The week that was 365/23

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Saturday last week saw us up at 6am and leaving Woolacombe by 7. We were well on our way home when we passed Stonehenge. I ask EVERY SINGLE TIME WE PASS if darling husband will stop so I can visit but going down – he’s getting tired of the journey and anxious to arrive and on returning, ‘Ah you can’t go right up to it anyway and LOOK there’s loads of people.’


So friggin what? Next time I’ve made him promise to stop or else I will quite simply take a trip down on my own – that’ll show him ;)

We arrived at Two Chimneys in Birchington on the North Kent Coast in very good time, set up, had dinner and visited the club house where the girls danced and asked to use the camera to take a photo of the squiggly disco lights

girls taking a photo

and their photo of the lights

squiggly lights

I knew you’d be impressed.

Sunday saw me cleaning the caravan top to toe as we won’t be going down for sometime, a part of me sad to go home but another part of me (quite a big part) looking forward to a proper double size bed. Being a very good bag lady I had bags full to the brim to go home. His job to pack it all in the car – and he did! I can’t tell you how long the grass was in our back garden when we arrived home, all afternoon spent gardening, weeding and planting my seedlings in the veggie plot. I also started the first of the 6 washing machine loads I would do to catch up.

packing the car

To finish off a fabulous Whitsun week a barbie, husband’s favourite pastime.


Monday morning back to school. Now the girls are in term 6 I no longer have to accompany them to the door, as of September they will have to cross the playground to their new Year 1 classroom so now I leave them at the school gate so they have a chance to get used to the idea. Parents aren’t allowed to enter in the morning as the children are unaccompanied so I watched them set off through the gate and I let go of another tiny part of my gorgeous twins as they grow up a little bit more.

going to school

I went home to start on the 400+ emails; In Woolacombe I had had zero reception, I rolled my sleeves up and cracked on. My back was aching a little from the weeding and planting done on Sunday afternoon but take a look at my Veggie plot.

veggie plot

Tuesday I tried some of the India tea I had been sent to review. Black tea – I tried with milk and it was delicious, in the afternoon I tried Cardamom Chai, this one I had without milk as it has a distinctive flavour. I liked it but I’m more of a ‘proper’ tea girl at heart. I might have it with a hot curry though ;)

tea india

Wednesday I start to come out of the massive work load, a bit tired and in need of adult conversation, I allow myself a quick peek at Facebook and I go to the supermarket – I know I’m so rock and roll! I take a look in the garden; my rhododendron has passed, should have taken the photo on Sunday but the clematis is in full bloom with another 3 blooms yet to flower.


Thursday I picked the girls up from school and was informed by two of their classmates that Alice had taken Abigail’s sweetie when she went to the toilet. This was obviously something quite naughty that they deemed I needed to know and I did. I know why she did it, she has an incredibly sweet tooth ‘Era piu’ forte di lei’ they say in Italian which basically means ‘It was stronger than her’ the pull of the sweet being IT. I did chide her and told it was wrong, I said she’d lose all her friends and it was called stealing. She said nothing but she listened (I hope) The next morning I sent her in with a small packet of Moam sweets (5 in a packet) I told her I would ask Abigail if she’d been given a sweetie. Abigail smiled at me and said yes she’d been given two, she was delighted with the exchange…but the other 3? I haven’t managed to discover who got them so I imagine Alice ate them all. *sigh* I also made some ice lollies with the girls using juice and some lolly moulds from M&S for £2.50

lolly moulds

Friday Coffee with my school mums which was my first real conversation (husband not counting) in a whole week and I loved it, we talked summer holidays, school. As Paul was out I made a risotto for me and the girls dinner (he doesn’t like rice) it was delicious and luckily the girls really enjoyed it. I also rewrote last year’s script for the BiB ceremony at BritMums Live. I am also amazed at how much my potatoes have grown!

potato plants in a bag

Right Now I need to do the ironing of the 6 washing machine loads so toodlepip and see you next week

Mari x