best shoes for walking

I love my job and as trying as it can be to fit in a full-time working week, family needs, house needs, after school activities, shopping, ironing and all the rest that comes with a normal day to day life. I don’t want to stop working just yet.

However, certain areas of my life are slipping and one of those is fitness. I don’t go to the gym anymore, I don’t like running, I rarely go swimming these days and if I do it’s just a dip in the sea. What I do like to do and it fits in around the madness of my life is walk.

I treated myself to a Fitbit last year with my birthday money and have worn it more or less every day since. I love how it tells me how many steps I have done, it prompts me to get up and move if I’ve been sitting too long and it can show me how I have slept which I find oddly fascinating to check.

Now the days are longer and brighter, I can walk the girls to the local clubs and at the same time stretch my legs, get a breath of fresh air and add some steps to my Fitbit count.

Millet Sports got in touch recently and asked if I would be interested in reviewing a pair of their walking shoes. I didn’t even know there were such things as walking shoes! I clicked on their link and came across a lovely selection of what I would call trainers but trainers have come a long way since back in the day.

I am now the very proud owner of these beauties, the best shoes for walking!

best shoes for walking

First of all, they look the part and I am sure you will agree on that note. Nice colours, nice style and look sturdy but comfortable at the same time.

Secondly, they are comfortable and supportive too.

I have worn them to walk Baxter with a couple of school mums whilst the girls were at Brownies one evening but I had to stop and take Baxter home because he couldn’t keep up the fast pace. It was also a very hot evening, poor boy.

I have used them to walk up to the shops and back. To accompany the girls to clubs but I am really looking forward to do some proper walking and I have in mind to complete the Viking Trail in Thanet, have you done it yet?

So if you are looking for the best shoes for walking, then take a look at the Millet’s range as I think you’ll really like them.

Disclosure: I was sent a pair of the best shoes for walking for the purpose of this review.

woolacombe beach

As I spend so much of my time cooped up indoors at home sitting in front of a screen, there’s nothing I appreciate more than a good walk to stretch my legs and Woolacombe beach offers the perfect setting.

The photo above is taken from the road and gives an excellent idea of the 3 mile long beach.

woolacombe beach food vans

Fortunately, with the girls growing up and being able to amuse themselves with buckets and spades for hours on end I can now snatch back half an hour to myself and during our last break to Devon I did precisely that.

woolacombe beach huts


I left the family playing on the beach, picked up my camera Canon SX500 IS and set off on my mission of walking Woolacombe.

woolacombe beach huts

Apart from wanting to get some good shots of the beach and stretch my legs, I find walking an excellent time for thinking and clearing out all the junk that’s often hurtling around my brain and it allows me to connect with nature which is so important.

Watch the beach huts get smaller as I keep up my bare footed pace across the sands of Woolacombe.

Atlantic sea woolacombe

The tide goes out a long way leaving a hard flat beach to walk.

feet in sea


Woolacombe is known for it’s dramatic landscape carved out from the Atlantic waves. In fact the waves are excellent for belly boarding and surfing as any local will tell you. Don’t be fooled by the photo, that sea was freezing and wetsuits were the way forward if you wanted to enter.

woolacombe beach look back

The further you walk to ‘the other end’ the less people you meet, the occasional dog walker as dogs are only allowed on this side of the stream which splits the beach in two – see the food vans above to see the stream.

woolacombe walker on beach

I was overtaken by a walker dressed suitably for the occasion, unlike me barefooted and fancy free. My toes ached for a while after all that scratchy sand but I’m sure it was a perfect pedicure.

woolacombe beach


That is Baggy Point in the distance, meta for walkers as there are many beautiful walks in the area for exploring the coastline. I didn’t make it that far though.


Looking back I was amazed at the difference in the view, whereas before the beach had been packed and busy now there was a mile of sand stretching out in front of me.

woolcombe sand dune

I was amused to see people walking/sliding down the steep sand dunes with as much their beach kit as they could carry to save another walk to the top.

woolacombe beach

I didn’t make it all the way to the end but this was my start back point when I realised I’d been gone for a while and husband would be itching to get in the surf with his brothers.

I loved this little snatch of me time, I hope it worked off a few calories. I know for sure I was exhausted that night and left husband sitting listening to music as I curled up under my covers and fell into a deep contented sleep. I will definitely do this again.

fitbug packagingI am not the sportiest of sporty people, in fact I’m really rather unfit. I walk the girls to school and back twice a day and unless I have an event to attend I will sit by the laptop most days interspersed with housework as I go, a mish mash of sitting and cleaning.

I know, I know I should be cycling a mile a day, running (HATE running) around the block, attending classes in the evening (Why? Who wants to miss Luther?) basically I do nothing and am pretty lucky in as much as I’m only half a stone over weight, maybe if I was more overweight I’d consider this sport lark more seriously ….nah!

Anyway, the Fitbug people got in touch and asked if I’d like to trial one of their bugs. I shirked at first and ignored the email thinking they’d have me couch to 5k before I knew it. Anyway I watched Karin from Cafe Bebe start up and get all excited about counting her steps, then I saw Actually Mummy raving about how fit she was getting with her Fitbug and so off I went and got one too.

I like it.

I attach it to my jeans in the morning and keep it in my pocket checking every now and again to see how many steps I do.


Just having it on me makes me want to do a few more steps but that’s my competitive side coming out. In fact instead of sitting in my chair enjoying the sun at the beach as I normally do, I got up and ‘treated’ myself to a good 40 minute walk.

I clocked up 11,000 steps and was massively proud of myself.

Now I’m pretty new to this lark but I’ve connected my Fitbug to my online account and I have a dongle to upload my count as I go.

The online account allows me to input my food and gives me goals to work to to lose that half a stone I was telling you about up there.

So I’m going to get back to you in a month’s time with an update and let you know how fit I am and how I got on with the Fitbug, in the meantime in case you’re intrigued take a look at the website …

Disclosure: I have been sent a Fitbug to test and review for Mari’s World

Six? Seven weeks into 2011? and so far not a massive amount of progress on any keep fit/dieting regime I may have loosely promised myself at the start of the year. Oh but that is so typically me that anyone who knows me didn’t even raise an eyebrow there. Sport is sooo not my thing, I mean I like an aerobics lesson, loads of women in a hot stuffy room all jumping, running and moving to pounding music trying their best to keep up with the insanely thin instructor. That’s ok but the girls won’t stay in the creche without bursting into tears so I had to give that up. Consequently the sport area of my life has been filled with er…nothing.

But dear readers, on closer inspection of said area I have been doing one tiny little thing which may just make an enormous difference. It’s quite exciting isn’t it? You see every time I leave the house and change from my slippers to ‘outdoor’ footwear I have been slipping into my Reebok Easytone trainers. Now this isn’t a sponsored post, Reebok sadly did not courier me a pair of their running shoes with promises that I’d have an Elle Macpherson body by Easter if I wrote a few words. No,no, no. I flicked through my Next catalogue as my old trainers were busted and I needed to replace them. If you’re like me you will hate the day when you actually have to give in and consign those beloved treasures to the bin but my toes were peeping through the front stitching and if it rained too much my feet got wet so execution day it was for my old trusted Nikes.

There was no way I was facing a shoe shop with the twins in tow, so catalogue it was and surprisingly there were quite a few different options open to me but a pair of trainers that promised to tone my butt and my legs whilst I went about my every day tasks was too much to refuse. I ordered a pair right away and anxiously waited their arrival. That was back in September and since then I have got more and more used to them, wearing them ever more frequently. When I tried them on for the first time I noticed immediately I was taller this is probably due to the exclusive feature of Moving Air Technology with balance ball inspired pods (sounds magnificent doesn’t it?) These pods create micro instability and softness with every step and boy you should see me walk these days ;)

So £75 later, what are my thoughts? Well I like them. They look like a normal pair of trainers but to the untrained eye I’m having a mini workout, a micro workout where it counts. I wear them with jeans or track suit and I wear them every day, shopping, taking the girls out or just family walks. Have I noticed an improvement yet? Well that was my question to you, what do you think?

Personally I need to step up my training regime and I shall have you know that I am planning to walk 20 mins – half an hour on the days Paul gets back from work around 6 o’clock. These sessions will include brisk walking and as I get fitter interspersed with bursts of running, she writes confidently. Oh it all sounds so good on paper doesn’t it?

Should the lovely people at Reebok wish to send me a pair of size 5 Easytone Flip‘s to try out this Spring/Summer I could continue this experiment for a lot longer and give you all such a more detailed review allowing you to decide whether you too would like a cute derriere just like mine.

Step this way Ladies for gorgeous butts :)