Gracey is 3 years old

Gracey on Hello Canvas

What do you think?

She’s a cutey isn’t she. This is Gracey my granddaughter when she was over with us earlier in the year. We had so much fun and the twins enjoyed having someone smaller than them to look after.

Gracey celebrated her third birthday last weekend and it’s always a disappointment to me that I can’t be there to join in the festivities with her, I’m sure all grandparents who live at a distance will nod in agreement, that distance sucks.

In order for Gracey to grow to love me and remember me as an important part of her childhood she needs to see me frequently and sadly she doesn’t. I’m not blaming anyone I just wish I could win the lottery and not have to count my pennies and have to decide how to spend them carefully. I’d like a bottomless purse to dip into on the odd weekend and think ‘Why not fly out to Italy?’

I would love to bake a cake with her, collect her from nursery when her mum is working, read a bedtime story to her, teach her dot to dot and sing English nursery rhymes with her. I’d love to take her swimming, watch her play with the twins, treat her to toys behind her mummy’s back as only nonnas can do (Nonna is nana in Italian) Oh and she’s holding a board saying ‘Ti Amo’ which is I love you in Italian ;)

All of these things are on my wishlist for me and Gracey. You never know in life… I read somewhere once that if you wish something with all your heart the universe comes together to make it happen. So a quick wish to the universe is always worth a try in my book.

Gracey on Hello Canvas

The gorgeous canvas hanging in our lounge does the perfect job of bringing Gracey into the home as a constant reminder to me and the girls, the photo was taken whilst she was here in May and when Hello Canvas asked me if I’d like to turn one of my photos into a canvas I ended up choosing this one, what do you think? It’s a 20 x 28″ (50 x x70cm) and costs £39.00 which I think is very reasonable for a beautiful picture hanging in your home

Hello Canvas offer many different sizes to choose from and if you take a particularly good photo then why not display it in your home? I quite liked this one too from our last holiday in France

mum and twin girls

Disclosure: Hello Canvas sent me the stated canvas free of charge in exchange for a post, I’ll let you decide how gorgeous my Gracey is ;)