Florida – Been there done that!

Florida, Florida, one day I’m gonna get me to Florida but right now I rely on the memories of our holidays taken pre-twins and information I find around the net. Talking of which take a look at the really cool video below which has been made entirely of visitors photos and videos, it’s really punchy and gives an excellent idea of what can be found over there.

Virgin know a thing or two about Florida, in fact I took a look at their website and the places they mention – I’ve been to most of them, I just wish I could go back and take better photos.

Naples Florida

naples florida beach

At Naples, I walked along the beach, actually Paul stung on his little toe on that very beach by a wasp.

naples pier florida


We ate in a really cool pub. I remember walking the quiet streets lined with massive houses and wondering who lived there thinking how lucky they were to live in such a beautiful place.

Fort Myers

banyan tree fort myers florida

Fort Myers, I was amazed at the Banyan tree that stood in the Edison and Ford estates, so amazed I brought home a mug with it on. Yeah, you may laugh but a cup of tea from that mug takes me back there….

Fort Lauderdale

I ate the best cheesecake ever in the Cheescake Factory, it was A.Maz.Ing. Triple chocolate … that really is a cheesy tourist snap isn’t it?

cheesecake florida

Disney Orlando

Food again but this time we ate in the fabulous Blues Club I tried my first ever Jambalaya and it was really really good

house of blues florida

St Pete’s

Aww I remember an American lady on her honeymoon, she was sitting at the table next to us in a scrummy fish restaurant with her new husband and they liked our accent, we got talking and she told me I had to go out in the sea, squiggle my toes in the sand of the seabed and I’d find sand dollars which are supposed to bring good luck. so I did, I found two and still have them to this day.

bride and groom beach florida

Florida Cruises – ahh, this one is still escaping me but we’ll get there one day and in the meantime I look back with fond memories at the other photos

florida memories 

You might like to have a look at Virgin on Facebook and get even more excited about Florida, just like me

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Virgin, but all thoughts and photos are mine.