#MumsLikeUs : Knitting, body cream and bracelets


This week on #MumsLikeUs Nadine and I covered some of the products we found in our BritMums Live goody bags. I find it really interesting how we both went for different products to talk about and I imagine every other blogger who took one home had individual preferences too.

For past hangouts please see my YouTube playlist where i am collecting them all together

Week one we spoke about skincare, underwear and BBQ sauces which are highly popular at this time of year

Week two we spoke about LEGO Friends sets, cook books, hard boiled eggs and ice cream makers – also very popular at this time of year.


Joules Berry Good body cream

This smells delicious and moisturises very quickly seeping into the skin nicely and not leaving a greasy feel to the body. Not an overpowering smell just a nice berry fragrance that will make you smile and feel good all day.

Knitting – Rowan Big Wool

cowl scarf garter stitch knitting

Lady Sew and Sew were present at BritMums Live with their wool and fabric products on display and for having a go at. I picked up some number 15 needles and a ball of their Rowan Big Wool. I cast on 22 stitches and started a garter stitch to make a cowl. I’m on my second ball of wool and it’s a really simple knit, it’s coming along nicely and I hope to have the cowl finished before my summer holidays – not that I’ll need it then but I can then get on with all my other plans

Nadine’s products

Bold 2 in 1 Lavender and camomile Pearls – I got these too and love them, they are very easy to use and have a wonderful smell.

Merci Maman – A lovely company making beautiful jewellery for mums and women of all ages. Here Nadine focuses on the lovely BritMums Live bracelet all the delegates received.


#MumsLikeUs : Eggs, cook books, LEGO Friends and ice cream

lego friends rock star set

We had another #MumsLikeUs chat this week. Nadine from Juggle Mum and I jumped online at about 1pm and had a great discussion about various products we’ve been sent to  try out and review.

I like these hangouts as they are completely off the cuff, even though we have an idea of what we might talk about, quite frequently it can change at the last minute. Living on the edge people!

This week’s chat starts with Nadine telling us about the Zoku Ice Cream maker, it seems very easy to use and very versatile. I think the beauty of this product is the kids can get involved and I can see a lot of fun in the kitchen making ice cream this summer. I reviewed the Zoku lolly maker here.

Nadine’s second product this week is the book Deliciously Ella by Ella Woodward. I too have a copy of this book and have started to read it. I am very impressed with the way Ella has used food and made changes in her diet to overcome a serious illness. I’ve heard of people doing this in the past and believe it can be done however it has to be taken very seriously. Not all of us can go to such extremes.

Over to me and my chosen products this week are The Cracking Egg company and LEGO Friends Rock Star set

The Cracking Egg Company

cracking egg co

This product arrived unexpectedly on my doorstep one day and although I had received an email to review it I hadn’t got back to them, after all – surely everyone can boil an egg?

The eggs arrived nicely packaged and are very eerily coated in bright blue and bright red colouring, not the colours one connects to healthy nutritious food right?

Reading the ingredients I am assured that the protective coating is all natural product and used to lock the flavour of the egg in. I still wasn’t feeling the desire to dive in but one day as I was preparing my salad for lunch I decided to be a devil and go for it.

hard boiled egg and salmon salad

I cracked a red one open and found a hard boiled egg inside. Surprise! There were a couple of red dots on the white but again reading the packaging I am assured this is perfectly ok.

I cut the eggs open and discover, hard boiled yolks inside but with no grey shadows that sometimes happen when you boil eggs.

It tasted of egg and I can’t find anything negative about it.

I wouldn’t normally buy ready hard boiled eggs to be honest but if I was going to the supermarket to make an impromptu picnic, I could easily add these to my basket. Cost £1.59 for two eggs.

LEGO Friends

building LEGO Friends

After our recent trip to LEGOLAND Windsor the girl’s passion for LEGO Friends has increased tenfold. They came home all inspired and set to to complete the LEGO Friends Treehouse and the cars found in their spoils of the day.

Then unknown to them two further LEGO Friends sets arrived from the Rock Star Range. A studio, which in all honesty is quite simply superb, I am in awe of the detail that goes into these sets, sliding CD players, microphones, guitars and all the knobs and buttons that you would associate with making music.

LEGO Friends

The larger box contains a limo and red carpet. The limo comes with glasses and a bowl of cherries too.

Once the toys have been built I have listened to the girls play out BGT and X Factor moments. They are brilliant for stimulating the imagination and sometimes the car isn’t used for music at all but a trip shopping or to school or to Go Ape where we are organising their 7th birthday party this year.

A definite winner in this house

Disclosure: I was sent the two boxes of Rock Star LEGO Friends sets for the purpose of this review.



#MumsLikeUs – Skincare, undies and BBQ sauces


This is a screenshot, video at the bottom of the post

It’s BritMums Live very, very soon and I can’t wait to meet up with some of the greatest bloggers in the UK, share hugs, tips and drinks. I’ve had my hair done, got my nails booked in for next week, room sorted at the Hotel Montcalm and lots of meet-ups with old and new friends.

What is new for me this year is I shall be speaking in a session about working with brands, something I do know a lot about as I have been working with various brands since the early days of this blog. Hands up if you remember the fantastic toys sent through by John Crane? Those toys are still going strong so well worth the money. Butlins? Boy how we miss our Butlins trips, they were a lot of fun. Panasonic? Amongst my favourite kitchen gadgets are their breadmaker and the combi microwave which is so useful.

More recent work with brands includes James Villa Holidays and our recent trip to La Manga Club Resort, a superb holiday that will be remembered for a long time to come.

Anyway, I shall be on stage with the BritMums co founders Jen and Susanna, Claire Candler the MD at H&K and Nadine Hill from Juggle Mum who has also worked on many of the above mentioned projects with me. This fact got us brainstorming and we have created a six part series of videos on YouTube called #BrandBloggers passing on our tips and creative ideas to any other bloggers who want to travel down this route.

Then we brainstormed some more and came up with the idea of holding a weekly hangout via Google+ where we share our favourite products we have been sent to review or products we have bought and really liked, it’s an online coffee morning kind of chat, a conversation between two mums about what is working for us in our lives right now.

For our first #MumsLikeUs we chose two items each and you can see how it went here, where we are discussing QVS make up brushes, SKIN DOCTORS Instant Eyelift Serum, Freya lingerie (which is beautiful!) and Jack Daniels Honey Barbecue Glaze which is delicious.

SKIN DOCTORS Instant Eyelift Serum

Now everyone knows I’m a sucker for a good skin cream and I found this serum in my Blog On MOSI goody bag. At the beginning of the year I mentioned that I am on countdown to the big five-oh next April and my skin is one of the most important areas I focus on. I have been using the serum now for a couple of weeks and I am VERY impressed with it. You can see an immediate difference in the skin around the eyes. I highly recommend this product should you be on the lookout.

Jack Daniels Honey Barbecue glaze

Ok, I tried this once on a spatchcock chicken which was my first time of a DIY spatchcock bird. It really is simple to do and it has opened up an entirely new way of barbecueing for us, we’ll definitely be doing this again. However I didn’t use enough glaze, where I tipped the thick liquid out and spread all over the chicken, I needed to use half the bottle.

I’m going to have another go this weekend with some pork chops I have ready for the grill, I’m going to marinade for longer and I’ll get back to you on this one. The taste however is superb. A winner in my book