Jeskyns Park Kent – Blowing away the cobwebs

jeskyns park pond

I really enjoy the period that goes between Christmas and Back to School it’s kind of a lull that pretty much you can ‘do as you please’. Yesterday I sat on the sofa pretty much most of the day and watched films, dvds and ate – still leftovers!

Today, dad has gone into work for the day and there is glorious sunshine out there even if it is a bit blowy.

jeskyns park

The morning was spent cleaning, I changed beds, vacuumed, dusted and polished. I watered the Poinsettia before she loses all her red leaves, in fact I watered all the plants in the house much to their delight and the last task for today is the dreaded ironing which has been accumulating recently as I concentrated on ignoring it.

jeskyns park sculpture

But with two little people bursting with energy the only way I could tackle the ironing pile without a million interruptions was to exhaust them, right? So I took them to Jeskyns Park Kent with their scooters.

Jeskyn’s Park opened up about 10 years ago and from flat fields, woodland is now starting to grow thanks to the Forestry Commission. There are many trails for dog walkers, cyclists, walkers and orienteering too all can be found on the Jeskyn’s page, today we wanted to let off steam.

jeskyns treehouse

I love that walking through Jeskyns Park you can find many works of art in the midst of nature. there is also a tree house to play in, a pine cone pit and a sandpit with a fabulous wooden play area.

jeskyns park

The landscape at this time of year is barren but beauty can still be found everywhere. What excited us most today was the Gruffalo trail which we haven’t yet completed. Guess what we’re doing on Sunday? We’ve talked a lot about the Gruffalo on Mari’s World, we even went to see some Gruffalos being carved out of wood.

jeskyns gruffalo trail

There is an activity pack in the cafe that costs £2 and includes a foraging bag, activity leaflet and sheets, pencil and sticker.

Without following the trail we discovered letters in trees, found habitats of various characters and silhouettes too.

jeskyns adventure playground

We stopped to play at the adventure playground and the girls loved it. There is climbing, balancing, jumping, stepping stones and a sand pit too.

jeskyns park playground

Jeskyn’s Park is a very popular place to walk dogs, there are designated areas to let your dog off the lead for a good run around and other areas where they must be kept on a lead. As we came away from the park Bessie asked,

So will we be getting our dog on the last day of January Mummy?

Looks like the moment of our dog ownership is getting closer.

I’m linking up with Fiona’s Country Kids today over at Coombe Mill Blog.

jeskyns park poles

All photos taken on my iPhone 4 as I forgot my camera!

Down on the Farm: Coombe Mill, Cornwall

coombe mill cornwall

The newsletter that came home from school on the last day before half term informed parents that the children would be studying The Farm up on their return to school up until Easter. This was brilliant news for us as we had already managed to organise a visit to Coombe Mill in North Cornwall during our stay at Retallack Resort.

coombe mill baby goat

We would be accompanying Farmer Nick on his morning feed run, tractor and all, the only (slight) inconvenience was we had to be there by 9am … on a Sunday morning … the first day of our holiday after the long drive. But I knew it would be worth it so I pushed the husband and the kids and we arrived just a few minutes late but still in time to take part.

Coombe Mill cornwall

The feed started at the goats who’d just had some babies and the girls enjoyed a stroke but were too scared to hold them. Then onto the birds, a marvellous collection. Farmer Nick puts down a bucket of seed and allows the children to throw handfuls at the hungry flock. You can imagine the sense of importance and the rush to get back to the bucket before everyone else can’t you?

coombe mill lake

Next it was onto the tractor for the little people and a brisk walk for the grown ups to the other side of the farm to feed the deers, goats and ponies which took us around a beautiful lake. In the collage below spot the group of deer hiding in the trees too scared to come down and join us.

coombe mill deer

The stag was beyond magnificent and to get up so close to these wonderful animals is an experience to be had at least once. Just along from their field are some enclosed pens with more hungry animals waiting for our feed.

coombe mill feedingThen back on the tractor and Farmer Nick handed over the wheel to the little people, what a joy, grins from one ear to the other and the most talked about part of the day for days to come! There wasn’t one child who wasn’t smiling with glee by the end of the run and sad to have to leave.

coombe mill cornwall

Here is a glimpse of the peaceful Scandinavian Lodges nestled into the countryside, trust me you are properly immersed in nature at Coombe Mill so check out their website if you’d like to stay there by clicking on the badge at the bottom.

Coombe Mill lodges

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

The British coast in autumn

We put our caravan in storage over a month ago but we needed to go down and put her ‘blanket’ on plus make sure all was ok, seeing Saturday was going to be a bright and breezy morning off we went to Thanet and once the job was done, we head off to Westgate on Sea for some fish and chips and a walk along the prom.

scooting on the beach

We took the girls scooters as they will go for miles with them but try and get them to walk the same distance and it’s tears, moan, tears.

having a rest

Wrapped up against the chilly wind off we set along the walkway flanking the sea yelling to the girls to STOP! Before they disappeared around the corner out of sight because you just can’t be too careful these days.

flock of seagulls

We walked as far as the next beach and remnants of last week’s storm were visiible in the amount of seaweed on the beach. Sadly it was full of flies – so many flies it was uncomfortable to walk through so we had to turn back.

dancing on stage

So we found a ‘stage’ and did a bit of dancing and prancing about.

beach hut

Walking a little bit further we were surprised to see a row of beach huts still on the beach – surely they’d put them away in the winter? But no, they were chained to the rocks behind, one had the door open and I asked the owner if I could take a few photos as inside was so pretty.

inside a beach hut

Isn’t this the perfect beach hut? Next it was time for coffees and ice creams and one last look before heading back into the enormous rain cloud hanging over North Kent.

looking out to sea

a great day in the fresh air.

Twin time – 1st term of Big School

It’s time for a catch up on the twins very nicely prompted by Fiona at Coombe Mill who you must nip over and see as she owns and runs a fabulous farm guest house in North Cornwall, the perfect holiday spot for families who want to get close to the animals. Fiona is holding the next #MultipleMayhem carnival on 3rd December.

twins aged 4 and a bit

We have successfully completed our first half term and enjoyed our first half term break although there was a little confusion as to why we weren’t going to school and misunderstandings about going on a school trip (?)

The girls are really coming into their own now and although Alice remains the shier of the two girls she is getting more and more confident.

twins 4 and a bit

I have the feeling Alice is a bit of a worrier as she doesn’t shout out her answers as loudly and clearly as her sister but mumbles them almost as if she’s afraid she’s getting them wrong at times. If I prompt her too vigorously it makes her even more quieter than she was before so I have to use a gentle coaxing method with her with lots of kind prompting, on the other hand Bessie is the opposite, often interrupting and answering her sister’s questions and upsetting her at the same time!

The girls get on very well together and 99% of the time life is sweet but we do have the odd occasion, sometimes when one of them is just feeling the desire to wind up her sister to see how far she can take it – very annoying. On occasions they will get tearful, moany and irritable, not the best combination to deal with but I find good old CBeebies is marvellous at helping me out and calming them down.

learning to write

We have played games on the laptop which they love, they like playing with their Nintendo DS and are getting the hang of the games slowly and they also adore playing with their fairies or princesses. For Christmas this year Paul and I have bought them a Leappad 2 each. I am hoping this will help them learn to read as I want to add on some books. Count, add up and subtract with a cartridge game and learn their way around using a tablet. I’ve heard different views on this product, some parents wish they’d never bought it as their child hasn’t taken to it at all and others love them saying they are constantly running out of batteries! Luckily for me the Leappad 2 has a battery charger.

Out of school activities include swimming lessons on a Saturday morning and gymnastics on a Tuesday evening. I did take them to street dance lessons last half term on a Monday evening but it was all a bit too much so for the moment we’ve dropped dance.

halloween costumes

I love the way they are learning without realising it, last night as we had bath time they ran me through all the opposites they could think of (the theme for developing their social, emotional and behavioural skills this term ‘ Getting on and falling out.’) Big – small, long – short and so on. We are sent home reading books to read every night, right now they are picture books and I get each one to tell me the story as we turn the pages, all three of us snug on the sofa.

Last term we learnt the letters s,a,t,p,i,n and this term the letters will be m,d,g,o,c,k,ck then I imagine we’ll start to see words cropping up. I find this very exciting and love watching how they absorb everything so easily. Next update due around Christmas time thanks for reading.

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Multiples Mayhem from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall