Cybermummy 2011 – Watch out, here I come.

Hi!! I’m back, did you miss me? :)

Isn’t it an absolute nightmare coming back from a three week holiday? I mean forget dragging yourself away from doing nothing from dawn till dusk other than worrying if there’s beer in the fridge and what’s for dinner, forget the long lazy days spent dipping in and out of the clearest blue seas your only thought ‘Should I apply more sun cream now or wait another half an hour?

Let me tell you, as our BA flight landed at Gatwick airport the heavens opened and our 20 odd days of back to back blue skies were replaced with London’s good old grey/black ones. To top that as I scurried around in our suitcases for sweatshirts and socks in the arrivals hall we discovered that our booked taxi wasn’t there and after calling him in a very peed off manner he told me I wasn’t in his diary – What??? Even if we’ve spoken three times on the phone and you read me back the dates, times AND flight numbers on booking? Even if, as you dropped us off three weeks ago you told us where to wait for our pick up? I can’t tell you how angry I was and how I want to bring the wrath of God down on Mr Taxi’s neck.

Straight into the weekend, parties to attend, family to call and the house looks like a bomb’s hit it all in the space of 3 days. Not to mention 800+ emails in my inbox (WTF?) Yes, many were deleted, many put to one side but the important ones like the Cybermummy 11 newsletter read instantly to catch up and be on a par with everyone else.

I have many posts ready for you (well in my head) on Sardegna and the Costa Verde which is breath-takingly beautiful and quiet, on our potty training mission, I have two boxes from John Crane waiting in my hall way to be unpacked so keep an eye out for a new video soon and an update on the sorry state of my garden which is looking in desperate need of TLC.

But first and foremost today I want to thank the wonderful people at Loud Karaoke who answered my plea back in December and paid for me to go to the Cybermummy ball of 2011; an entire day out in the presence of 400+ bloggers where I hope to meet some, chat with some and eat with others. There will be photography workshops to attend, video workshops, chats on promotions, marketing and tips form the top bloggers themselves. One day is not enough and I know I shall come away without having spoken to some bloggers or shaken hands with others but I shall make 100% of my time there and enjoy every second. I shall also be taking video throughout the day so those who couldn’t come can at least get a feel for the day.

Thank you once again Loud Karaoke!

And just before I go back to my To Do list I wanted to share some very exciting news with you as me, little me, has only gone and won herself an amazing Macbook Air with my vlogs. Apart from the fabulous prize it’s the immense honour of recognition for the work I have done. It’s not easy standing and talking in front of a camera, it feels like you’re talking to yourself and drivelling on about irrelevant nonsense. It has made me feel really insecure on occasions, like the Sex After Children chat for example, not an easy one to tackle. However, my prize has given me more faith in myself and I shall be preparing many more for you to look at. Have a look at my views on whether or not to encourage your children into showbiz or not below.

So it’s good to be back and thank you for every comment left whilst I was away, I shall be getting back to them as time permits over the next few days – thank you.

Silent Sunday


Ciao ciao!

I’m gone! I’m there so I can’t link up this week but wanted to join in anyway! Have a great week everyone!

Sardegna – Holidays in Italy


funtanazza sardegna

Sardegna is the large island off to the left of the boot when studying Italy on a map. It is vast and has been separated into 8 provinces. I’m sure without knowing anything of the island yet you’ll agree that I couldn’t certainly do it justice in one post! Therefore for my first Holidays in Italy post I shall be concentrating on the North Eastern province which is separated into four areas. Today I shall be focusing on Gallura.

Anyone visiting Sardegna for the first time will wonder if they’ve been teletransported to the Caribbean by mistake when seeing the clearest blue seas lapping the coloured sands of the north and Gallura doesn’t hold back on offering stunning natural beauty spots. In fact the most obvious being the archipelago of La Maddalena, a natural bridge towards Corsica close by. One of the islands is Caprera, last exile of Giuseppe Garibaldi where his tomb still lays today.

Piscinas Sardegna

Sardegna offers close to 2000 kilometers of beaches to choose from and the beauty of this island is that many are still untouched. You may not have beach bars and facilities at many of them but you will not be disturbed. Pack a picnic with plenty of water and go and treat yourself to your own private beach for the day. Gallura has a long list to choose from but some must sees include Capo Testa and Santa Reparata.

Sardegna Costa Verde

A trip to the north wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Costa Smeralda, playground for the rich and famous. Development started in 1961 and was financed by a consortium of companies with Prince Aga Khan for their president. Famous architects put their heads together and according to an extremely detailed urban plan built this luxurious tourist destination. guests looking for complete privacy in which to savour La Dolce Vita will pay between $2000 and $3000 a night.

Sardegna rough seas

If that’s not within your budget and you’re not too fussed at paparazzi following your every move then Holidays in Italy has an extensive list of accommodation ranging from 5 star plus to living with nature in some fabulous camping sites

Sardegna has extensive and delicious food products and wines and in fact this region is renowned for its superb quality of rice produced on the island. You can bring home some freshly pressed olive oil from a local farmer, bottles of Canonnau and Vermentino wine and a delicious liqueur Mirto made from the Myrtle plant cunningly delicious and knocks your head off without you realising it. It has got to be tried.

Torre dei Corsari, Sardegna

So now you’re hooked where should your next stop be? Well for planning your holiday in Italy I would without a doubt point you in direction of Love Italy, an association of tour operators and holiday organisers who specialise in Italy. I worked with them in the early stages as they set up the association ABTOI whilst working at the Italian Tourist Board so I can assure you it has the nod of the tourist board and I am so pleased to see they have come so far. Their web site has a click-through to the operators organising in the area you are interested in offering self catering to top five-star, organising walking holidays, art and cultural discoveries and even Weddings in Italy.

The Italian Tourist Board is also a vital stop off for any information.