Alma Thomas – Snoopy inspired art

Alma Thomas Snoopy 1970 recreated It’s been an awful long time coming that I wanted to join in Red Ted Art’s Kid’s Get Crafty but simply never got round to it, so as another New Year’s resolution I decided to do it this month. It’s a bi-monthly project where you take a painting, famous or not and it inspires you to get arty with the children.

I have a few ideas on what I’d like to do but I wanted to include a few things this month: glittery chocolate wrappers from the Christmas stash that I have been saving for a project, scissor practise for the girls and to reflect something they are studying at school to take it one step further.

So I decided on shapes and looked through my massive World Art book for a few ideas. The Modern Era is full of squares and arcs and abstract art that children looking at it can find shapes in but the one that took our eye was an Alma Thomas; Snoopy – Early Sun Display on Earth 1970.

Alma thomas Snoopy 1970

It’s perfect for our work, a beautiful circle that depicts the sun that has been coloured in with bright rainbow colours and we do love a rainbow in this house.

I found the largest pizza plate I possess and the girls drew round it for the circle shape.

Alma thomas Snoopy 1970

We then took the brightly coloured chocolate wrappers and cut them into smaller pieces keeping the colours separated.

alma thomas snoopy making 2

We then stuck the small squares over in straight lines up and down to reflect Alma Thomas’ design

alma thomas snoopy making 3

And to finish we coloured the surrounding square frame with green crayons

It now is hanging on the girl’s bedroom wall

Alma thomas Snoopy 1970

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Christmas bunting – Make your own!

Happy Christmas bunting

When I was going through the remainder of last year’s wrapping paper and checking to see if there were any cards leftover I came across a bag full of old Christmas cards that had been forgotten to take to a recycling unit.

Later once our tree was up and looking sparkly in the front window I was disappointed with the view behind as we now have our caravan parked on the front with a grey winter coat on hence our view was looking very grim indeed.

So instead of making present labels out of last year’s Christmas cards this year I decided to make Christmas bunting! Words and letters are so fashionable right now, everywhere you look there’s a word made to decorate your home.

I wanted words that would appeal to my little ones for my bunting that shout out happy and fun. I chose

Christmas bunting

Each day the girls are bringing home reading books and learning new letters; although they are learning in cursive the teachers have pointed out it’s important for them to recognise each letter in all it’s forms. Mrs H, our class teacher has also reminded me on a few occasions that the girls need more scissor practise. It would be an excellent way to keep the girls amused AND continue our letter recognition all in one.

How to make Christmas bunting

Draw the form of my letter on the good side of the card (If you do it on the back some letters like S will come out reverse) cut out the shapes, I decided not to cut holes into the R P B etc as it was difficult and the card warped and looked untidier in the end.

recycling old christmas cards

Once all my letters were cut, I lined them across the table and cut a length of string or wool longer than the word to allow for hanging.

cut out letters for bunting

With my Happy Christmas letters I punched holes in them and threaded the length of wool through them. The letters with only one hole punched needed to be stapled too to stop them twisting.

Christmas bunting

With my longer phrase, I tried something different, I found an old length of gold cord used for hanging Christmas cards and lots of pegs and hung the letters in place as if they were cards. For these letters I used some craft card I had lying in the cupboard from previous projects.

Which phrase would you like to be reading this festive season?

Peace and joy in the world

Oh come all ye faithful

We all want some figgy pudding

The list is endless which also means so is this project, once Christmas is over we can have lots of fun with coloured card making new bunting with cheerful phrases to look at

Have fun!