As I lazily  dragged myself awake a smile on my face as another day of holiday laid empty ahead of me, it occurred to me it was a Monday. My second thought was ‘We leave Sardegna on Thursday and a quick round of mental arithmetic calculated I ONLY HAD 3 DAYS LEFT!

In four days time I would be back in our home on the outskirts of London, back to normal. Other half off to work and me running the house and family life. On one hand I was looking forward to getting back, finishing decorating the girls room, building the new John Crane Doll’s House waiting for us to vlog, checking the progress of my courgettes and tomatoes and the success of my grow bag frame. Not to mention 2 parties to attend to attend the first weekend back!

Seaside games

But although I had many things to look forward to – was I ready to go home? To swap the crystal clear seas of the Costa Verde for the murky waters of the Kent coast? To exchange the constant 25C for an unpredictable weather such as the British summertime?


Three weeks are a long time to have nothing to do and we were extremely lucky to be able to take such a break but if I could have had an extra week I think I could have forced myself to stay.

One of my fondest memories of our holiday in Sardegna will be sitting on a deserted beach watching Paul play with the girls by the sea. Running from the waves, jumping the waves, hearing little voices carried by the wind ‘My turn Daddy!’ Two little hands held in his showing the trust, the love and the friendship these small ones have for him.

Of course he loves it, he adores his girls and never hesitates to spend time with them, inventing games and making them have fun. And as the mother and partner this is such a lovely scene to sit back an watch. I’m joining up with Karin’s Flashback Friday today so head over and see what the others have to reminisce about