How to make a shepherd’s head dress for the nativity

shepherd's head dress - nativity

Two shepherd’s ready for bed

You open your child’s book bag at the end of day and there it is, the school letter saying your child will be a shepherd in this year’s nativity, he/she will need plain coloured trousers/leggings (tick) a plain coloured t shirt (tick) and a head dress please all by the end of the week meaning you have a matter of days to get a head dress prepared.

What do you do?

You go online and Google the words ‘shepherd’s head dress and hopefully my post will come up and you can take an enormous sigh of relief because trust me, this is the easiest shepherd’s head dress to make. You will feel just like Coco Chanel felt at the first viewing of her new collections as you watch your child act the perfect shepherd on stage and even though not a starring role it’s clear he/she made the performance.

How to make a shepherd’s head dress

You will need:

1 pillowcase
a pair of scissors
a ruler/tape measure/good eye

I went to Primark and bought a pair of beige pillowcases for £1.90. I have twins, their outfits cost me £1.90.

shepherd's head dress

I cut up one side of the pillowcase and opened the material on the floor, I cut it to 60 cms x 90 cms and tidied up down the edges.

shepherd's head dress

On one of the 90cms sides cut a parallel strip 25cms long on each side 4 cms in – these strips will form your band to tie the head dress on to your child.

shepherd's head dress

Place the centre of the material of the longer cut side (90 cms) on the forehead of your child

shepherd's head dress

Wrap the strips to the back of the head and tie securely in place

shepherd's head dress

Voila’! Job done mate, pour yourself a glass of wine and embrace your new status of clothes designer

shepherd headdress