Our wedding on DVD – no groaning it’s fantastic

Why don’t you come round for dinner one Saturday and we can all watch our wedding DVD together?

Does a statement like that make your heart sink and your smile go all weird to whoever’s just asked? “Yeah, that’d be lovely.’ You lie through your false grin.

Who in their right mind wants to spend a Saturday evening watching a DVD of someone else’s wedding where you only appear once maybe twice on the whole thing? Dull dull dull.

BUT what about if the videographer was really clever?

Oliver Kiell at work - Focus 1 Media

photo courtesy of Jay Mountford photography


What if he broke the whole day up into chapters that were easily accessible with the remote?

What if he made it so easy to flip back and forth through that the footage that it was interesting and a fun evening after all?

What if he went round your guests and asked them to film a message for you to watch later? We have some poignant (mum), some hilarious and some very drunken attempts at saying ‘Congratulations!’

Below is a chapter from our DVD made by Oliver Kiell from Focus 1 Media, it’s the highlights of the day so an overall feel and a quick reminder of how gorgeous that day was without boring my guests too much.


Marianne & Paul Wedding Reel from Oliver Kiell on Vimeo.


From the brides point of view I would say invest in this service as you will have the most brilliant memory of your special day. Trust me the day will fly by so quickly before you know it you’ll be saying goodbyes and worse still you won’t have managed to talk to everyone properly. Too many people, not enough time.

The video shows people laughing, joking, it picks up the sweet moments, the tender ones and the bits that made you laugh. I’m so happy to see so many happy faces there, looks like they all had a lot of fun I can relive my day with this DVD and the girls love it too!

Oliver was at the venue before me, he’d taken a look around the place to get a feel of how he was going to work, he’d looked at where the ceremony was to be held, where I would be getting ready and all the other tiny parts that go into making up your day The Best Ever.

The Focus 1 Media wedding DVD is presented in a sturdy, engraved box and the DVD itself is broken up into sections of the day.

One last word, remember once the day is over, it’s gone. All you have to remind you are the photos and if you’re clever a DVD. I’m so happy I had Jay Mountford and Oliver Kiell that day and cannot thank them enough for their fabulous work

Focus 1 Media wedding DVD

Jay Mountford – the wedding photographer

Jay Mountford Wedding photographer

I was banging on for ages on the run up to our wedding in March just how excited I was that Jay Mountford would be capturing the moments of our wedding and now it’s time for me to tell you what it’s really like having her there whilst you prepare for the biggest day of your life.

Trust me, the day whizzes by and before you know it, Jay will be saying, ‘Right that’s me done, wishing you all the best and I’ll be in touch when the photos are ready.’ Maybe not as abrupt as that but there will come a time when her work is done.

and you will be sad.

This super woman, amazingly creative, little bit bossy, funny, chatty (dirty laugh) lady will go and you’ll be left with that ‘I wish it could have lasted a little bit longer‘ feeling. Not because she skips away before her time, no no no but you find yourself having amazing fun whilst she’s around. Here take a look at this video that Oliver Kiell kindly made of her at work then you’ll really get the feel of what it’s like…

Jay Mountford Photography Trailer from Oliver Kiell on Vimeo.

You can see on Jay’s wedding photography blog a great selection of photos she took of us on the day, then Boho Weddings featured her stuff too as they liked it so much (my incy wincy celeb moment) and here’s a small selection of my favourites from that very special day now over a month ago.

spring wedding bouquet
My beautiful spring bouquet

mother and son
My beautiful daughter in law Oana and gorgeous grandson Evan

wedding preparation shot
My sister in law Tracey zipping me up

me wedding

I can’t decide which B&W or colour?

My gorgeous bridesmaids waiting to go

me and dee 6

My brother Dee who gave me away

husband and wife


I love this shot!

Friends from italy

My lovely friends who came over from Italy to be with us xx

5 generations 9

A portrait shot of the 5 generations – my nan, my mum, me and Paul, my four children and my two grandchildren LOVE this one

Mari & Paul, 10

Portrait of me and Paul – I love the colours

my wedding cake

My mum made my wedding cake for me and the decoration on the top layer is from a dress she wore on her 18th birthday <3

wedding cake and cupcakes

Got to do her hard work justice!

evan choc

and somebody who enjoyed a bit of chocolate

I could go on forever and I wouldn’t bore you as all the shots are stunning so if you’re undecided I promise you she’s good, she’s better than good and will become such an important part of your day you’ll love it.

Go book her now and tell her I sent you ;)

The week that was 365/12

The Wedding of Marianne & Paul from Oliver Kiell on Vimeo.

I thought I’d share with you the teaser Oliver made the very next day and put on Facebook – he’s very good isn’t he? I can’t wait to see the whole video now

I am so pleased with myself that I have got so far into the 365 challenge, lots of bloggers have started to lose their way and it is difficult to take a photo every day and post each week but all I have to do is click on 365 category and I have a small diary of our life to look back on.

Trouble is this week has been a massive catch up for me and looking back on the week’s photos they are of wedding gifts and review products received or food orientated photos. On the whole nothing special happened this week but here’s the account

Saturday – Paul and I have been married one week. The week has flown by and been super busy but we’re still enjoying the photos as they come through and reliving the day all the time. This is one of our gifts which I really love, it makes me smile every time I look at it, thank you Rebecca x

Mr and Mrs plaque

Sunday – A quiet day, I did the ironing, actually I did a TON of ironing that has piled up over the past fortnight but I wore these beautiful pearl earrings. A gift from Tommy, Oana (and Evan) and Megan (and Gracey) for Mother’s Day. I love them they are beautiful even though my photo is blurred – you try taking a photo one handed, on your phone of something you can’t see.

pearl earring

Monday – Kids back to school and I dive into my inbox, 700+ emails to get through. A LOT of thank you notes that need writing which I can’t find anywhere and normal day to day chores to be done too. Just another manic Monday. But lack of thank you notes inspires me at least to take photos of some of our gifts and thank on Facebook in the meantime. These beautiful Cimbro bracelets are from a dear friend in Italy, an unexpected gift with a lot of meaning behind them; given as a sign of distinction and prosperity. And made by jeweller extraordinaire Mastro Paolo who lives and works in Folgaria, his work is mind blowing and I shall cherish these bracelets.

Cimbro bracelets

Tuesday – My first review product this week arrives, Fairtrade coffee with cups and saucers too. Puro must sense I need backup and have sent me packs of energy. This should keep me going for a while. I’m looking forward to a cappucino this morning or maybe a latte?

Puro coffee

Wednesday – Burn out. After two days solid battling with my inbox I cannot concentrate so I go to the supermarket and buy our weekly shop. I’m doing VERY well and sticking to my list until I reach the last aisle …. the cheese aisle and I see one of my favourite Italian cheeses. It’s fattening, it’s not on the list and I don’t care. I put it in my basket and make my way to the till. On opening it back home I manage to eat half the packet in one go! THIS is why I never buy it, it’s so good I can’t control myself but yeee it was worth it *sigh*


Thursday – In all honesty this photo most likely wasn’t taken on Thursday BUT who’s looking, I didn’t take one and this will do as it makes me smile. Paul’s mates ‘The Friday Club’ on hearing our request for donations towards windows we need to change rather than wedding gifts decided to go one step further and put together a handy box for our windows – cheers guys :)

window cleaning

Friday – LONG day but the emails are now down to a respectable 200 ish. I feel more up to date and happier with myself. The best moment of the day is a knock at the door and a parcel delivery. This one my HUSBAND is going to LOVE it’s from Heggies of Hereford and it’s a beef hamper. It includes, two kinds of sausages, bacon, a brisket joint, 2 filet steaks (GOD!! I love them) 2 sirloin steaks (moaning in culinary delight) and two steak pies. I’ve stashed some bits in the freezer and I am so looking forward to trying them and reviewing them on Mari’s World

Heggie's Hereford

Have a great week all Mari x

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Our wedding day – the most perfect day EVER

wise words for wedding9th March was the day we chose to tie the knot and seal our love; I’ve been talking about it for months now and now it’s all over I can share with you my decisions and my how-to’s too and some wise words from The Boy and Me a week before above :)

But first – our wedding day! I have to write it down so I can re-read if forever because it was the most special day and I’m still re-living the moments in my head all the time.

Unlike tradition, Paul and I spent the night before together… and he tossed and he turned and he fidgeted, waking up at 4.30am, 5am and then again at 5.30am by which time I couldn’t get back to sleep as all the preparations and things that needed doing started to fill my mind. So brides to be reading this DO spend your last night apart, you’ll get a better night’s sleep trust me.

making waves for alex

I decided to start my day wearing something blue to bring good luck so I chose my Making Waves for Alex t-shirt as so much love was coming in from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram I wanted to re-direct this abundance on to Tamsyn who is fighting so hard, please read her story and support her battle.

At 9.30 Megan and I set off to the hairdressers’s and we didn’t get back to the house until almost 11. We were supposed to be checking in at Little Hermitage at 11.30 so just time for a quick Full English as we wouldn’t be sitting down until gone 3pm we tumbled the three little girls in the car and set off for destination.

bridal hair

On arrival Jay Mountford was there with her assistant for the day @matthewpaulgray and greeted me with a bear hug, Oliver Kiel, my video man was there too and everyone looked really excited so I started to panic a bit inside. I had one hour and a half to pull it together and my main worry was the girls – how do you keep three under 5’s amused for that period of time trapped in a bedroom?


Megan did their hair and we dressed them and then we had to do all their hair again as running around and rolling on the beds with LeapPads hadn’t been such a good idea. Jay came in took props and left the room chirpily ‘I’ll bring it back in a minute’. Off went the bouquet, off went the dress ‘Don’t put it on till the last 15 minutes.’ she told me. That was a toughie but probably a good idea and off went the shoes but as the images start to come through they’re taking my breath away, take a look at Jay’s sneak peeks they are FABULOUS.

Then it was time, Dee my brother was to give me away as dad was no longer with us to do so, Rosie his beautiful daughter was my chief bridesmaid and keeping an eye on the three little angels Alice, Bessie and Gracey directing them to their seats and being ‘Big Sister’ to them all in one go.

4 bridesmaids

The ceremony flew by and felt very surreal, we exchanged rings, we kissed and we started the laughter and celebrations that would be with us all day. Since I stepped on the top stair to descend into the room where the ceremony was being held I hadn’t stopped smiling and when I woke up the next morning that smile was still there.

happy bride

This time round, rather than choose a friend to be my witness I asked my other brother Dom. I wanted to make sure this was a family occasion and my most favourite people would be important factors in my day. PLUS Billy, Dee’s son aged 11 did an excellent reading for us. In front of a whole room of strangers he stood up and read loud and clearly The Magic of Love to us all. Bravo Billy.

Every single thought Paul and I had had for our special day was coming together, the menu’s Jean had printed by hand looked fabulous, her table plan was utter genius and her help with my Bags of Happiness were a real hit too, One guest said and I quote ‘best wedding favour ever’ so watch out for my How to post to follow soon.

wedding table

Meal, speeches by Dee, Paul and finally Dave. ALL of them were brilliant and they did an excellent job.

wedding cake

Then it was time to cut the cake, my mum made it. Isn’t she clever? First dance upstairs which some friends (who had slipped down to the bar) missed so we had another First Dance downstairs. Evening guests arriving

first dance

Photos, portraits, dancing and laughing, lots and lots of laughing.

A very, very special thank you to our family travelling all the way from Spain it was so lovely to see you all again. Our family from Italy, the day wouldn’t have been the same without you and my friends Alessia and Demis also coming in from Italy to celebrate us and giving up a weekend for us.

Images courtesy of Alessia Leitempergher, Oana Dascalul and Nicole Davis plus a couple of my own

To film a wedding or not? Wedding Videographer

Now there’s an interesting thought and one Paul and I had initially discarded as we just wanted to get married, no frills – no wedding videographer. We weren’t even going to have a photographer and you all know whatJay Mountford thought of that!

Should you have your wedding filmed?

It wasn’t until an email landed in my inbox from one of my twin dads that we actually started to contemplate the idea again. Oliver Kiell is a professional wedding videographer, something I never knew whilst we were chasing our twins around the centre every Wednesday morning whilst trying to drink a coffee that was still hot and have an adult conversation.

Paul was a flat ‘No. I don’t want a camera in my face all day. It will look false.’

End of.

Until Paul took the girls to their Saturday morning swimming lesson and chatting with one of the mums whilst they waited for our little champions to learn to float, he told her we are getting married and organising the wedding, perfect conversation for the swimming baths at 8am!

Anyway she said her biggest regret was not having a film of the day made! Resulting in a reluctant spouse agreeing. Yipppee!

Focus 1 media Reel Love! wedding reel from Oliver Kiell on Vimeo.

Oliver has been a camerman for 10 years and in that time has filmed fashion, sports, award shows and castings for TV, films and commercials. He set up Focus 1 Media – Reel love! to exclusively shoot wedding films.

I asked Oliver why should a couple have their wedding filmed and he said,

Having a professionally produced wedding DVD is one of the best decisions you can make. Your day will be full of excitement, romance and energy. I make sure I capture the amusing, spontaneous and unique moments. I only have one chance so I make sure my camera is in the right place at the right time, but I ensure I keep myself well out of the way so you and your guests feel at ease

Oliver shoots and edits your special day to a music soundtrack of your choice, carefully crafting special memories that he has captured through his lens for you to remember. His website is full of information and there are different packages offered to suit your needs so head on over and take a look.

So next question is – which soundtrack? More on music next week