Cinderella by Disney: the costumes

Cinderella exhibition

As school broke up for the Easter holidays I changed the girls out of their uniforms and whisked them off to the cinema for a full immersion in the film Cinderella by Disney only this time played with real actors.

cinderella maid dress

Cinderella, the animated Disney film, has long been a favourite of ours, we adore Gus the mouse, we get angry with the ugly sisters and very much dislike the evil stepmother. We know the words and songs by heart and the story is engraved on our hearts forever, just as a true fairytale should be.

cinderella - lady tremaine

The latest Cinderella film directed by Kenneth Brannagh is utterly spellbinding from the very start. Set in a kingdom not too far away the beautiful child Ella is adored by her parents. Her mother sadly dies when she Ella is still a child but not before leaving her with the most important message,

Where there is kindness, there is goodness… and where there is goodness there is magic.

cinderella pumpkin

Her dad decides to remarry and Lady Tremaine, the evil stepmother and her two daughters, Anastasia and Drisella become Ella’s new family.

cinderella step sisters

When her father passes away Lady Tremaine and her daughters show their true colours and rename Ella ‘Cinderella’ giving her a very tough time but true to the fairy tale, Cinderella remains a sweet hardworking girl looking after the house and home, cooking, cleaning and mending. Fuelled by her mother’s words, Have Courage and Be Kind.

Cinderella fairy godmother

Helena Bonham Carter plays the best Fairy Godmother, the carriage is stunning and the film is peppered with humour all the way through alongside the innocence and humble lifestyle of Cinderella.

Cinderella Carriage

The film really stands out for the excellent costumes and over the Easter break the girls and I met up with one of their school friends and mum and we all went up to the Swarovski exhibition in London’s Leicester Square for a closer look at the costumes and props used in the film.

Cinderella costumes exhibition

The film’s costume designer is the Academy Award Winner Sandy Powell who allows you to walk through and follow her creative process from the initial designs to the final creations. The spectacular ball gown took my breath away and the glass slipper was enchanting.

cinderella ball gown

The solid crystal slipper features 221 facets in a crystal blue aurora borealis coating, impossible to not fall in love with it. Six versions were required to create the perfect shoe and 150 hours of design time went into the making.

cinderella glass slipper

Swarovski provided over 1.7 million cut stones to embellish the costumes of the ball gown, the Fairy Godmother’s dress and her magic wand, and the Wicked Stepmother’s glamorous arrival outfit.

cinderella Sandy Powell

Swarovski opened it’s archives and lent over 150 tiaras and jewellery pieces for the famous ball scene.

Creating a live action version of the classic fairytale gave me the freedom to channel fantasy and that ‘Once upon a time’ feel through all of the costumes. It really was a costume designer’s dream job. — Sandy Powell

Disney on Ice – 100 Years of Magic

disney on ice

This year saw us return to the O2 in Greenwich to watch the latest Disney on Ice – 100 Years of Magic and we were not disappointed, not one tiny bit.

alice and bessie disney costumes

The girls were delighted to wear their brand new Disney costumes from their favourite princesses, Belle for Bessie and Jasmine for Alice and I would recommend allowing your children to do this as it’s the perfect occasion to wear them, it added to the ‘importance’ of having a Disney on Ice ticket.

The show opens with Mickey and Minnie and they introduce us to some of their favourite stories, the show kicks off with one of my favourites, the Genie from Aladdin and a spectacular dance on ice.

disney on ice genies

We move on to Finding Nemo and the girls loved the effect of the bubbles falling over the ice to make believe we are under the sea.

The next part of the show is named ‘A Rose is a Rose’ and begins with the most important fairy tale rose, the Beast’s. We watch as Belle meets the Beast, falls in love and thinks he’s dead, only her true love can save him. The show runs seemlessly into ‘So this is love’ and a spectacular skate with six princesses and their princes including Belle and the Beast, Cinderella, Pocahontas, Ariel, Snow White and Jasmine.

disney on ice beauty and the beast

Toy Story perform To Infinity and Beyond with a fantastic green army, Buzz lightyear and Woody and then Act One ends with ‘It’s a Small World.’ Beautiful, colourful and the costumes will take your breath away. We really enjoyed It’s a Small World as it reminded us of the ride we enjoyed so much at Disneyland Paris this summer.

Disney on Ice 100 years of magic

A vintage selection of Disney that is performed by some of the world’s best skaters coming from Russia, USA, Canada and Japan.

Act Two includes Pinocchio, Mulan, the Incredibles and the Lion King with an amazing Grand Finale which always disappoints as you realise the show is over and you’d want to sit there so much longer.

Oh Mummy, I don’t want it to be the end, I want more!        Alice aged 6

By reminding us of the older less watched films the girls in the car on the way home chatted about finding their Pinocchio DVD, re-watching Lion King that hasn’t been aired for some time and maybe buying The Incredibles which we haven’t seen before.

The costumes are beautiful and the faces on our twins were in awe of the magic being created in front of us. A real must for all and if you have any luck getting Disney On Ice tickets for the Spring performance do let me know as they are sold out and Get Me In are asking ridiculous amounts right now.

disney on ice jasmine

Disclosure: We were given tickets to attend the performance for the purpose of this review, we loved it and all opinions are our own.

Tinkerbell and The Legend of The Neverbeast


Tinkerbell Legend of the Neverbeast

There’s a new Disney Tinkerbell film out on December 12th, Tinkerbell and the Legend of The Neverbeast and we were invited along by BritMums to watch a special gala screening in Leicester Square on Sunday.

We arrived with plenty of time as there was lots of activities in the foyer before the film started including decorating your wings, face painting and stroking a host of gorgeous animals including Pugs that look a bit like the Neverbeast. Plus we got to have our photo taken with Tinkerbell and Fawn.

Tinkerbell and Fawn twins

First things first, we all LOVED this film. Pure Disney magic with a strong powerful message – Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Tinkerbell Legend of the Neverbeast

Tinkerbell’s friend Fawn, the animal fairy, is the main character as her passion for looking after animals sometimes makes her heart rule her head. Queen Clarion is not too pleased to discover from her Scout fairies that Fawn has been looking after a baby hawk with a broken wing. Hawks eat fairies! The Queen tells Fawn

Let your heart guide you but listen to your head too.

On an investigation Fawn discovers a very special animal who is in a lot of pain with a thorn stuck in his foot. She wants to help him and listens to both her heart and her head to assist him in removing the thorn.

Tinkerbell Legend of the Neverbeast

The fairies at Pixie Hollow hear him roar with pain and everyone is scared as they’ve never heard such a fierce roar before. Whilst Fawn and Gruff, the Neverbeast, continue to spend lots of time together and become great friends the scout fairies investigate further and discover the old legend of the Neverbeast which says he will destroy Pixie Hollow.

Fawn has to protect her new animal friend from the scout fairies who believe he is a monster out to destroy them, Fawn listens to her heart and doesn’t believe Gruff would ever hurt them. She now has to convince her friends as she needs their help.


A lot of teamwork ensues and a lot of lessons are learnt too, the most important being, Never judge a book by it’s cover.

This film made us jump in our seats, it brought tears to our eyes and it made us rethink about how we judge people on appearance.

Tinkerbell Legend of the Neverbeast

I loved it. The girls loved it and even dad said he enjoyed the film. Out in cinemas from 12th December I’d thoroughly recommend it.


Disclosure: We were invited to attend the Gala Screening of TinkerBell and the Legend of the Neverbeast as guests of BritMums. All words, opinions and images are my own and may not be copied without my permission.

TinkerBell and the Secret Wings

TinkerBell and the secret of the wingsWe were very lucky indeed to have been invited up to the Mayfair Hotel in London this weekend for a private screening of TinkerBell and the Secret of the Wings, now having two hard core fairy fans in the house I knew it was going to be a hit, what surprised both me and Other Half was how much we enjoyed watching this latest Disney film in 3D too.

This film is so apt for my girls as TinkerBell discovers she has a twin sister, they were both born from the same laugh

When the first baby laughed for the first time, the laugh broke into a thousand pieces and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies. And now when every new baby is born its first laugh becomes a fairy. So there ought to be one fairy for every boy or girl. – J M Barrie

I’m not going to give away the story other than say it is excellent and I really recommend you go and see it over the Christmas holidays, it’s in cinemas all over the country from 14th December.

A quick peek at the Disney online store shows merchandise is already available including soft dolls and a collection of little fairies dressed up in the winter outfits, I’m sure there will be plenty more to follow too. Including PeriWinkle herself.

TinkerBell and the Secret of the wings

Our fabulous day started at 1pm where we had photos with TinkerBell, made pine cones for the Christmas tree, had nails painted with cupcakes and Hello Kitty, hair pieces added and generally lots of fun and laughter, the film was excellent and I shall definitely be buying it on DVD when it comes out later next year.

TinkerBell and the Secret of the Wings


Orlando; Weddings, honeymoons and fabulous family holidays

Visit Orlando*sigh*

If there’s one thing we won’t be doing with regards to our wedding it’s taking a honeymoon as our date is slap bang in the middle of term time and like I say we’re a family first and foremost so we won’t take them out of school and we wouldn’t go without them.

I imagine (hope) we’ll be one of those OAP couples living it up big time when the girls leave home but in the meantime a girl can dream, right?

So when it comes to choosing a location for your honeymoon where do you start looking?

Like I said IF we were to go, we’d take the girls with us and we’d like to go to a warm climate with lots of different things to do for every member of the family, a honeymoon is also a dream holiday so one that is classed as special and one location that springs to mind is Orlando.

visit orlando header

I think you’ll be thrilled to learn that Orlando isn’t just theme parks, there’s a ton of exciting stuff to do over there and recently Visit Orlando have launched this amazing tool Orlando Holiday Planning where you can go and plan your holiday from your sofa making sure that there are things to do for all the family. Not only that each topic is packed with tips that you can save to personalise your unique family holiday.

Tabs at the top include When to go, getting there, where to stay and of course what to do. Orlando is so packed with opportunities that it is most certainly a place you can revisit time and time again and still find new attractions to discover.

Visit Orlando

As a girl can dream, I did. I went over and made up my dream Orlando holiday. I chose how and with who I would fly, I got some great ideas on accommodation and love the idea of a hotel within the theme park plus Mickey Mouse dining package where kids eat free. I picked up important tips on what to pack, to book tickets in advance and WHERE TO SHOP sorry was I shouting then? Yes, peeps shopping, don’t forget iPads, Jeans, trainers and a ton of designer labels are much cheaper in their home country than back in Ol’ Blighty.

Here are a few of the ideas I bookmarked

  • Check out the alligators on an airboat ride
  • hire surfboards at Ron Jon Surf Shop on Cocoa Beach
  • Race fans can whizz round a track in a IndyCar or stock car (Paul would LOVE this)
  • Pamper yourself in a luxurious spa (me time)
  • Visit the largest Legoland in the world in Florida – the girls would love this

So if I can get the school to move their term dates, save up a couple of grand I am sure I can convince the Mr to take us all away and spend our honeymoon in Florida, what do you think?