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There’s nothing like a few new additions to the wardrobe to put that spring into your summer step is there? I love that word ‘capsule’ it makes me think of jetting off somewhere for the weekend with a bag containing every item I could possibly need to make my trip perfect.

Fashion World invited me to take a look at their website and choose some items I loved. It wasn’t difficult and within minutes I had a lovely long list which I then had to work my way through, eliminating as I went, to cut it down to a respectable list. Grown-up echoes of the catalogue challenge my brothers and I played as kids on the run up to Christmas – ‘Choose your favourite item on this page.’ for Every. Single. Page.

Weekend capsule wardrobe

If I were to jet off on a weekend to France say, I would certainly consider carefully the clothes I travel in as they would be part of my capsule wardrobe (there, I got to use it again). Most likely I would opt for a comfortable pair of jeans, a brightly coloured t-shirt, a cardigan or hoodie and a fancy scarf that will go with other outfits I plan to wear. On my feet some converse or trainers – comfort all the way for travelling.

fashion world

I would definitely pack a dress. I love dresses and the summer is the perfect time to wear one; legs out and feeling fresh. Fashion World had this beauty that I couldn’t resist and I am so glad I got it as I have worn it a couple of times on very different occasions and had some excellent remarks on it.

I might also pop a swimsuit in if we’re going to stay in a hotel with a pool or maybe somewhere hot. Swimming costumes are a bone of contention for me. I am conscious about my body and want to look my best at the same time. This fabulous Figleaves one piece is bright and cheerful, it also holds me in in all the right places. I’m in love with it and can’t wait to wear it over the summer.

fashion world

One other item to think of is the bag of course and Fashion World came up trumps with this oversize holdall that will hold everything I need. Neatly packed, my silver bag will not only carry all my gear but will look very smart as well.

If you’d like to take a look at Fashion World click here and work out your summer capsule wardrobe.

Disclosure: Fashion World sent me the items mentioned for the purpose of this post. All opinions are my own.

You know me, I’ve told you before how much I LOVE clothes. Is there a woman out there who doesn’t? I must admit the past couple of years have seen fewer and fewer purchases and my wardrobe was beginning to look tired, or was I just getting bored with it?

zalando logo

I did lose a bit of weight as you know back in February so when I went to Italy I treated myself to some new jeans and ‘bits and pieces’ from my best friend Enrica’s Benetton shop. I love Benetton. Fact. I could sleep in there and I found it really hard to whittle down my choice from the massive pile of stuff I tried on and liked to what I could afford. It’s a hard job you know.


Anyway, back home in the UK I was contacted by Zalando. Who? I hear you ask.

Zalando are a young and exciting online shoe and fashion store which has been recently launched in the UK after great success in Europe. They have women’s and men’s sections and also offer children’s fashion and accessories plus baby care and cleansing products.

They asked me if I’d like to buy something from their site and try their unique online shopping experience. Naturally I jumped at the opportunity as if you look yourself they have some fantastic designer labels alongside other more purse-friendly brands. My beloved Benetton is there which was an enormous temptation BUT I opted for Desigual, a fairly new brand (to me at least) which uses exciting prints colour and creative ideas to offer clothes a little less normal which is so me.

They gave me a £70 voucher to spend and first I searched for navy blue cardigans and there were a few that tempted me but I have a very clear picture in my mind of what I’m looking for so I thought Spring/Summer = dresses of course and off I went. I was able to select according to price, colour or brand which cut down my search and made it easier, nobody likes to spend hours trawling through pages and pages, well I don’t anyway.

Desigual dressI was taken by the Desigual dress immediately, I can see myself wearing it at Brit Mums Live this year, comfortable, fashionable and very with it. My decision was made and knowing some European labels come up small I went for the large which I’m thankful to say fits! I’ll still have to work on my tummy a bit but I love it.

My package arrived in a matter of days and I am subscribed to their newsletter which, yes is tempting every time it lands in my inbox but take today’s newsletter – they’re offering ideas for wedding outfits and I’m going to a wedding in July in Essex so I’ll have to up my ante a bit for that one, everyone will look gorgeously groomed. I just know I’ll find something stunning on Zalando, have a look and tell me what you think?

zalando shopping experience

Oh gosh and before I forget, there are Zalando’s dotted all over Europe so, if like me, you have family in Europe and never know what to buy them You can buy online and get it delivered FREE! I bought my son a Desigual T shirt on the Italian site for his birthday on Monday and it all arrived in perfect time for his special day.

Gracey and Oana’s presents ready to go

Pregnancy is a time for healthy eating not necessarily ‘for two’ but for making sure you get a good variety of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. As I have such a healthy appetite this has never been a problem for me and during my first two pregnancies I was in Italy being fed by my mother in law making sure I was strong and the baby would be born healthy.

Oh the attention she poured on me; she left her son’s favourite meals aside for that period just to cater to mine! My boy was to be her first grandson and after losing her husband only a couple of years earlier, this new arrival had given her reason to live again and who was I to disagree? Krauti e luganeghe, salsicce in sugo and spezzatino con polenta, I drool at the thought alone.

Naturally all this excellent food piled on my plate which I obviously ate (the lot) soon enough had me feeling BIG and consequently ugly. Used to a slim size 8 before my first pregnancy back in 1987 as my waistline thickened and my feet disappeared from view the more I panicked. Remember I was only 21 and away from my family. I was incredibly insecure about myself and about the future I was heading towards – I had never even baby sat for newborns how I was to cope with one of my own was completely beyond me then.

With the whole hotel being renovated and not much money coming into the family purse I was very conscious of not spending too much money and consequently I held back on the maternity clothes which only made my feeling get worse. Therefore I am very aware of how pretty clothes can change your frame of mind, the time my ex took me to buy a new maternity dress was enough to lift my heart into a completely new dimension and make me feel alive again. I don’t think we should underestimate the effect good clothes have on us.

Now my thoughts turn to my ‘daughter-in-law’ Oana, herself only 21 and also used to being a slim size 8 she’s now going through that period where her body is changing rapidly and for however happy she is that her son (my grandson!) is healthy and growing perfectly she can’t help but worry about her figure so when Vertbaudet asked me to review some maternity clothes for them I jumped at the chance as it meant I could send a beautiful Christmas present for  Oana that would not only delight her when she opened it  – they have the most beautiful collection but would lift her spirits over the Christmas season and beyond.

Now I’m sure you agree it would be foolish of me to post a photo of the items that came through for Oana as that would ruin her surprise (she reads my blog!) so here’s a photo of her wrapped up present and you’ll have to take my word on how gorgeous they are but take a look at the selection below and see if you can guess what I ordered for her. Happy Christmas Oana – Santa is on his way with something special from Vertbaudet for you from me, Paul, Alice and Bessie xxx