Peppa Pig is BIG, she’s even won a BAFTA and children the world over have fallen in love with her and family. We are huge fans in this house and even if we should be moving on now from Peppa we’re not. Her toys come out time and time again and the girls spend many a happy hour playing with them.

The latest toy in the huge range of Peppa Pig merchandise from Character is Peppa – Jump in muddy puddles. All hard core fans will know that Peppa adores jumping with her wellies in muddy puddles and the sales of wellington boots for children aged 3 – 5 must have risen enormously thanks to her passion. I know we are never without wellies and every walk is a hunt for muddy puddles these days.

This doll stands about 27cms high, wears her red dress and yellow wellies and she is suitably covered in muddy splashes. She takes three AA batteries easily inserted into her back and by pushing a button located by her neck Peppa jumps thanks to springs in her legs. Whilst she jumps she says some of her favourite phrases and also counts from 1 – 10 counting as she jumps so an excellent toy to encourage numeracy skills.

The minute my girls saw this product arrive in the house they were intrigued and have played with her lots over the past few days. Although they are huge Peppa fans I can see this toy having a short lifespan as favourite toy being left to one side for other toys that are more geared towards their age group but as she is soft and cuddly and she will make a perfect piece to stand on a shelf or cupboard.

Perfect for 3 year olds I would say. A quick search on internet has thrown up an RRP of £19.99 but Tesco is selling them for £14.99 when I checked earlier.

Moo and Baa Tack Zap HABAI went to Italy this weekend and as I had quite a few toys to review I thought it only fair to let my granddaughter Gracey have a go with them.

The Moo and Baa Tack Zap made by HABA is a craft kit aimed at children 3 years and up. It consists of a cork board, 45 colourful animal and scenery pieces made out of wood, some tacks and a hammer.

There’s no hanging around with this toy, Gracey immediately saw what had to be done and was very excited at being able to create her own masterpieces, she wouldn’t let me, her mum or her dad have a go which was quite disappointing as I reckon I could have made a very pretty picture.

The beauty of a Moo and Baa Tack Zap is that the pictures you can create are endless and each one offers conversation and story telling. We noticed that Gracey was very careful with the tacks and hammer and used them with precision. She needed a little assistance to start with but soon got the hang of holding the tacks thus refusing any more help.

Gracey’s initial game was to just tack all the pieces on the board which allowed her to get to grips with holding the tacks and using the hammer (fine motor skills)

As she progresses with the game we could talk about making pictures (if she’ll let me help her!), ducks on a pond, sheep (Baa) in the fields or Moo the cow with the farmer and his wife.

Moo and Baa Tack Zap HABA

One point I’d like to bring up is – It would be very helpful to have a re-sealable bag or small container to keep the tacks in as they will soon be lost if an adult is not hanging around to watch. Parents might want to keep hold of a small matchbox or similar in view of this.

Megan sent me over a very short video today of Gracey playing

Sevi pizza wooden toyIt’s toy box Tuesday and this week for John Crane we are reviewing the pizza made by the Italian company Sevi.

You may remember a while back I reviewed the girls playing with the Sevi hamburger tray and as with all the Sevi products their pizza is just as colourful and just as well made.

I decided as I was going to Italy this weekend, the birthplace of the pizza, I would take my Sevi toy with me and let Gracey, my granddaughter, tell us what she thought about it.

We opened it up together and the first part to catch her eye was the round pizza cutting wheel. I showed her how to pretend cut the pizza and she was off, everyone was then served slices of pizza.

The plate and pizza portions are made out of wood and to make the game more exciting you have a collection of food pieces to make your pizza up with including cheese portions, tomato, onion rings, chillies, mushrooms, salami and ham. There are a few leaves of basil and two little fishes which we pretended were tuna fish.

Gracey spent a long time playing with her pizza. We spoke about making different pizzas with the various toppings and we were able to talk about the foods she likes to eat too which is great for encouraging children to try new tastes.

Sevi pizza portion

The pizza also comes with a green napkin and we played at cleaning our mouths after eating. We also used the napkin to serve the portions to mummy and daddy.

sevi pizza role playing

Left to her own devices, Gracey made a tower of pizza slices (Leaning Tower of Pizza ha ha!) and she would place all of the food on a slice to offer us which she thought was hilarious.

leaning tower of pizza

The toy can be found at various retailers for around £19.99, visit the John Crane Sevi Pizza page to find the retailer closest to you

We are incredibly lucky to have been asked to trial and review a Balance bike for the company John Crane. John Crane have been in the wooden toy business for over two decades now and they’re a very fussy lot commanding high quality, value for money, innovation and safety on top of design flair as their stringent high standards. The First Bike comes in three colours, red, blue and pink. They’ve sent us a First Bike in pink and I made a short video for you to have a look at.

My first comment has to be on the excellent design. It is simple, eye catching, sturdy and at a glance you can see it is of very high quality. It was easy to assemble as you can see in the video and each piece has been crafted with brilliant workmanship.

Being a balance bike the child pushes the bike and quickly picks up how to balance hopefully avoiding the stabilisers on future bikes. The tyres are inflatable and there is a handy hole in the crossbar for carrying it around. I’ve seen it priced between £50 – £60 but a quick peek on Amazon showed it can be bought new for £32.99. The same as a poorer quality plastic bike.

It was definitely a hit for me and I would thoroughly recommend it. From the video you can see the girls are just a tiny bit short and in a few months they should be whizzing around the patio and arguing over whose turn it is! :)