have too much money. That would be vulgar.

Usually, my dream spending runs like this:-

  1. A house, probably with an indoor swimming pool, huge gardens (with a gardener!) walk-in wardrobes, a massive kitchen and garages for all of my…
  2. Cars. An Aston Martin, a Jag and a little mini to run around in..
  3. Holidays, well more like one big journey around the world, returning every now and then to check the gardener has done his job.
  4. A wedding. Paul and I could tie the knot in style, we could afford to fly everyone we know wherever we decide to marry.
  5. Gifts to my family and closest friends (could possibly be thousands MILLIONS of pounds remember so keep on popping back!)
  6. Charities – The Smile Train, The Miscarriage Association, Breast Cancer research.
  7. A villa in Folgaria so I can visit my childfren and see my friends whenever I like.

There’s plenty more I’m sure but the girls are waking upstairs and interrupting my shopping spree!

Have you ever thought about winning the lottery? How would you spend your money on a big win?