Conwy Castle – Wales

Conwy Castle Wales

In January we drove all the way to Wales and stayed over at Llandudno in the north. We had a fantastic time and the Sunday was spent in Conwy, particularly in Conwy Castle, finally I can tell you why we were there and what we were doing.

We were making this video for the Visit Wales You Tube site.

It was a cold day but we were very lucky as bad weather had been predicted and as you can see Conwy Castle is exposed to the elements. It didn’t rain all day!

conwy castle filming

We arrived at 10am and met the film crew, the sun was shining and we were dressed up as warmly as possible.

It was quite a fascinating day. Dad and I had sound boxes and microphones attached to us under our coats and we spent the day walking through parts of the castle together as a family. Some of the walks had to be repeated a few times, maybe dad was stepping too far ahead or mum was fussing too much over the girls.

Conwy Castle princesses

The girl’s favourite thing to do was climbing the spiral staircases to the top of the turrets and looking out from the top, I must admit there are some spectacular views views but boy a LOT of steps to get up there.

Conwy Castle

A company were brought in with period clothes for the girls to dress up in, and there was a lovely moment where they sat with the ladies and made friendship bracelets. Dad got to sword fight with a knight and I got to stroke a beautiful bird of prey. If you look closely at the video where the feathered bird is with us I am grinning like a Cheshire Cat, too late to change that but what an amazing experience to be so close up.

Conwy Castle filming

There is one part of the castle that it is clear to see just how they lived way back in the day. The Chapel.

I was surprised to see that the king has his own separate room where he could watch the mass and his family through a window high above.

Conwy Castle

I also saw that the stained windows have been renovated in recent years and you must look at them closely as you will find a bicycle in there and other articles we’re used to seeing in today’s Wales. Quirky and made the girls look a lot closer to discover more.

At about 2pm we stopped for a sandwich and the sun came out, it was beautiful.

We spent the most amazing day in the fascinating Conwy Castle in Wales and will make sure we get back there soon to discover all the other interesting places there are to be seen.

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Disclosure: We were compensated for our time spent in Wales in order to make the above video.

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