The British coast in autumn

We put our caravan in storage over a month ago but we needed to go down and put her ‘blanket’ on plus make sure all was ok, seeing Saturday was going to be a bright and breezy morning off we went to Thanet and once the job was done, we head off to Westgate on Sea for some fish and chips and a walk along the prom.

scooting on the beach

We took the girls scooters as they will go for miles with them but try and get them to walk the same distance and it’s tears, moan, tears.

having a rest

Wrapped up against the chilly wind off we set along the walkway flanking the sea yelling to the girls to STOP! Before they disappeared around the corner out of sight because you just can’t be too careful these days.

flock of seagulls

We walked as far as the next beach and remnants of last week’s storm were visiible in the amount of seaweed on the beach. Sadly it was full of flies – so many flies it was uncomfortable to walk through so we had to turn back.

dancing on stage

So we found a ‘stage’ and did a bit of dancing and prancing about.

beach hut

Walking a little bit further we were surprised to see a row of beach huts still on the beach – surely they’d put them away in the winter? But no, they were chained to the rocks behind, one had the door open and I asked the owner if I could take a few photos as inside was so pretty.

inside a beach hut

Isn’t this the perfect beach hut? Next it was time for coffees and ice creams and one last look before heading back into the enormous rain cloud hanging over North Kent.

looking out to sea

a great day in the fresh air.

Westgate on Sea, Thanet

Westgate on sea