Pass the Pigs – best family game now for outdoors too!

giant pass the pigs

I am organising a family barbecue soon; my daughter is coming over from Italy with her family, my grandmother is going to be 97 and it’s the perfect excuse to get everyone together and enjoy some family time. On family days like this we often play a few games and this year, I have a brand new game up my sleeve which I think is going to be an enormous hit…

Giant Pass The Pigs

Let me tell you more.

Paul introduced the game to me during our first Christmas together and I have been thrashing him playing the game ever since. It’s a really simple and fun idea; you hold two plastic pigs in your hands, shake and drop on the table. The two pigs can land in many different ways, razorback, trotter, snouter, even a leaning jowler and if both pigs land in the same position it’s likely to double your points! Take a look at the scores below for an idea.

Pass the pigs points

This version is perfect for playing at home, pulling out after a meal one evening. Christmas and family get togethers are always a great occasion to play and being in a handy case, they are great for taking on holiday too.

Back to the Giant Pass The Pigs, they are really cool, they are easy and quick to blow up – the twins did ours! They also have a string bag to keep them in once deflated along with the score pad, pencils and other bits and pieces that you need for the game.

We had our first game one weekend whilst staying at our caravan in Thanet, it was a really fun moment playing in the garden. Although Bessie’s face might not say it – I think she was concentrating on a win ;)

playing giant pass the pigs


This game can be played anywhere, indoors and outdoors, it’s easy enough to take to the park, beach or even on holiday as it packs away neatly and is quick to assemble. Like I said, it’s a family favourite.

Just look at them … they’re adorable, aren’t they?

Treat yourself to some family fun!

giant pass the pigs

Disclosure: Pass the Pigs and it is suitable for all ages, the younger players might need some help adding up the scores but that’s it. We were set a set of each game for the purpose of this review.

Outdoor toys and fun for kids this summer

It’s that time of year when we want to get out in our gardens and soak up as much sunshine as we possibly can, it’s the time of year for playing outdoors, firing up the barbecue and drinking Pimms.

But in order to fire up the barbecue and drink your Pimms in peace you need to make sure the kids are entertained.

Now if you have to stand up and keep them amused, well that’s encroaching on your Pimms time right so the best idea is to look for outdoor toys and games that allow them to play nicely together. Are we all agreeing on this one?

fairwood cubby playhouseWell I was having a little search online to see what goods were coming up and THIS caught my eye, doesn’t it shout out Golidlocks and the three bears?

A Wendy House made in wood so it’s sturdy and looks so cute. I am thinking teddy bear’s picnics, I am thinking of putting up a couple of shelves in there for some favourite books, how about painting the inside white, the outside blue or pink or maybe yellow? A small table and chairs and picnics in their home. LOVE it.

I loved this Tee Pee Tent too and can hear the ‘Whoo,whoo, whoo!’ cries running around the garden. I also discovered a Make a yarn tipi post which looks really easy and quick to assemble.

asda tee pee tent

Or how about one of these? A Wave Rider Water Slide? who knows after a couple of Pimms you might be having a go yourself?

Wave Rider Water slide


And of course water fun doesn’t end there, how about a paddling pool? ASDA Direct have tons of different sizes, there are dinosaur ones, princess ones, big ones and little ones too

paddling pool

You can find skipping ropes, bowling sets, hula hoops, bicycles, sand pits, water play activity centres and lots lots more, what’s more there’s a clearance sale on so you can even pick up a bargain or two.

Silent Sunday – 30/12/12

Christmas day 2012

The Story of Toys – Barnardos

the story of toys infographic

Top toys for Christmas

I was invited to a great event in July which I sadly couldn’t take part in due to family commitments but I hope to go next year. It’s an event where the top toy companies showcase their new products for the upcoming Christmas season and ask a group of mums (I was supposed to be one of them) to go around the toy fair and judge the toys, choosing their top 5 for each category as can be seen below.

So in a ‘You heard it here first’ these are the products my fellow judges chose and I thought by sharing them now you could do a little internet search and see if any of them fit the bill for your gift list.

Enjoy the list, I’d be interested to know what your thoughts are – would you have chosen them?

Top toys for Christmas 2012

1. Augmented Reality Puzzles, Ravensburger

Ravensburger Augmented Reality Puzzle

2. InnoTab 2, VTech

VTech InnoTab 2 blue

3. Wheelybugs, Hippychick Ltd

Wheelybugs - Hippychick

4. Sylvanian Families Holiday, Flair

Flair - Sylvanian Families Holidays - Girls

5. Leap Pad 2, Leap Frog

LeapPad 2- LeapFrog


Top Boys’ Toys for Christmas 2012

1. Subbuteo, Paul Lamond

2. Dinosaur figures, Schleich

3. Star Wars rc pump and play R2-D2, Bladez Toys

4. Topps Minis FA Wembley Stadium, Character Options

5. Trash Pack Street Sweeper, Flair

Top Girls’ Toys for Christmas 2012

1. Wheelybugs, Hippychick Ltd

2. Sylvanian Families Holidays, Flair

3. myStyle Deluxe Charm Bracelet kits, Interplay

4. Love my street, World’s Apart

5. Bratzillas, MGA Entertainment

Top Creative Toys for Christmas 2012

1. Aquarelle, Ravensburger

2. Brain Noodles, Paul Lamond Games

3. Triqo Deluxe Box Mix

4. Paper FX, Flair

5. Make your own Go Kart, ARK DIY Toys

Top pre school toys for Christmas 2012

1. Peppa Pig jumping in muddy puddles, Character Options

2. Go MINI, Golden Bear

3. Large farm playset on the land, HABA

4. Mike the Knight Glendragon play set, Character Options

5. Polar World set, Tolo Toys

 Top Gadgets for Christmas 2012

1. Augmented reality puzzles, Ravensburger

2. HEXBUG Scarab, Innovation First

3. Google Android RC robot, Bladez Toys

4. itikes map, MGA/Zapf

5. Water cannon, Bladez Toys

Top Electronic for Christmas 2012

1. InnoTab 2, VTech

2. LeapPad 2, Leap Frog

3. Kurio, Inspiration Works

4. Skylanders Giants, Activision

5. Singalongs, Wow! Stuff

Top Games and Puzzles for Christmas 2012

1. 3D puzzle, Ravensburger

2. It’s a chicken, Paul Lamond Games

3. Christmas Puzzle, Ravensburger

4. Rubiks Cube, Drumond Park

5. Logo What Am I, Drumond Park