What to take on a caravan holiday – Download the list

what to take on a caravan holiday free list to download

Our caravan holiday to France is now coming fast and my mind is constantly going over all the things I need to think about and pack to make sure our holiday is as thought free as possible. What to take on a caravan holiday?

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So I have prepared a What to Take list that I can use over and over again. I guess there maybe many more out there going on caravan holidays or self catering holidays where you have to think of EVERYTHING so hopefully this will  be an easy downloadable that you can print off and tick as you pack.

Self catering and caravan holiday checklist

I start my packing from the initial car journey as often with a caravan or self catering holiday the journey to get there can be long and tiring so it’s important that the children are kept amused and the driver watered and fed. You do not want to disembark the Eurochannel train or ferry on the continent to discover your map and route directions are packed in the suitcase under all the bags – right?

A little forward planning and you’ll be happily on your way and prepared for any traffic jams should there be any.

Car journey

  • Picnic – Breakfast snacks, lunch and afternoon snacks. How long is your journey
  • DVD/CD, Games for consoles for the younger people
  • Toys and books for the kids
  • Water
  • Map and ferry/tunnel tickets if going abroad
  • Car insurance details, breakdown info, driving license and green card if travelling abroad
  • Passports


My thoughts turn to sleeping arrangements next, many self catering homes allow you to book online their bed linen if they don’t you need sheets for each bed and pillow cases. If camping or caravanning you’ll need sleeping bags and pillows too.


  • Hand towel
  • Toiletries
  • Towels
  • Again sometimes towels are provided with the bed linen but should you wish to save on this expense they need packing too

You might also want to think about toilet roll, self catering holidays will usually provide one and frequently onsite shops are more expensive.


Again, these few products will save you money on your first shop onsite and are products often picked up at supermarkets as BOGOF or on special offer

  • Washing up liquid, sponges, scourer
  • Tea towels. If you buy one onsite it won’t dry properly as hasn’t been washed.
  • Aluminium foil, cling film – foil is great if you use the grill adn don’t want to wash it and cling film if you’re in the habit of keeping leftovers for another day.
  • Kitchen roll – not essential
  • Multi use cleaning product. Choose one that covers everything
  • Mugs – because so often when I go away they have little cups or tiny mugs that just aren’t good enough for my morning tea, I now take my own

Welcome Pack

Another great package that can be brought online but for happy campers who may have a bad journey, arrive when the shop has shut and have nothing, it might be worth thinking of the following essentials that will get you through first night and first breakfast until you can get to the shops

  • Milk, butter
  • Tea, sugar, coffee, wine, beer, juice
  • salt and pepper, brown sauce, tomato sauce, oil
  • bread, cereal


One way of reducing the amount of cases you take is to wash clothes during the holiday, for one or two washes it’s often not worth buying large amounts so a couple of washing tabs, a small bottle of fabric conditioner and pegs can be a great money saver. You’d be amazed that you can never find pegs in self catering flats. I always take a large bag for collecting the dirty washing which doubles up on transporting it to the laundry when I’m ready to wash, if you take a strong one it will also do for bringing the heavier wet washing back once washed.

First Aid

There will normally be an onsite doctor for anything that needs seeing to but essentials you might want to think about are: Plasters, disinfectant, pain killers, insect bite repellent and antiseptic cream in case of bites, Calpol for the children


Swimming bags and separate towels, will the children need trainers to join in the onsite football game or play tennis? do you want to take a couple of outdoor games to keep them amused or even indoor games should the weather be bed? A pack of cards?


Chargers for phones, cameras, iPods and consoles. A docking station for music. Torch. BBQ. Heater depending on the time of year and waterproof jackets and possibly boots too

My list can be added to and you can download it by clicking on this link here and printing it off for yourself – tick as you go and save it to your computer for the next time and

Happy holidays!

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what to take on a caravan holiday - free list to download