Puy du Fou falconry Academy

It’s more than a month ago that I visited the world’s best theme park in France – Puy du Fou but I still continue to think about how much I loved it and how I would like to return with the family one day.

A visit to this unique step back in history is more than discovering a fascinating world of long ago played out before you by top-class actors. Puy du Fou sends you home with a complete top to tail wellbeing that I have never encountered elsewhere. I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I have come to the conclusion that it is to do with the ethos of the park.

A world of nature

Puy du Fou forest

I remember clearly, as I was walking around the vast grounds, how every single factor of the park had been taken into consideration and tuned into the overall wellbeing feel. You cannot help but be in awe of the flowers, foliage and well-kept grounds. The land boasts a 100-year old forest with 150 different species of trees and that keeps the 45 gardeners and landscapers busy all year round.  In fact, they have developed ecosystems based on the natural food chain, such as ladybirds used to tackle the aphids on the rose bushes and using Ouessant sheep as an ecological lawnmower!

Puy du Fou lake

They take their consideration for guests one step further by choosing to maintain the gardens with silent and ecological electrical equipment. Nature and the control of nature is respected at all times and is an intrinsic principle of the Park.

Puy du Fou’s animals

Puy du Fou falconry

Then there is the question of all the animals used in the shows, they are full-time actors too and play a key role in the Puy du Fou excellence. The onsite Equestrian Academy has 206 trained horses in all disciplines from the trick stunt riders seen in Le Secret de la Lance to the finer dressage used in Mosquetaire de Richelieu. Great care is shown to these much-loved animals and their trainers ensure they have a healthy diet and strictly regulate their work levels.

I was very pleased to see the Animal Conservatory which offers a sanctuary for many age-old species like the Poitou donkey, the Des Fosses goat and the Poitou goose. Puy du Fou holds the record for the largest number of protected species in Western France.

Puy du Fou piglets

Everyone knows how much a dog lover I am and there are plenty of opportunities to see dogs taking part in the shows too. The Canine Academy operates on fun based and playful training methods. The 10 Czechs wolves were taken in from the age of 2 and a half months. The first six months were devoted to interacting with them before any form of training takes place. The training is very gentle and both their wellbeing and confidence is of primary importance.

Then there is the Falconry Academy which we were allowed to enter and visit. You can too – make sure you book in advance though.

We spent a lot of time with one of the falconers who introduced us to many of the 73 different species looked after at Puy du Fou. We even saw some newborns and it was explained that some are kept for training and used in the shows but another equal proportion are prepared to return to their natural habitat. For these birds, there is a bare minimum of human interaction so as not to confuse them.

Intrigued? If you are considering visiting take a look at my What to see and do at Puy du Fou post and start planning the best family trip ever.

You’re going to love it!

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Tara’s prompt this week is trees because she can’t get enough of them. She LOVES trees, all seasons, all kinds just a total tree hugger which is pretty handy really seeing as on one of our very recent walks I took a few shots that I was really pleased with when I got home. I must admit I am really enjoying this time of year and waiting and watching eagerly for all the trees to break out in leaf and blossom and take even more photos so Tara, call Trees whenever you like!

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We don’t need much do we to be happy? I mean a little love goes a long way to making a dreary day brighter but if you were to stop and think about those few commodities that make life sweeter what would they be for you?

If you’d ask me 10 years ago I would have said cigarettes. Any pause or time out during my busy days was used to smoke a fag. I really enjoyed them too, so much so I wouldn’t leave the house without a box of 20 in my handbag. That all changed in April 2003 when I couldn’t sleep at night for pain in the veins behind my knees. I stopped smoking there and then for fear of my life and haven’t looked back since.

Today the simple pleasures would be chocolate and wine if we’re talking material comodities but nothing makes my heart sing more than a day out with the girls, two photos below with anohter two sets of twins from the twin club – jumping in muddy puddles = immense fun and snacks at the pine cone pit. Look at the smiles on thier faces

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