Nativity wooden toy setI’ve been working with John Crane now for over a year and know just how good their toys are. I’ve met some members of staff and know how much they all care about their products. A lot of time and thought goes into making sure their products are of top quality and desirable for the age groups they are aimed at. With Christmas approaching fast it seemed the perfect excuse to give a list of all the toys we’ve reviewed so far in the hope they will sort out your Christmas lists.

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My favourite John Crane toys

Toy kitchen john craneToy kitchen

Toy dolls houseToy doll’s house

Nativity set

Balance Bike

Meowsic keyboard playMeowsic keyboard

Sevi villageSevi toy village

For smaller children

John Crane rainbow cubesWooden stacking cubes

animags wild animalsAnimags wild animals

Sevi breakfast tray wooden toySevi breakfast tray

Sevi Hamburger TraySevi hamburger tray

Learning toys

wooden recorders

John Crane high tea shape sorterHigh tea shape sorter

John Crane Wooden AbacusWooden abacus

memory game john craneMemory game

Happy Birds game john craneHappy birds game

John Crane Teddy FlipperTeddy letter and number flipper

sorting and teaching clockSorting and teaching clock

safari floor dominoes - john crane toysSafari floor dominoes

Skipping ropes

Role play toys

oldfield farm and tractorFarm set – Oldfield Farm

Tractor and trailer

Dolls high chair and bunk beds

children’s baking kit and cookware

Dolls pushchair

Bedroom ideas

sevi lettersSevi wooden letters

Wooden toy boxes for storage solutions

Mini pull along cart

Sevi breakfast tray wooden toyWhen John Crane included in their last review package a Sevi Breakfast Tray with eggs and bacon I smiled, what a brilliant idea to teach children to prepare a breakfast tray.

Plus it’s a beautiful wooden toy made by the fabulous Italian company Sevi which encourages role play and conversation.

If there’s one thing that makes a weekend real for me it’s a good ol’ English Breakfast and they have included bacon and egg to make sure us Brits are happy too.

Any toy that is food orientated is a winner in my book as it’s an important area in childhood, learning to like new flavours and textures, learning to expand your tastes and favourite foods and by play this becomes so much easier.

My two for example aren’t keen on eggs. I have tried them in many different versions but I’m always faced with ‘I don’t like egg mummy.’ even if they haven’t tried it and that is so frustrating. So I’m hoping by feeding their dolls and teddies eggs this may soon change.

sevi breakfast tray

Sevi, as we have seen with their previous toys, use a beautiful vibrant colour palate which immediately draws the eye. Each piece has been designed for little hands and has no sharp sides. The materials are non toxic and each toy offers children endless hours of play.


sevi breakfast trayThis is a 16 piece toy including knife fork and spoon, strawberry yoghurt and milk carton amongst other pieces and it’s a fun game. If like me you are rather partial to a cooked breakfast then you know what wooden toy to be looking out for.

A quick check on the internet shows prices ranging from £22 – £30 so well worth a search if you want to get one

sevi breakfast tray

Disclosure – This toy is part of the year long

Sevi pizza wooden toyIt’s toy box Tuesday and this week for John Crane we are reviewing the pizza made by the Italian company Sevi.

You may remember a while back I reviewed the girls playing with the Sevi hamburger tray and as with all the Sevi products their pizza is just as colourful and just as well made.

I decided as I was going to Italy this weekend, the birthplace of the pizza, I would take my Sevi toy with me and let Gracey, my granddaughter, tell us what she thought about it.

We opened it up together and the first part to catch her eye was the round pizza cutting wheel. I showed her how to pretend cut the pizza and she was off, everyone was then served slices of pizza.

The plate and pizza portions are made out of wood and to make the game more exciting you have a collection of food pieces to make your pizza up with including cheese portions, tomato, onion rings, chillies, mushrooms, salami and ham. There are a few leaves of basil and two little fishes which we pretended were tuna fish.

Gracey spent a long time playing with her pizza. We spoke about making different pizzas with the various toppings and we were able to talk about the foods she likes to eat too which is great for encouraging children to try new tastes.

Sevi pizza portion

The pizza also comes with a green napkin and we played at cleaning our mouths after eating. We also used the napkin to serve the portions to mummy and daddy.

sevi pizza role playing

Left to her own devices, Gracey made a tower of pizza slices (Leaning Tower of Pizza ha ha!) and she would place all of the food on a slice to offer us which she thought was hilarious.

leaning tower of pizza

The toy can be found at various retailers for around £19.99, visit the John Crane Sevi Pizza page to find the retailer closest to you

Balance game by SeviToy box Tuesday again and this week’s John Crane toy is a superb one. It’s part of the brightly coloured Italian Sevi range that we’ve been looking at for a while now this week I’m bringing to your attention

Balance by Sevi

Sevi have a great range of board games and Balance is for children aged 3 and up. Based on the Noah’s Ark story in your Sevi Balance box you will find 1 ark and 10 beautifully wrapped animals. All the pieces are made out of wood and are brightly coloured, painted by hand much like the Sevi letters we talked of in December last year.

The objective of the game is to fit all the animals on the ark without tipping them over.

As you can imagine this game requires patience and precision, little fingers struggle at first with the placing of the animals on the ark as it rocks from side to side but children quickly learn to compensate, to move slower to be more precise with their animals and enjoy trying to make a tower on a moving ark.

Balance game box Sevi

This game is for 2 – 4 players each taking a turn to fit the animals on the ark and will take around 10 minutes to complete, it encourages precision and strategy. I love the fact that it encourages playing together so in my book it’s a game to take on holiday too. We also talked about the story of Noah’s Ark and were able to talk about the animals too and which other animals Noah may have taken on his ark.

A quick search has shown this toy priced from £20 to £25

Check out our short video to see how we got on

Sevi Village playmatThis week’s John Crane toy review is a real beauty. It’s part of their brand new Italian Sevi collection and the design is genius. The colours used are bright, happy ones and each piece has been given the utmost attention to detail.

Sevi village with train speedway

It comes in a sturdy box which can be used over and over again. The Sevi village is laid out on a hardboard mat that folds on itself into quarters and tucks into the box. Then the railway track, all constructed in wood with easy fitting pieces, is clearly marked on the board and after a couple of suggestions I saw the girls were quite capable of building the track themselves with the occasional helping out. There’s a race track with two race cars, a helipad and ambulance park.

Sevi village - building siteA building site with a magnetic crane which lifts pieces off the train and onto the waiting lorry. A fire engine on call, a shopping centre to drive round, a golf course with clubs, balls and holes! There’s even a rocket with it’s own cargo lorry carrying enormous missiles to attach underneath the rocket.

Sevi village rocket launch pad

We took our Sevi village game on holiday with us to France as we were going by car and therefore we weren’t worried about weight but size of box. When it poured down, out came the box and the girls were content all afternoon.

It is a game that needs putting away as it takes up a fair amount of room but we noticed the assembly was just as much fun as the clearing up afterwards (unless they were very tired in which case I cleared up alone!)

Sevi golf course

This toy would make the perfect gift to any 2 year old upwards and keep them amused for hours as there is so much to do, My twins played for ages together without getting in each others way (oh ok not all the time but they are girls and do know how to whinge) It’s also a toy that will last the test of time as built in sturdy wood.

It will also be a firm favourite as attractively painted and catches the eye immediately.

Sevi village

There are a couple of versions on the theme of village so take a look at them all and cater your choice to the little person you are buying for, train fanatic? Bob the Builder passionate? Do they like the sea and boats? Or are missile and rockets their thing?

Priced between £45 – 50 pounds this toy is an excellent imagination booster, perfect for role play and fine motor skills as they drive the train and cars around their tracks. If looked after properly this toy could become a hand-me-down, I believe it would stand the test of time.

Disclosure – John Crane send me products to review on a regular basis. I give my honest opinion on the toys we play with, the girls LOVED this village and it remains a firm favourite.