Build a bear shop, disney Princess

The thing with little people is when they discover something they like, they do nothing but play that game for EVER. We are going through the PINK and PRINCESS phase of life; many colours will not even be considered and can cause great arguments, I have taken to selling green to them as Tinkerbell green and blue has become Cinderella blue as sky blue just doesn’t cut it anymore.

If you, like me, have a princess on your hands – and I have two – then Build-a-Bear’s Disney Princess might be well worth considering.

The bear has a beautiful pink fur which is luxuriously soft and a sparkling crown on her head with a big gold heart.

Having made a couple of bears now the girls were VERY excited at the prospect of making a Princess bear and chatted excitedly in the back of the car as I drove the short distance to our nearest store.

Once in Nichola, a really helpful Build-a-Bear assistant, took control and was the perfect entertainer, because in case you don’t know Build-a-Bear isn’t about walking in, choosing a bear, paying and taking it home.

This is an experience children will take with them forever.

Build-a-Bear Disney Princess

The dream starts by choosing the outer skin and there are at least 20 different types, probably more, plus extras being added in all the time. Recent newcomers apart from the Princesses are Paddington and the Harajuku bear.

build a bear that lights up

In fact there is even a bear who has tiny lights inside him which change colour so if your little one is afraid of the dark or a bad sleeper this bear could really help you out? Isn’t he adorable?

BUild a bear choosing the skin, disney princess

Skin chosen you then add a noise and a heart, which you must kiss and hold on your cheek, promising to look after your bear for always and forever. Then it’s time to stuff which the children also assist by pressing the pedal of the stuffing machine whilst the assistant makes sure the bear is stuffed to perfection.

Build a bear add a noise and heart, disney princess

You can comb the fur, fluff the fur and the best bit of all – DRESS your bear and Build-a-Bear has a massive wardrobe with every conceivable outfit available whatever your taste may be.

build a bear, Disney Princess

But our trip was all about Disney Princesses and my girls were mesmerised by the gorgeous costumes. Alice chose her favourite pink dress which is Sleeping Beauty’s and Bessie chose Cinderella.

We brought our bears home in a special box filled with stickers, and print outs to colour in, ribbons to add to the bears ears and lots more and trust me these bears have taken pride of place on the beds and have totally overtaken all playtime.

build a bear, Disney Princess

The 41cm Disney Princess Bear costs £18 and the Disney dresses start from £10. Shoes are an extra £5.00

If you have a little princess I would thoroughly recommend making a Build-a-Bear Disney Princess with her which she will cherish forever. If you have a little boy, don’t be disheartened, there are a ton of fabulous bears in store which appeal to the tougher hearts too.

Disclosure: We were asked to make Disney Princess Build a Bear’s in return for this blog post and my girls LOVED the whole experience.

Limited Edition Build-A-Bear Workshop® BBC Children in Need Collection

It’s Pudsey Bear time of year, a time when the country comes together and go out of their way to raise money for Children in Need. In 2011 over £26 million was raised and that was £8 million more than 2010. The money is granted to organisations supporting disadvantaged children and young people in the UK and in my opinion this is why is has such a huge success as people like to know the money is going to help children and young people up and down Britain.

I don’t think anyone can say the Brits don’t do their bit for charity sending hundreds and thousands of pounds to all kinds of causes at home and abroad but Children in Need is all about looking after our young, the future of our country  and teaching our own children to be giving to those less fortunate.

Pudsey Bear children in need

I love Pudsey Bear, last year we celebrated him locally with the other children from preschool, we also made some fabulous and easy Pudsey Bear cupcakes and some cheese straws too perfect for lunch boxes.

Pudsey Bear cupcakes Children in Need

Build a Bear have a limited edition of Pudsey Bears out now and by buying one of their bears they will donate £5.00 to Children in Need

Limited Edition Build-A-Bear Workshop® BBC Children in Need Collection

Pudsey Bear

(£15, £5 donation)

This year the new Pudsey is available with either a hoodie, jeans and cute trainer combo or with gorgeous set of cosy PJs! The ultimate gift for the little Build-A-Bear Workshop aficionado in your house.

Blush Bear

(£15, £5 donation)

Pudsey’s best friend Blush is right on trend for BBC Children in Need this season, showing off her spots with a pretty polka dot matching bow and pink t-shirt.

Pudsey Bear children in Need

Pudsey Smallfry

(£8, £1 donation)

New for 2012, Pudsey smallfry™ comes dressed in a cool t-shirt with signature patch and paw print.

Blush smallfry - children in need

Blush  Smallfry

(£8, £1 donation)

New for 2012, Pudsey’s best new mini friend Blush smallfry™ wears a cute polka dot bow with fetching red t-shirt.

Stockist details:-

The limited edition Build-A-Bear Workshop collection is available across all Build-A-Bear Workshop stores nationwide and via the website:

Pumpkin Pal teddy Build a bear

Aren’t they gorgeous? And their fur is so soft. Alice has called hers Pumpky and Bessie hers Pumpkin, I know the imagination rocks in this house but you can’t deny how adorable they are, the Pumpkin Pals that is.

Build A Bear have brought out a range of products for Halloween and with the children off school (mine next week) this could be the perfect treat for good children the emphasis being on Good, ‘Behave yourselves and you might get a surprise.’ kind of good. It’s also not a scary treat so if you have a frightened child a little bewildered by all the blood, ghosts and gore out there, this could be a wonderful introduction into the fun world of Halloween.

I know my two recently have become scared of the dark where they never were before, some films frighten them and although they are right up for dressing up as witches and accepting sweets from strangers in their bright orange buckets, I’m not sure they will handle the full-on Halloween fright so this year I intend to keep it soft and Pumpkin Pal is perfect for this. I think monster eyeball cake pops and bleeding finger biscuits can wait a couple of years whilst we focus on carving pumpkins, making spiders with pipe cleaners and cutting out a black witch silhouette for our porch to frighten the postie.

pumpkin pal teddy build a bear

Pumpkin Pal Teddy costs £13.50 or you could choose Hello Kitty for £20 and then there’s a whole range of clothes and accessories to choose from to kit teddy out.

The experience of Build-a-Bear is really quite something. The children will keep it with them for a long time; my two still remember theirs from May this year and by personally overseeing the lengthy process of making a bear, including a heart and the final fluffing they create a special bond with the bear they take home. Our two Build A Bear teddies sit in prime position on the beds and are often chosen to participate in teddy bear tea parties.

pumpkin pal

We heart our Pumpkin Pal teddies

Disclosure: We were sent two Pumpkin Pal teddies and we loved them so much we thought we’d tell you all about them

build a bear It was back on the 4th May that the girls and I were invited to our local Build-A-Bear workshop and this month has literally flown by so only now have I had the opportunity to write it up.

First of all It’s a FANTASTIC opportunity, the twins were absolutely delighted with the whole experience and as a parent standing back watching them I couldn’t help but feel Build-A-Bear have totally nailed this product bang on the head.

We went along to our local store at Bluewater at about 2.30pm and, the lunch time rush over, we had the store more or less to ourselves. Mamusu, our Build-A Bear-er for the day was as excited as the girls, you know when you can tell someone really loves their job? She saw they were quite shy to begin with and within minutes she’d won them over and by the end she had them laughing, giggling and eating out of her hand – thank you Mamusa ;)

How does it work? first you get to choose your bear and there are around 20 to choose from. (I didn’t count them so don’t quote me on that one!)

Build a bear experience

The next step is to choose a sound to put inside the bear, 16 different sounds including giggles, roars and ‘I love you’. The bit that really makes my hear squeeze is when Mamusu threw a handful of hearts into the air asking the girls to choose one, kiss it and place it in their bear (isn’t that so sweet?)

build a bear

The Stuffing Machine needed a little filling which the girls loved assisting in and then they could choose how stuffed they wanted their bears – we went for normal so it was squidgy enough for a good cuddle.

build a bear - stuff him

A Fluff area is your next port of call, two dryers and a comb to help Bear fluff up to perfection.

build a bear fluff him

Then comes the tricky bit – choose an outifit, there are simply hundreds to choose from but luckily for me the girls wanted Pink in fct they both chose the same frilly pink top and pink leggings with diamante up the side ;)

The beauty of Build a Bear is extra outfits can be bought for birthday and Christmas presents, or a voucher can be given to school friends at birthday parties. You can even organise your child’s birthday party here and each child gets to make a bear (prices are arranged beforehand with the very helpful staff)

build a bear dressing up time

Dressing up time and Mamusu stepped in to help with the tricky bits

build a bear dress him

Choose your accessories from rows and rows of sunglasses, hats, bags and shoes – here are mine! I no want my very own Stetson and cowboy boots too *sigh*

build a bear accessorise

All around the shop are dotted various models on display to help you make your mind up and get an idea of how the finished product looks. Can you just take a look at these fine bears here?

build a bear - here are some fine examples

a final fluff, a memory photo for the album and then it’s of to name your bear. Computers are laid out at child level and a bar code is placed inside the bear before the whole process starts so should your child lose their bear he can be scanned in a shop should somebody find him/her and sent back to their rightful owner, a lovely touch.

The bears are packaged in boxes along with lots of other goodies, print outs to colour in, bags to use and so much more.

build a bear

Disclosure: We were invited by Build a Bear to make a bear each for Alice and Bessie including the clothes and accesories. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves it was a brilliant experience and one I would thoroughly recommend to any parent as the perfect present for boys or girls.