Butlins Ocean Hotel view

I can’t tell you how sad I am that our 2014 Butlins experience is over. We had such a brilliant time.

Returning to Butlins is like going back to see a very special old friend, one who knows you and your family inside out, one who takes extra care in making sure that everything you could possibly want or need is taken care of.

Bessie meets Misty at Butlins

This is our third year as Butlins Ambassadors and it has become an integral part of the girl’s life. They have practically grown up with Butlins from our very first adventure when we fell in love at Skegness, where we couldn’t get them off the Bob the Builder rides to this last visit where they danced to This is Us the One Direction tribute band, they met Misty the new member of the Skyline Gang and tried Fencing with the Redcoats.

Butlins Misty skyline gang

We asked the twins what was the best thing they did over the Easter break and they both shouted out Butlins! 

Alice with This Is Us 1D tribute band

Nowadays when we tell the girls we’re going on holiday their eyes light up and they ask ‘Butlins mummy?’ full of hope. It’s quite weird to reply almost apologetically, ‘Not this time we’re going to France/Cornwall/Devon’ and see their disappointment.

I think the major thing I noticed this time is how Butlins grows with the girls, they aren’t as interested in the ‘Baby rides’ (their use of word) but were elated to be able to ride the dodgems this time. Growing up has opened a whole new Butlins to them.

Butlins Vespas papa Johns

We watched the panto and a variety of shows in the Skyline Pavilion including dancing with Angelina ballerina, you should have seen the twirling!

We visited Splash Waterworld, a dead cert for the whole family and this year dad tried the Space Bowl chute, no I didn’t – I looked after the girls of course!

We also treated the girls to the Skyline dress up costumes of their choice from the shop, over the moon doesn’t quite explain it well enough. OMG and they now sell Skyline onsies too!

What’s new in Butlins Bognor Regis?

Scoop! What a gorgeous ice cream bar sitting just outside the Skyline Pavilion and next to the pub, a very pink and inviting ice cream parlour awaits with enough scoops, toppings and squirts to fulfill all of your ice cream dreams many times over. I LOVED these fun seats outside :)

Scoop at Butlins

The Helter Skelter is back! We were so pleased as it was one of the favourite rides we tried when it was first there and were so upset to hear it had been taken away. A smoother ride awaits you with all the initial thrills included.

Butlins titan the Robot

Titan the Robot is back! I first saw him at Skegness. Cheekier than ever Titan amuses everyone young and old. Make sure you don’t miss him, I will confess to being ever so slightly in love with him.

What was new for us this year?

Now they reach the requested height we were able to enjoy more rides at Sir Billy’s FunFair ground, the dodgems became an immediate favourite.

Butlins dodgems

This Is Us – One Direction tribute band. A top hit

Butlins this is Us 1D

We tried a craft class at the Beach House with the Redcoats and made some gorgeous Easter bonnets.

Butlins easter bonnet making

Ocean Hotel – the last hotel for us to try so I treated myself to a lovely manicure too in the Ocean spa.

What’s coming soon at Bognor Regis?

There is a fabulous new diner being constructed, we found this great bus outside

Butlins the big red

I heard a rumour, and it hasn’t been confirmed by any Butlins staff, BUT a birdie told me that the Splash Waterworld at Bognor Regis will be undergoing a complete makeover in the next couple of years. It’s only a rumour, don’t go getting excited yet.

Which hotel at Butlins Bognor Regis?

Having tried all three hotels at Butlins Bognor Regis we pass on our thoughts and tips on which hotel to choose on booking.

Shoreline Hotel – our favourite. The views are spectacular and it is perfect for small children who adore Billy Butlins. The food on all occasions we have eaten there was superb. Shoreline gets the Weekes top marks of 10 out of 10.

Wave hotel – This is perfect for kids that little bit older as there is a massive games room full of Wii, Playstation, XBox and so on, each bunk bed has it’s own tv screen = no arguing over what to watch! The reception has consoles to lend out and there is a lovely airy feel to the downstairs area. Food is eaten in a different building across the way – The Deck Restaurant so if it’s cold you’ll need to take coats and bags with you if you intend shooting off afterwards to see a show. The food however was excellent and plentiful.

Ocean Hotel – Comfortable rooms and nicely decorated. It also has the spa onsite to enjoy. The restaurant seemed smaller, the buffet seemed smaller than the previous hotels and the queues were longer but the food was still excellent.

The staff in every hotel has always been super friendly and excellent at doing their jobs. Everyone bends over backwards to please you.

There’s only one last thing to say and that is ‘We LOVE Butlins’

Butlins Easter bonnets

Disclosure: We spent a long weekend at Bognor Regis courtesy of Butlins as part of our ambassadorship duties so we can come back and tell you our true thoughts and feelings about their holiday options.