Turkey bites – perfect for the kids dinner

bernard matthews

You know those days when you are rushed off your feet and for every step you take forwards you then take two back? The result is come evening you are bushed and yes there’s still dinner to cook for the family. Groan! All I want to do is sit down and relax.

Today was one of those days – actually trash that sentence, this week has been one of those weeks so far, all Go! Go! Go! After an entire day working, run for the school pick up, run back home I have a half hour turn around before we head out of the door for ballet lessons and when we are finally back home the girls are shattered. They are tired, hungry and grumpy.

Well now I have found an ‘exit jail for free’ card. A get out clause that will keep the entire family happy. All of them.

What’s my secret?

Bernard Matthews

Keeping something quick, easy and delicious in the freezer. Some frozen breaded turkey ideas. What’s more the meal I have in mind is so simple to prepare that with a watchful eye I let the girls get dinner for us and they had so much fun.

Believe it or not, as tired as they are they still like to ‘cook’ their meal.

Bernard Matthews have come up with #BootifulMeals and I suggest you take a walk past your supermarket freezer section as I picked up some Mini Turkey Kievs that husband raved about. I brought home some frozen numbers which highly amused the girls and prompted a bit of maths whilst eating their dinner. The dinosaurs were cause for much conversation and dino noises at that meal – all dad I hasten to mention.

Bernard Matthews products may be considered by some to be processed food butthey are plain British turkey with practically no hidden extras. All turkey is locally sourced in the UK and with no added colours, flavourings or preservatives. It is coated in a wholemeal blend crumb.

bernard matthews

Disclosure: This post is brought to you in collaboration with BritMums and Bernard Matthews. I have been compensated but all opinions are my own.