A weekend in Rye East Sussex 2008

weekend in Rye East Sussex, panorama

Back in September 2008 when the twins were 10 weeks old, we decided to go on our first holiday since the girls had arrived, a long weekend in Rye. It was only going to be a 4 day break  and we didn’t want to stray too far from home but be in reach of a quick journey back if it all proved to be a dreadful idea.

weekend in Rye old twon

We decided on a weekend in Rye, East Sussex, a pretty town built on a hill that in years gone by would have been on the shoreline, today Rye is separated from the sea by one and a half miles of drained marshland and is the joining point of three rivers which form a picturesque harbour.

weekend in rye harbour

Rye once played an important role in the defence of the south coast of England but these days the warships are long gone and replaced by a local fishing fleet of private boats and yachts moored up, bobbing peacefully close to the town. The stretch along the river is a beautiful walk as is the town itself, where you can walk to the top of the hill and take in the panoramas from the high point or stop at a local pub for a bite to eat.

We stopped off for a fabulous pub lunch at the King’s Head Pub also known as the Top O’ The Hill pub.

Top 5 things to do on a weekend in Rye

  1. Climb to the top of the tower of St Mary’s parish church for breathtaking views.
  2. Visit Rye Harbour Nature reserve
  3. Visit Ypres Tower museum
  4. Take a walk around Lamb House
  5. Follow the 1066 country walk – this will take more than 1 day.

On a three day sojourn in 1573, Queen Elizabeth I bestowed the title ‘Rye Royale’ and the town attracted many authors, musicians and celebrities of the day. Walking around the town you can discover many quirky things like this house called ‘The House Opposite’.

weekend in rye village - door

The timbered houses are separated by cobbled streets and connected by secret passages used by smugglers and highwaymen in years gone by. Rye is full of secrets and mysteries and is a huge favourite amongst film crews in search of historical settings for film productions.

Rye is a popular weekend destination and well worth a visit if you’re looking for a fun weekend away.

We stayed close by at the Park Holidays resort Rye Harbour and it proved to be an excellent base for the south coast. A walk from our home towards the coast led us past this fascinating hut in the Rye harbour nature reserve.

Rye harbour nature reserve

Rye harbour nature reserve

A short drive took us into Rye where we walked the cobbled streets with our massive buggy and discovered the beauty spots of the town.

rye - the weekes family

We ventured to Hastings for a day out and another time we drove to the town of Battle famous for the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and home to af abulous castle that I shall take the girls to soon.

Hastings mari and buggy

The entrance to Hastings pier with its Union Jack whipping in the wind.

Hastings Pier

Recently Babyworld shut down and I was able to import my pregnancy diary and my baby diary. Hence this peek back in time. Babyworld and Baby Centre were lifelines for me when I was trying to conceive and later when I was pregnant with the twins, I am sad to see Babyworld go but in the meantime I am rewriting the diaries and adding to them like this post here. Which has inspired me to pull the Time Traveller Linky out of hibernation.

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If you’d like to read my twin baby diary, here are the completed entries so far.

Twins 5 weeks old

Twins 6 weeks old

Twins 7 weeks old

Twins 8 weeks old

Twins 9 weeks old

and to finish off some lovely twin photos I found from that break. This is how we slept the twins for the first three months of their lives, in a single cot widthways. This is the travel cot we took to Rye with us.

Twins co sleeping in travel cot


Alice taking a nap after her bottle of milk in our static caravan at Rye.

Alice having a snooze


Bessie falling asleep on her bottle.

Bessie bottle fed


Thinking ahead we bought the girls some winter jackets which, as you can see were still rather large on them but warm :)

twins in buggy 10 weeks old



The Everglades Florida & Buffalo Tiger

Buffalo tiger - Everglades Florida 2007

Continuing on our tour of Florida, we left the Keys behind us and headed left up the western coast of the state. The land is flat and wet and for the most part marshland, the perfect habitat for crocodiles. There is also an Indian tribe in residence called the Miccosukee. We were to meet the most respected and famous tribal leader Buffalo Tiger.

Buffalo tiger Airboat tours

For me this was a true honour and one of the highlights of my trip. My dad had told me many tales of his time with the American Indians whom he had spent time with in the US. Those moments were my dad’s spiritual highlights of his life and they comforted him tremendously when he went through the darker periods that would hit him later on in life.

everglades view

Buffalo Tiger was born in 1920, he lived in a ‘chickee’ with his parents. He has had an amazing life and achieved so much it’s worth a read up here in Wikipedia but the part I am going to tell you about today is the business he developed Buffalo Tiger Airboat Tours

everglades airboat

We drove all the way from Key West to the Everglades Florida with one short break and we arrived at a wooden barn like structure on the roadside. There was a short pier and two airboats waiting for us. Buffalo Tiger, although 87, was still working the rides of which he took great pride.

everglades sacred island

Once all onboard he set off slowly and as we passed the trails cut out of the long grass he pointed out various plants and told us there names. He gave us an overview of the history of his land and his tribe. He talked with much love and passion about how he had fought hard to retain this land.

crocodiles in the everglades

He took us into thick crocodile terrain and we watched mesmerised as they came right up to the boat spying us lazily from their position. People were standing to take photos and the airboat was swaying lightly under the movement, everyone was happy to be up close with the crocs but respectful of their strength and fearful of what could happen.

crocodile everglades

We were taken a bit further into the thick of the Everglades and Buffalo Tiger showed us the sacred island on which his tribe celebrated many rituals together, for a moment I wished we could go and visit up close this special area but it wasn’t to be, rightfully so.

crocodile smile

Plus it could have been a bit of a nightmare with no visible pier and the crocs keeping a sly eye on us.

crocodile eye close up

Once back at the start we were chaperoned into the barn where Buffalo Tiger’s much younger wife awaited us with plenty of handmade crafts to buy for souvenirs. I bought Buffalo Tiger’s book to bring back home with me as I wanted to find out more about this remarkable man.

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St Pete’s Florida 2006

I’m reminiscing again and it’s from the same trip as the one we visited Miami only this time we are over the other side of the Sunshine State at the beautiful and very popular destination St Pete’s Florida. Here our tour was to stop for a few days after the hectic running around and Paul and I were ready for some lazy days in the sunshine. Road to St Pete's Florida The approach into St Pete’s if you are coming from the Everglades and Naples as we were, was fascinating. Long stretches of roads sweeping out over the sea for miles into the distance. It is a very exciting lead up. Pelicans on pier St Pete's Florida We stopped for a break at a pier to grab a coffee and stretch our legs. I was amazed at how brave the pelicans were coming right up to you looking for food. They were quite vicious as well so we stayed away from them. I must admit to preferring to see them living naturally like this rather than in zoo’s though. view from St Pete's hotel window Florida Our hotel was on the beach and what a view we had from the window, white sandy beaches and calm seas to take a dip in. In fact at a restaurant one evening we got talking to the couple next to us on their honeymoon and the bride told me to wiggle my toes in the sand as I was walking out to sea, I would soon come across a Sand Dollar which I could pick up, dry out and take home with me. I did and was fascinated by this sea creature I had never seen before. married couple on beach st pete's florida We soon discovered St Pete’s was a popular destination for honeymoon couples and also for weddings. As we sat sipping our beers one lazy afternoon we watched a beautiful beach wedding just in front of us, how lovely! St pete's beach florida What a glorious backdrop for your wedding photos? hotel games florida We spent time by the hotel pool and I was intrigued by the games available for the kids like this one above. Paul and I had a go later once the children had left. You have a stick and you shove your discs to land on the high numbers. It was fun! We had put our names down for the Dolphin Cruise as apparently it’s an ideal spot for seeing dolphin. A short walk to the harbour led us to our boat and off we went into the sunshine on a dolphin spotting tour. NOT ONE DOLPHIN was spotted! Millionaires row St pete's Florida However, look at the scenery, Millionaire’s row laid out in front of us. Beautiful villas with their boats at the end of their personal jettys. villa St Pete's Florida This villa on the corner was my favourite. rowing school There was a rowing school out on the water taking lessons. Paul and Mari St Pete's And of course we had our souvenir picture taken, looking at it, it seems so long ago now! karaoke Our evenings were spent eating in delicious restaurants, drinking in fab bars and erm … singing karaoke after one too many Margheritas. Fortunately for the other guests it was very late, most had gone to bed as my choice of song was Angel by Robbie Williams. I thought (as you do when your tanked up on Margheritas) that I did a splendid job but Paul said it was ‘a bit screechy‘ Needless to say I have left karaoke alone ever since. And luckily no one knew me! american car Two more snapshots I want to share with you, this fabulous American car outside the hotel one night sunset St pete's Florida and I’ll finish with this spectacular sunset.

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Miami beach | 2007

Miami beach hut

This is why I set up the Time Traveller linky it was to enable me to go back through my archives of photos and write a post about a place I had been to before I started blogging. I want to be able to remember that place, that time and by writing it here I can do just that.

miami beach date and temp

I’m taking you back to 2007, before I was even pregnant with twins. The year Paul and I ‘did’ Florida. We were on a coach tour that was pretty flexible in as much as, booked from the UK you had hotels and transfers reserved but you were able to use your time in each destination as you wished. We visited NASA, St Augustine’s and on the 3rd or 4th day we stopped off in Miami for an overnight stay.

Arriving mid afternoon we went for a stroll along the beach prom and I spotted these fabulous beach huts that are so typical to the area. They just make me smile and remind me of the colourful bagni in Rimini, Italy.

miami beach hut prurple

That evening we dined in a beach bar and drank beer with the locals, we had a lot of fun but you must remember to tip after every drink, we were being very British and saving it up for a big final tip but were quickly put right by other Brits who shared our table.

miami beach bar

The next morning after breakfast we checked out of the hotel as we were moving on to Key West our next destination, but first a stop off at Miami Beach.

miami beachfront hotels

I fell in love with Miami, I loved the art deco hotels lining the beach front. Each one different to the next but fitting in so beautifully as a whole.

miami colony hotel

I loved the cadillacs and other vintage cars strategically placed outside the hotels.

miami cadillac

Later on that day we were taken over to the port where there is a large shopping mall full of Miami t-shirts and other tourist merchandise, we enjoyed mooching around and people watching as they went about there daily activities. Is he teaching her? Is she teaching him? Have they just bought it and are trying to figure it out?

miami vice boat

We strolled around the port, watched a huge cruise ship come in and the passengers descend. We picked out our favourite yachts in the marina and decided which one we’d have if …

miami port

We ate our lunch at Hooters which is a scream. The girls are dressed in shorts, tees and trainers and the menu was very American. We had a fabulous time in there and our waitress was really lovely.

Miami hooters restaurant

Check out the message on the back of the waitress’s t-shirts :)

miami hooter waitress

Miami Beach PD car – it’s got to be done right? This is a proper holiday souvenir photo.

miami police car

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Cabo de Palos, Mar Menor – Costa Calida

cabo de palos marina fishermen

At the bottom of La Manga Strip there is a small stretch of land that juts out into the Mediterranean sea, this is Cabo de Palos. It was one of the first places we visited on our trip to La Manga Club Resort at Easter and also the last where we enjoyed a delicious paella della casa at Restaurante Miramar and you certainly do get a magical view of the sea along with excellent food.

cabo de palos sand beach

The first time we visited the weather was very grey and incredibly windy with gusts up to 40mph but we were too curious to stay inside so we jumped into our hire car and hit the road for about 15 minutes from our villa.

cabo de palos marina

There is a fabulous market at the beginning of the town on Sunday morning selling fruit, vegetables, clothes and shoes but we didn’t stop to see as our fridge was full from the superior welcome pack that James Villa Holidays had kindly given us. We turned into the village and parked up around the marina. Our walk led us towards the sea and along the row of cafes, bars, restaurants and souvenir shops in the ’embracing wind’. Our mission was to walk to the lighthouse on the tip but we soon realised we were taking the long way around.

Costa Calida spain - Cabo de palos


We crossed through the town to the other side of the mini peninsula and discovered a sandy beach stretching way into the distance as the Manga Strip disappeared on the horizon. I vowed to return on a clearer day for a better shot.

cabo de palos lighthouse


The walk to the lighthouse is a pleasant one, even if it’s a very windy day and we soon reached the building  after a short climb up.

cabo de palos view of La Manga strip


We were all disappointed that you can’t enter the lighthouse and climb to the top but even from the base there are spectacular views.

cabo de palos lighthouse

Love this close up of the front door with the cat :)

cabo de palos lighthouse

We walked back to the village and I must praise the girls for so much walking. As they started to get tired we found a small park and let them play for a while before moving on. It never ceases to amaze me that playing in a park will actually revive them. I was interested to see lots of property up for sale and checking online later there are some excellent bargains, Paul got quite excited during our stay out there choosing his ‘retirement home.’

cabo de palos marina

On our first visit we chose Restaurante El Faro for lunch, they have a wonderful menu but it was Sunday, our first day and we wanted tapas. We asked the waiter and left it to the kitchen to decide.

cabo de palos restaurante el faro

They brought out one dish at a time for us to share and it was great as the girls tried too deciding what they liked and what they didn’t. The 6th and final plate of calamari really was just too much but we all gave it our best shot. An excellent meal  in the closed porch whilst it rained outside.

cabo de palos restaurante El Faro

After lunch, as the weather was so bad, we decided to drive up La Manga Strip but I’ll tell you about that another time.

After a week of exploring the Costa Calida on our last day we decided to return to Cabo de Palos for our Last Supper.

cabo de palos restaurante miramar

This time we chose Restaurante Miramar on the corner of the marina. Our table was in the window as the sunset over the far side. It was hot and we had to ask the waiter to drop the sun blind outside, after such a bad week I didn’t dare shut the sun out completely!

family photo in Spain La Manga Club Resort

The menu was full of fresh fish which I love and other delicious dishes but Paul and I went for the paella de la casa and that was really, really good, so good the girls kept asking to taste more rather than eat their own choice of food!

And so our holiday started and ended in Cabo de Palos, I would definitely go back to this place and explore some more, lots of the shops, bars and restaurants were closed but I am told the place is buzzing in the summer, it must be a lot of fun.

Find out more on the Costa Calida and where we visited here

La Manga Strip

La Manga Club Resort

Los Alcazares and San Pedro del Pinatar


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