Bailiff post round up

The Bailiffs at my door post a while back caught a lot of people’s attention and now today I am in a position to round off, close down and draw a  big thick line underneath what has been a frightening, experience which I NEVER wish to repeat and would like to make as many people aware of as possible.

Last November on the 12th to be exact, I drove up to London with the girls in tow as we were meeting my friend Enrica over from Italy for a week in London. I was excited as I hadn’t seen her for ages and phoned my brother who lives in Waterloo a couple of days beforehand to make sure he had Resident Visitors parking permits. He did and as I know they cost £10.00 each I offered as per usual to pay for it. I explained I wouldn’t be disturbing him as I was meeting friends but would literally knock on the door to get my ticket and shoot off towards the Festival Hall.

That’s what happened. The permit is like a scratch card, we scratched out the date added the car registration number (as I have previously omitted this and had to fork out £60 for my forgetfulness!) I placed the card in full view of the dashboard and checked after the car door was shut that it could be seen. Happy as Larry, I skipped off with my double buggy secure in the knowledge the car was safe and parked properly.

I returned to the car at around 7pm, there was no parking ticket on my windscreen, I didn’t think to look anyway as I had a paid permit, so off I went home which took ages to cross London in rainy rush hour traffic.

I didn’t think anymore of it till Mr Elliott the buyer of our last property knocked on my door around a month ago and handed over a Bailiff’s removal notice.

I thought it was a scam and laughed it off but he advised me to phone the number and as he’s a policeman I did.

It wasn’t a scam, ‘Pay £638.44 in 24 hours or I’m coming to take your car or possessions to that value!’ the bailiff said. He wasn’t a nice person, he was intimidating, and put the phone down on my partner three times in one conversation. These people aren’t paid to be nice and understanding and let’s be very clear they get paid by picking up your money so it is very obviously in their interest to retrieve your cash for their pockets.

I fortunately, with a few phone calls, managed to obtain an Out Of Time Witness Statement and block the whole process. Surely there would be a judge who would see I had nothing to do with all of this, there had been a huge mistake. I hadn’t received any correspondence and Mr Elliott, the policeman was willing to sign a statement to that effect to say he hadn’t either.

A letter came back saying our OOT had been refused and where to make an appeal.

So for £45.00 we paid another judge to have another look at our case explaining in bullet points all of the reasons why.

  1. We had a correctly filled in residents visitors parking permit in full view
  2. I never found a parking ticket on that day on the car
  3. I had moved from my old house on 28th June previous and never received any correspondence
  4. Mr Elliott, the policeman was willing to sign a statement saying he hadn’t received any letters to forward on either
  5. The first I became aware of this fine was when I was handed my bailiffs removal notice
  6. On speaking to Lambeth Council I discovered there wasn’t any photographic evidence and that the case should have never have got that far anyway
Deputy District Judge Rich from Northampton County Court refused our appeal. We got the letter yesterday
Cheers for that mate!
After another afternoon on the phone our options are three
  1. Pay Equita
  2. Ask for another hearing but this time be present in order to fight your case more coherently for the cost of £80.00 in a county court local to your residence
  3. Get independent legal advice (that could possibly run into thousands)
Paul is still adamant that we shouldn’t pay but as his dad pointed out the more you fight the more they dig and you hadn’t changed the log book over, their excuse the whole time will be ‘How were we to know you lived somewhere else?’
I phoned Equita, broken at this turn of events and discovered that the current outstanding charge is £407.00.
It’s been paid.
I didn’t consult Paul as I knew he would want to fight it. Which will mean a fight when we talk about it later but I can’t see anyway out other than throwing more money at who?
I am pleased that horrible wretched bailiff didn’t get any money out of us, he was asking for £638.44 – the extra (you do the maths) was obviously for his pocket for his ‘work’ but I can’t help but feel we’ve been done by a system that should be in place to protect us.
My crime was not changing the log book over of the car in time so I beg of any busy mother and father because if she doesn’t get round to doing it then YOU must. When you move house CHANGE THE CAR DETAILS OVER. I tried online and it can’t be done, you have to do it by post and it kept slipping my mind as I got wrapped up in daily life and charged from one day to the next.
Another mistake I made was not paying Royal Mail £40.00 per adult to forward on our post. I thought that price was ridiculously high and Mr Elliott had very kindly promised to drop any post through the front door as we hadn’t moved that far. He’s been throwing my mail out and it’s cost me £400.
My advice for any busy mum moving house? Learn by my mistakes and good luck with the move