Mark Warner Activity Month week 2 – Active Playtime

Week 2 challenge – Active playtime – active family playing lively games and perhaps learning a new skill (walking the dog, hide and seek, hula hooping e.t.c)

We’re on to week 2 of our Mark Warner Active Family Month challenge, last week we had to ‘go for a spin‘ this week it’s playtime –  something we do an awful lot of

What is playtime?

Playtime changes as a child grows and right now for us playtime can be anything from swinging in the garden, trampolining, visiting the local park or scooting/cycling.

climbing the spider web

This weekend we decided to go to the campsite where we store our caravan and spend Saturday night down there. The weather was ‘changeable‘ so our packing reflected that, wellies, big coats, swimming bags, things to do inside and jumpers to keep the bite of the wind away for outside.

By choosing to store the caravan at the site means we can load the car and jump in without the pain of hooking up and towing which in all honesty isn’t my favourite part – maybe I’ve heard Jeremy Clark bang on about how much he hates caravanners on the roads too many times?

Anyway, it didn’t take long to set up at all and Saturday was cold, windy but clear, here’s a photo I took from the car window as we got close to Birchington.

english countryside

We always ask for a pitch close to the great adventure park they have on site which means If I am busy I can carry on working, get a meal ready in the caravan AND still keep an eye on the girls out of the window. This particular park has an obstacle course to follow and it’s interesting to see the girls learn how to use each part and get more courageous each time we visit.

children's park

This time was no exception and I got our my trusty Panasonic camcorder to get you some footage of the advances that are being made.

Please note that six months ago they wouldn’t have been able to use most of the aparatus as their legs were too small, their arms too weak and so on. Some very brave actions here.

obstacle course

Then it poured down and it was only 4 pm so we decided to take them swimming in the campsite swimming pool. They loved it and although they’re wearing arm bands I can see their confidence growing each time we visit and know it won’t be much longer before they discard them. There was lots of jumping in and practising of diving from a sitting position. Alice also dives from standing and alarmingly lands in a very loud belly flop but till now she hasn’t complained. Dad below is doing a lot of throwing around which they find hilarious.

swimming pool fun

The next day the sun was shining again so most of the morning was spent playing in the park, sadly the big jackets went back on as it was really cold and windy but the girls met some older girls who took a real shine to them, when I looked out a little later this is how I saw them – not sure if they know it’s a ping pong table?

ping pong table for chatting

Of course the best thing about active weekends is that as night time comes around I have two little people very ready for bed and after I have read a story or two to them and they’ve had a little messing around time (they love sleeping in the caravan and this time I hung pink fairy lights up for them) later I looked in and saw this …

twins sleeping together

Mari’s World has been selected to take part in the Mark Warner Active Family Blogger challenge along with another 9 bloggers. The idea is to inspire other families and encourage everyone to stay fit and healthy.

Active Family Blogger Challenge

Your challenge is to commit to spending a minimum of one hour per week taking part in a designated activity as a family. We’d like you to write a blog post about your experience each week, inspiring your readers with photos and maybe even asking your children to write about their experience.

Entries will be read by a carefully selected panel of judges from Mark Warner holidays.

Judging and Prizes

Judges will be looking for a creative and inspiring approach to family fitness and the winner will be awarded a family holiday for up to four at Mark Warner’s resort in San Lucianu, Corsica