My boys – The Gallery #132

Marianne and her boysI have two boys, my first born, Thomas born in 1988 and his son, my grandson, Evan born last year on the same day as my late father 30th January and has recently celebrated his 1st birthday.

They both live in Folgaria in Italy with Oana, his lovely partner and Tommy works in the family hotel Alpen Eghel sometimes in the kitchen sometimes at the bar and out of season doing maintenance to keep the hotel in tip top order. I am VERY proud of him and a word to all mums out there who may worry about their kids

Tommy was never academic, he hated school from the word go, his first exercise books were bubbled with his tears where he refused to do his homework and I had to get him to do it. WAR! We struggled the WHOLE of his school years and even the teachers at his Scuola Alberghiera (Hotel school) were pleased to see the back of him and took a huge sigh of relief as he walked out of their door for the last time. *sigh* there was nothing I could do to make him see that school was fun and a place of learning.

The joker of the class, in fact he has some great long lasting friends, always ready to make everyone laugh and make a fool of himself for that very reason my boy has turned out to be an upright man, a hard worker who is not afraid to one day be painting the hotel balconies to the next working alongside one of the top chefs in Trentino on long 15 hour days in the Christmas season.

My boys The Gallery

He’s an avid reader, he’s well spoken and bilingual, he’s very intelligent and has a vast general knowledge that touches on hundreds of topics I never knew he was interested in. His passions are kite surfing, kite surfing oh and kite surfing and above all his family who he cherishes and works damn hard for.

You got it didn’t you? I love him and am very proud of him

Evan – my newest boy, a little sweetheart who is as good as gold, easy to please, always smiling and you can’t take your eyes off him BUT with a MASSIVE temper should you get something wrong! The one time I babysat for him when his mum and dad took a rare day off to go to London, I made the dreadful mistake of offering some yogurt to him which he clearly didn’t want at that moment and he screamed the house down. What a temper! I ended up putting him in the car to quieten him and it worked, a drive around the streets soothed his bad mood, my frazzled brain and we were friends again but boy can that little man throw one!

However all that said – look at those eyes. You’d forgive him anything wouldn’t you? Pop over to Sticky Fingers to see fellow bloggers celebrating their boys today

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Evan my grandson is coming to stay

This was Evan when I last saw him in September when I nipped over to Italy quickly for his christening, as you can see he is a chatty young fellow with a smiley, happy character. In fact I am really looking forward to having them all here for a week, it will be busy, it will be chaotic but we’ll have lots of fun.

What’s more I bought a pack of nappies! I haven’t bought nappies for more than two years now and promised I’d NEVER buy any ever again but there you go, look how quickly you can go back on your word and how much joy you can have from er nappies!

Of course our house is no longer geared up for babies, I have the habit of getting rid of stuff the minute we’re done with it, so high chairs were passed on, baby walkers too. I no longer have a changing mat and most of the toys we have are for older children but I’ve found some bricks and some squeaky toys and of course good old Facebook where I asked my school mums for some help.

I shall be very interested to see how the girls react this week with a younger baby in the house, will they go all ‘Mummy’ on me and treat Evan as their baby or will they be jealous? All is to be revealed soon. One thing is for sure I shall be having a blast this week.

Silent Sunday

The little man who has stolen my heart

Silent Sunday

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Me right now – The Gallery

Tara’s prompt for this week is Me Right Now the idea is that we are ever more present in the family photo albums as we’re too often behind the camera or too vain to leave the photos in there because we think we look fat/skinny/ugly/haggard/tired etc. But we must leave a record of our presence for our children to look back on too. How many of us have lost a parent to discover we have a handful of badly taken photos to remember them with, I hold my hand up regarding my late dad.

So I waited until this morning and just before my preschool run I took my camera up to the bathroom and took a few shots of me. It’s not easy, I deleted loads where I was looking the wrong way, which weren’t flattering (I know it’s vain but come on!) where my hair looked unkempt or just if I didn’t like them and having whittled them down to three here they are

taking photos of youself

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