Lamb dukkah: slow cooker recipe

lamb dukkah

I love it when I try something new and it works, or as in this case it blows me away with just how good it is.

There’s nothing like the arrival of Spring to have me lusting after lamb. Last year I showcased the perfect Roast Spring Lamb for a delicious Easter lunch and it’s a favourite of mine that I go back to as often as I can but this year I wanted to try a different lamb recipe. Olives et Al got in touch and suggested I try Lamb Dukkah, they sent me their delicious products and I followed their recipe using my Sage Multi Cooker instead of traditional slow cooking in the oven.

olives et al

It was SUPERB. The lamb fell off the bone and is mouthful after mouthful of delicious flavoured meat. I have since had a look around and discovered there are lots of different Dukkah recipes out there, I am transformed, I am now a Dukkah loving mamma.

lamb dukkah sage multi cooker

As all of the recipes on this blog it is simple, it’s a chuck it in the pot and let it cook slow meal which we all love and know so well. I served mine with giant cous cous and some fresh green beans

lamb dukkah


  1. 1 shoulder of lamb on the bone
  2. 2 crushed cloves of garlic
  3. Olive oil
  4. 3 large white onions sliced
  5. 1 -2 tbsps Olives Et Al Spiced Dukkah
  6. 1 tbsp Olives Et Al Tapenade Marocaine
  7. 1 large bunch thyme or oregano
  8. a few bay leaves
  9. a handful of Olives Et Al Lemon and coriander Olives
  10. 150 ml white wine
  1. Rub the lamb with the crushed garlic and olive oil
  2. Put half the sliced onions in the slow cooker, place the lamb on top scatter the remainder over and add all the other ingredients to the pot.
  3. Add the white wine put the lid on and cook on low for 8 hours
  4. Leave to cool to room temperature – best left overnight to allow the flavour to develop
  5. Serve with cous cous and flatbreads
  1. I have no notes other than to say it’s utterly sublime, try it.

Lamb shanks slow cooker recipe with red wine and rosemary

lamb shanks slow cooker recipe
My lamb shanks with chorizo and garlic is one of the most popular recipes on here so I thought I’d have a second option just in case chorizo and garlic isn’t your thing. I decided on rosemary which always marries well with lamb and red wine. Cooked in the slow cooker it becomes a succulent piece of meat that literally falls off the bone and having spent half a day surrounded by delicious flavours the meat is super tasty too.

lamb shanks clow cooker ingredients

A simple and easy lamb shanks slow cooker recipe to follow which will definitely wow over whoever eats with you.

Lamb shanks with red wine and rosemary – easy slow cooker recipe

2 lamb shanks
100 ml red wine
1 onion
200g  carrots – I used small chantenay whole
2 parsnips – because I had them in the fridge
150 g small potatoes
2 rosemary sprigs
3 bay leaves
250ml lamb stock (beef will do too)
1 tbsp wholegrain mustard
1 tbsp wine vinegar
salt and pepper

Season the lamb shanks and fry off over a high heat until browned on all sides. Transfer to the slow cooker.

Add the red wine to the pan and simmer to burn off the alcohol, add to the slow cooker

Fry the onion until soft and golden and add to the slow cooker. Whilst frying prepare your carrots, parsnips and new potatoes and throw them in the slow cooker too.

Add the rosemary sprigs, bay leaves, stock, mustard and wine vinegar and stir. Season well and stir, cook for 4 hours on the high setting or 8 on low.

lamb shanks slow cooker recipe

You can add a bunch of chopped fresh parsley before serving and it could be served with mash potato too. I didn’t as we had the new potatoes.

lamb shanks slow cooker recipe


Lamb Shanks with Chorizo and Garlic – slow cooker

I love the taste of lamb and until now I have only ever eaten lamb shanks in a restaurant or pre-cooked from the supermarket until I received my Lakeland slow cooker along with their fabulous book of 50 recipes.

Wow! I thought to myself, you can cook lamb shanks in a slow cooker!

The Lakeland book does Mexican Slow Roasted Lamb Shanks which sound delicious but then in March Good Housekeeping did a piece on Lorraine Pascal and she presented a recipe of Braised Lamb Shanks with Chorizo and Garlic so I thought – How about combining them and see what I come up with?

Lamb shanks are quite expensive (I paid £4.50 odd per shank) and of course being on the bone you have to be sure you’re going to get enough meat, so I have allowed one shank each and I’ve topped up my dish with lamb chops that were on special offer ;) The leftovers will make another meal for us, here’s what I did View Post

Minted Lamb with peas – slow cooker

Minted lamb casseroleNeed a recipe for Lamb that’s easy, and delicious? – Try this one!

I have house guests this week, my aunt and second cousin from Hungary, they arrived Tuesday night after two days driving and as you may imagine they were tired and hungary. (No pun intended!) I wanted to offer them a tasty meal that didn’t require staying in the afternoon all day long and to tick that box, out comes my slow cooker every time. After a quick whizz around Asda I returned with some  lamb steaks. Here’s my recipe…

Slow cooker Minted Lamb with Peas

Ingredients for 6 people

700g Lamb steaks – not too fatty!
olive oil
flour with salt, pepper and cayenne pepper
onions, carrots, mushrooms
lamb stock cubes
mint, thyme and potatoes to serve with


  1. Cut the lamb into bite size pieces remembering they will shrink so keep them chunky. Place flour with salt, pepper, cayenne pepper and any other seasoning you wish in a bowl and coat the lamb in it.
  2. Heat the olive oil in a frying pan – enough to coat the bottom of the pan 1tbsp – and fry off the meat until brown on all sides. Place the meat in the slow cooker
  3. Chop the onions and mushrooms and fry off till soft in the pan and add to the meat in the slow cooker
  4. Cut the carrots into long strips add on top and pour over the lamb stock. Do not add too much otherwise it will be more of a soup than a casserole, about half way should do it with regular stirring. Add some mint leaves and sprigs of thyme. Stir to mix the ingredients and leave on high for an hour
  5. After one hour, turn the slow cooker to low and occasionally stir the casserole to ensure even cooking. Allow for 5-6 hours total cooking
  6. Boil some frozen peas aside and add to the casserole just before serving to avoid them becoming slushy
  7. Serve with boiled potatoes
  8. I found my stock lacking in colour so I mixed 4 tsp of Bisto Lamb gravy with 1 tbsp of water into a paste and then added it to the casserole, the result was extra colour and a stronger, slightly thicker cooking sauce.
This meal served 4 adults (make that 5 as Paul always has a double helping!) and there is still a portion left over in the fridge.
I’m linking this recipe up with The Moiderer’s Slow cooker revolution where you can find many more delicious recipes to try out, bookmark her page for future reference! And if you like this recipe then please share the slow cooker love using the share buttons below :)