Evan my grandson is coming to stay

This was Evan when I last saw him in September when I nipped over to Italy quickly for his christening, as you can see he is a chatty young fellow with a smiley, happy character. In fact I am really looking forward to having them all here for a week, it will be busy, it will be chaotic but we’ll have lots of fun.

What’s more I bought a pack of nappies! I haven’t bought nappies for more than two years now and promised I’d NEVER buy any ever again but there you go, look how quickly you can go back on your word and how much joy you can have from er nappies!

Of course our house is no longer geared up for babies, I have the habit of getting rid of stuff the minute we’re done with it, so high chairs were passed on, baby walkers too. I no longer have a changing mat and most of the toys we have are for older children but I’ve found some bricks and some squeaky toys and of course good old Facebook where I asked my school mums for some help.

I shall be very interested to see how the girls react this week with a younger baby in the house, will they go all ‘Mummy’ on me and treat Evan as their baby or will they be jealous? All is to be revealed soon. One thing is for sure I shall be having a blast this week.

Silent Sunday

The little man who has stolen my heart

Silent Sunday

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Italy for a weekend to see my grandson

thomas and evanI’m off to Italy on Saturday, the main reason for my visit is to meet my grandson Evan who was born on 30th January, 5 weeks early but I haven’t been there since Gracey’s Christening in 2010, that’s a long time to wait so naturally as time gets closer I’m thinking of all the things I want to pack into my brief visit.

  • Cuddle Evan, meet him and introduce myself, nonna Marianne.
  • Cuddle Gracey, catch up with her and remind her who I am.
  • Hug my kids Tommy and Megan and tell them all over again how much I love them and miss them.
  • Hug Oana and tell her what a wonderful brave mother she has been, let her know I will be there for her whenever she may need me.
  • Sit down and enjoy a home cooked meal with my family around me, I’m taking a bottle of the Jacob’s Creek fizz I won participating in English Mum’s Bake Off to celebrate Evan’s arrival. View Post