I want to show you this post of a past holiday from a couple of years ago to Sardegna where my mum has a villa. She has recently opened it up for rental (see the link below) and it’s such a beautiful, unspoilt part of the world I thought you might like to see it.

map sardegna

Is it peace and quiet you’re looking for? Is it long deserted beaches? A little local culture, delicious food and wine and some fascinating historical facts to throw in too?

Well the Costa Verde ticks all of those boxes and more and I can talk about it as I’ve just returned from a 3 week stay in my mum’s villa in Torre dei Corsari and I’m suffering the holiday blues Big Time not helped by the dreadful British weather we’ve had here since returning!

The Costa Verde, or green coast as it translates, is to the south west of the island and can be reached quite easily from both international airports; Alghero in the north and Cagliari in the South. This coast is reached by a long mountainous road that weaves in and out of the suggestive countryside and past some of the most breathtaking, deserted beaches in the world.
sardegna costa verde
Torre dei Corsari is a small village perched just after the Golfo di Oristano, it has golden sands that stretch back from the sea up to massive dunes that make you want to slide down them on a board. The beach has a couple of bars and stretches far into the distance, we never made the walk to the end and back but I’d like to do it one day.
There is a collection of shops and bars in the centre where you can get everything you need and there are a couple of restaurants and pizzerias too offering fabulous freshly cooked food.
This is the view from our terrace *sigh*, with a brick BBQ to the left you can cook and eat your food looking over the sea as the sun sets – bliss.
torre dei corsari sardegna
We managed to visit all of the beaches along the Costa Verde and one, Funtanazza, really had me searching for my lottery ticket to see if I had won some millions.
funtanazza sardegna
Funtanazza was a private beach for the hotel shown in the photo above, used for children who wouldn’t normally have the chance to go on holiday but it closed down many years ago and was left to ruin. It is reached by a long winding road with more pot holes in it than a tea strainer BUT boy is it worth it when you arrive at the coast. Stunning views and an empty beach used mainly by the locals and lucky explorers. The hotel has been closed off from prying eyes and is enclosed by barbed wire but it has lots of land around and could be turned into the most divine hotel *sigh* … I spent a fabulous time soaking in the Sardinian sun dreaming myself as the new Aga Khan, creating a top beauty spot visited by celebrities from all over the world.
sardegna costa verde
Our meandering took us from Is Arutas beach, famous for it’s rice like sand, all the way down to Cala Domestica
twins on beach
where I took this photo. You will fall in love with the crystal clear waters, the white sandy beaches and the beauty of a land still untouched by major tourism and enjoyed by a lucky few.
piscinas sardegna

A holiday dedicated to good healthy food, relax and above all appreciating the stunning beauty that Mother Nature displays in all her glory in Sardegna. If you ever get the chance to go, do and I promise you won’t be let down.

Oh Tara Lara, you do it to me every time – how can I decide? Not that I think I’m a brilliant photographer of course, there are many more out there who are so much better than me but I’m particularly proud of these shots I took in Sardegna, Italy this summer. I was staying on the West coast which is very under developed and as natural and untouched as you can get, the seas are rough and the wind blows long and hard attacking the coastline and making this beautiful rugged scenery.

Consequently the roads need a lot to be desired and you must always pack water and a picnic when you’re off on a trip as there are very few shops and bars along the winding coastal routes.

But when you arrive just look at the spectacle of nature that awaits

You may find yourself having to scramble down cliffs to get there so everything you wish to take to the beach is precision packed and sometimes the sea is calm and so clear it’s astonishing

Perfect for the girls to run in and out of. But when the wind picks up this is the kind of sea you’ll be greeted with

If only I had waited for that woman to pass be then you could have imagined yourself on a desert island shipwrecked couldn’t you?

I had this one made into a canvas back in the summer and I don’t regret it one minute as I love to look at it. It’s sweet, vulnerable and of course it’s my girls. I did orchestrate this one with a ‘Hold hands girls’ and managed to snap it just in time before they giggled and ran off whereas this one I took when they weren’t looking

It was a deserted beach with only one other family, a German family on it. So I felt comfortable letting the girls run around naked and play with their new friend.

And then we found Piscinas, a beach that stretches as far into the distance as you can see and I really don’t think I could have walked it and got back again. White sands backed by the rugged mountains and incredibly tiresome to get to. A 10 minute walk from the car to the waters edge which in the hot Sardegnan sun needs anticipating, luckily for us a bar at the half way mark where I found these old iron chairs and sun shades made out of straw. This is my attempt at a ‘cool’ shot. I loved the shadows the chairs make on the sand. I loved even more the fact I could sit down and catch my breath before hankering on to the sea and the girls enjoyed an ice cream too.

These are my awesome photo and sitting here with a freezing cold wind whipping around the house it does make me yearn again of summertime

Head over to Sticky Fingers today and see the other ‘Awesome photos being put forward for a competition today.

Blogging photography workshop

There’s nothing quite as exhausting as returning from a holiday is there? The packing prior to leaving, the journey, the getting home and the sad realisation that it’s all over, the unpacking, the washing, the ironing, the cleaning (how did the house get so dusty with no one in it?) not to mention the emails (I had 800+ this last time as I had no internet in Sardegna) the post and a massive shop to fill up the empty cupboards.

In fact just how much time slips by before you get to look at your lovely photos, before you can sit down and remember those treasured moments of family fun?

Amongst my 800 emails was one from Bags of Love a company who take your lovely memories and turn them into beautiful keepsakes just like this photo canvas below.

Photo canvas Bags of Love

I’m terrible for printing off my photos they all stay on the PC and yet some of them I’m really proud of and would like to see more often. Bags of Love offer many different ways to give your snapshots a new lease of life, in their personalised gifts section for example, you could have a photo like this one below made into a bedspread – now that would make for some sweet dreams, or a blanket to wrap yourself in on a dark winter’s night?

Clear seas of SardegnaTheir range is huge you can choose from bags of all sizes, coasters, cushions, jewellery boxes and photo books which is something I really should start doing myself. I’d love to see my last holiday snaps, or the best of in a small book that I could flick through every now and then as otherwise they just get forgotten on my hard disk. I could even get a photo like this one done in the girls’ teen years to give me a laugh, maybe not so much them eh?

Upsy Daisy beach towles

Another interesting option is their photo montage which allows you to collect your favourite holiday moments or your favourite photos in one place and have them turned into a canvas, an apron or even a bean bag, now that sounds like fun!

And one favourite idea of mine which I still haven’t got round to doing but maybe this year will be a first for that too is to make a photo calendar with my favourite snaps from the year before. It’s so lovely to give these favourite images another breath of life and enjoy them all year round not to mention brilliant Christmas gifts for relatives. Here’s one that I’d add for August which I took on the deserted beach Piscinas in Sardegna not so long ago,

Piscinas SardegnaI LOVE the iron chairs and straw sun umbrellas. What do you think? Have you got some gorgeous shots of the kids that you’d like immortalised? Nip over to Bags of Love and check out their reasonable prices there’s something there for everyone

As I lazily  dragged myself awake a smile on my face as another day of holiday laid empty ahead of me, it occurred to me it was a Monday. My second thought was ‘We leave Sardegna on Thursday and a quick round of mental arithmetic calculated I ONLY HAD 3 DAYS LEFT!

In four days time I would be back in our home on the outskirts of London, back to normal. Other half off to work and me running the house and family life. On one hand I was looking forward to getting back, finishing decorating the girls room, building the new John Crane Doll’s House waiting for us to vlog, checking the progress of my courgettes and tomatoes and the success of my grow bag frame. Not to mention 2 parties to attend to attend the first weekend back!

Seaside games

But although I had many things to look forward to – was I ready to go home? To swap the crystal clear seas of the Costa Verde for the murky waters of the Kent coast? To exchange the constant 25C for an unpredictable weather such as the British summertime?


Three weeks are a long time to have nothing to do and we were extremely lucky to be able to take such a break but if I could have had an extra week I think I could have forced myself to stay.

One of my fondest memories of our holiday in Sardegna will be sitting on a deserted beach watching Paul play with the girls by the sea. Running from the waves, jumping the waves, hearing little voices carried by the wind ‘My turn Daddy!’ Two little hands held in his showing the trust, the love and the friendship these small ones have for him.

Of course he loves it, he adores his girls and never hesitates to spend time with them, inventing games and making them have fun. And as the mother and partner this is such a lovely scene to sit back an watch. I’m joining up with Karin’s Flashback Friday today so head over and see what the others have to reminisce about

Gosh after missing four weeks of Tara’s Gallery I was itching to get back in the saddle and one of my first ‘jobs’ on the PC when I reopened after our 3 week break was to check her prompt. 3 words. Eh? Did she mean Cheryl Cole’s song? No, she had been inspired by Radio DJ  Simon Mayo’s afternoon show where people phone in with three words. So what to do?

This was one of my first holiday snaps that sprang to mind along with the caption ‘Can’t be arst.’ but I didn’t want to upset Tara so soon after my break, so I then contemplated using this

with the caption ‘Buggeru to do’ (you gotta laugh innit?) This beautiful coastal town on the Costa Verde in Sardegna is actually pronounced Boo-gier-oo so I finally settled on this one as it brings back happy memories of only a week ago

along with the caption ‘What’s cooking chef?’ there’s nothing my ol’ man likes more than tampering with some meat on the BBQ and we had plenty of them over the course of 21 days now all we need is the weather to perk up here in the Uk so we can continue on our carefree evenings here too.

Have a fab week and watch out for My Travel post on Sardegna, in the emntime head over to Sticky Fingers and see what the others have come up with today – bet they haven’t got Buggeru! :)