Mexico: My dream destination


“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

Do you have a dream destination? I do and I’ve been trying to get there for over 20 years but through one mishap and another I still haven’t pulled it off.

Mexico is the place I dream of visiting one day. Mexico was to be my first long haul holiday and I had spent months researching the country. My husband (ex) and I were to be away for three weeks leaving the children with their grandmother. It was to be the belated honeymoon we never took, it was to make up for all the holidays we never had due to work pressure or lack of funds. It was to be the dream come true.


I invested in a couple of travel guides and read them cover to cover, I started to plot and plan and write down an itinerary, going back to it, scribbling out, adding in, starring here and there with a ‘Must eat’ or ‘Must see’

I put together what fast became a well thumbed notebook. Accompanied by a map with a red route. Would we travel the vast distances by hired car? train? or Plane? All details that were yet to be decided.


I had the return air tickets in my handbag as I walked up the stairs with the heavy shopping towards home but there was no skip in my step, there was no excitement coursing through my veins as I had a dreadful foreboding that even though the tickets were in my bag we wouldn’t be going to Mexico.


Later that evening my mother in law was taken ill and rushed into hospital.

The Mexico dream got shelved and every now and then I take it down, blow the thick dust off and reopen to check my plans. I am waiting for the day I can make this dream a reality.

#Flying100 are celebrating 100 years of commercial flight and there are lots of stories to read, future travel, fun holidays and the history of aviation. They are asking to hear about dream holidays so here is mine in bullet form but it may alter as it’s not quite perfect yet.


This is how I saw it all those years ago.

  • Fly into Mexico City on a direct flight from London, transfer to a hotel in the centre and stay for a few days.
  • Visit in Mexico City – Plaza della Constitucion, Catedral Metroplitana, Palacio Nacional, Templo Mayor, Xochimilco, Museo Frida Kahlo
  • Day trip to Teotihuacan
  • Puebla and the Seven Magical Towns – Cholula, Tlatlauquitepec, Cuetzalan, Zacatlan, Chignahuapan, Pahuatlan, Xicotepec
  • Transfer to the Riviera Maya and visits to Tulum, Xichen, Xplor, snorkling in the rio Xel-Ha, Xcaret
  • Chichen Itza, Merida, Veracruz – all destinations I’d love to see.

Of course times and dates are sketchy as is the mode of transport but the dream is there and one day I will make it to Mexico. When I do I will tell you all about it, I will take lots of photos and post them on my instagram feed. I will make videos for my You Tube channel and take you on journeys to see for yourself what I discover. I will tell you about the food and the drink, the customs and the local craft. I will introduce you to Mexico and buy myself a sombrero too.

I promise.


Another post to follow would be a holiday in Sri Lanka look at Alice’s post and tell me what you think, now that would be dream destination #2.

Image Credit: all kindly donated by Visit Mexico as I have yet to visit to take my own