christmas eve parcel

This is an idea I picked up from a fellow blogger The Imagination Tree and it immediately became a Must Do project a Christmas Eve parcel.

In fact, I’ve been working on this for a couple of months now – just keeping my eyes open for goodies to include. The idea is when the children are so excited they are driving you insane with ‘When’s he coming?’ ‘What time is it?’ You give them a distraction, something to quieten them down and something to make them smile and prolong the excitement that comes with Christmas Eve making it an even better and memorable experience.

Many parents use this time of year to  buy new pyjamas, a special Christmas book, and some Christmas Eve treats so expanding on the idea I have decided to include the following in my Christmas Eve surprise parcel and make an evening of fun for the girls

Christmas Eve parcel

Reindeer food

a bag of oats, grains and sparkle to scatter over the grass so whilst Father Christmas delivers the goods inside the reindeer can top up their energy with a quick snack. We shall sprinkle over the lawn before the sun sets and the birds will thank us in the morning.

Thick colourful socks

to wear with their wellies to distribute the reindeer food and watch the fun Santa procession that passes by every year.

christmas eve parcel

Some Christmas Eve treats to be eaten after dinner – in fact I will most likely wrap these up and add a time to be opened ticket to them to prevent them eating all the sugar and no dinner!

Brand new pyjamas – this year I found some excellent onesies in Primark, the choice was amazing and the fabrics so much fun, I have a purple cow for Bessie and a monkey for Alice.

New knickers – this year I have chosen princess briefs as they along with Tinkerbell seem to be the hot favourites.

New toothbrushes and toothpaste – nothing like a good clean up to make sure you’re ready for when Santa pops in with your stocking ;)

A new book to read – The Night Before Christmas by Carol Ann Duffy who also wrote The Gift I raved about recently

and of course, an empty stocking to hang which is the one we use every year.

I am hoping this will become a yearly tradition with extras thrown in every year to make it a little unpredictable but always traditional, do you have any great ideas that could be added?