Balance by Sevi – John Crane

Balance game by SeviToy box Tuesday again and this week’s John Crane toy is a superb one. It’s part of the brightly coloured Italian Sevi range that we’ve been looking at for a while now this week I’m bringing to your attention

Balance by Sevi

Sevi have a great range of board games and Balance is for children aged 3 and up. Based on the Noah’s Ark story in your Sevi Balance box you will find 1 ark and 10 beautifully wrapped animals. All the pieces are made out of wood and are brightly coloured, painted by hand much like the Sevi letters we talked of in December last year.

The objective of the game is to fit all the animals on the ark without tipping them over.

As you can imagine this game requires patience and precision, little fingers struggle at first with the placing of the animals on the ark as it rocks from side to side but children quickly learn to compensate, to move slower to be more precise with their animals and enjoy trying to make a tower on a moving ark.

Balance game box Sevi

This game is for 2 – 4 players each taking a turn to fit the animals on the ark and will take around 10 minutes to complete, it encourages precision and strategy. I love the fact that it encourages playing together so in my book it’s a game to take on holiday too. We also talked about the story of Noah’s Ark and were able to talk about the animals too and which other animals Noah may have taken on his ark.

A quick search has shown this toy priced from £20 to £25

Check out our short video to see how we got on