Bibione – Italy: family holiday

Empty beach at Bibione

Empty beach at Bibione via Shutterstock

I am going to indulge in my love of Italy today as this is the time of year I see all my Italian friends post their holiday photos on Facebook and it takes me back to the holidays I enjoyed whilst living there.

Bibione, such a lovely word to say, is on the northern Adriatic coast not far from Venice. It’s a very popular destination as it is so easy to get to and it is totally geared up for families. Bibione has been celebrating family holidays since the first hotels went up in the 50’s and you’ll find some of them have been passed down through the family from generation to generation.

This family run business has so many pros to offer the guests, a personal and individual touch where the hosts recognise the needs of various families and are quick to satisfy them.

The Beach

Bibione is a long straight flat beach stretching into the distance with fine, soft sand. The hotels and ‘bagnini‘ aka lifeguards have rows and rows of umbrellas laid out for the guests but as the beach is so vast there is a lot of space between one umbrella and the next, plenty of privacy for families to enjoy themselves without feeling crammed in. You’ll be pleased to know that an umbrella and two sun loungers are included in your hotel booking which is a great saving on a family holiday.

A typical day in Bibione

We would choose a family hotel with a swimming pool often by the beach. As we went to breakfast Tommy, my oldest, would run down the beach with a couple of beach towels and place them on the umbrella closest to the water’s edge, a necessary tactic when it is busy and you want to keep your eyes on the kids who of course want to be near the water ;)

Mornings would be spent on the beach, I’d be able to read my book on the sun lounger and watch the kids play by the water’s edge. The beaches are amazingly well equipped with first aid, life guarding, baby changing stations, hot showers, walkways for strollers, play areas for kids and free games and entertainment. A mid morning espresso at the local beach bar with a glass of water was a great way to get myself off the sun lounger.

I must mention the sea at Bibione has obtained it’s 24th blue flag this year. Wooohooo!

When it started to get too hot we’d go back to the swimming pool and rest in the shade as we waited for lunch. Yes, full board includes a three course lunch with a huge choice and a magnificent salad buffet. My tip is watch out as the food is so good you’ll be piling on the pounds. ;)

Italian summers are very hot and straight after lunch is the ideal time to read in your room or make use of the hotel indoor facilities. We would head down to the beach from 3pm onwards and stay till 6 pm or later depending on our evening arrangements.

What else is there to do in Bibione?


Sailing, kayaking, playing fields and courts for the sporty. Bike riding inland and around the lagoon, nature watching around the lagoon. Bird watching for heron and storks. Fishing valleys, a lighthouse to visit and century old woods to explore.

Day trips from Bibione

Venice is a stone’s throw away and of course so are Murano and Burano which are incredibly beautiful. Verona, Vicenza, Padova and Treviso are all within a day’s trip and each of these Italian cities of the pianura are beautiful in their own individual ways.

Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with Bibione which I truly recommend as a perfect family holiday.

Busy weekends, gardening and caravan

westgate running

Wow, I don’t think we could have fitted anymore into this weekend if we tried and lucky for us Bessie is waking us at the crack of dawn every day to ensure we get everything done. Bless her! Yes that is said through gritted teeth :)

Saturday morning had a very important start, Paul’s bike broke down very unexpectedly on the A2 coming home from work, my School Mum’s Night Out was cancelled as a result and I waited for him to be transported to our local mechanic.

Thus Saturday morning was an early start to sort out the bike but also to get the girl’s passport photos done, ‘Don’t smile.’ Why is it that just by saying these words enormous grins appear and are difficult to wipe off?

Well, in the end we did it and we have some serious convict faces to look at for the next five years. But as the shop assistant mentioned, ‘Who cares? At least you can go abroad.’ He has a very valid point.

Saturday saw lots of house cleaning, tidying up and clearing out –  a huge bag of rubbish toys, like the ones you get from Happy Meals, I had to eliminate as much as I could.

monkey tree game

We had mignon pastries, watched a film and played games in the afternoon as the weather was ‘chucking it down’.

Sunday was a much brighter day, in the morning I managed to get in the garden and plant a few plants that I bought at the beginning of the week a Black Lace Sambucus Nigra, a something else (lost it’s card) and a few fuschias too.

westgate on sea May

After a light lunch we nipped down to the coast for an hour or two and then picked up out caravan to bring home as we’re off on a short trip very soon which I’ll tell you all about on our return.

westgate on sea sandcastle

Sunday was topped off with a quick BBQ, a Cuba Libra and some organising for our next trip.

Bring it on!

Enjoy our weekend in photos…

westgate lifeguards

westgate jumping waves

westgate selfie with Bessie

Sunshine – The Gallery

Today for Tara’s 101 edition she has chosen Sunshine as her prompt and haven’t we been lucky this past week? We are all enjoying some fabulous weather after such a long stint of cold, grey wet skies.

I decided to go with a photo I took on my recent trip to Butlins Skegness, of the beach there, as sadly I didn’t get to try it out due to the terrible weather we had that weekend BUT just look how gorgeous it is, it certainly makes me want to go back again and spend a day on those sands.

I quite like how this photo came out as practically it is blue skies and sand but the swirl of cloud adds a bit of interest to the shot.

Happy Gallery!

skegness beach Butlins

the gallery photography sticky fingers

Westgate on Sea, Thanet

Westgate on sea

Wat er mess! The Gallery

Tara has set Water as our prompt this week for The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers and it has given me the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of the latest mad EU ruling. Let me show you what I saw on a trip to St Mildred’s beach in North Kent, just down the coast from Margate

Excess Seaweed North Kent You see this beautiful beach is covered in seaweed, trust me it smells and it’s covered in pesky flies that keep on landing on you constantly throughout the entire time you are there, in fact so often it’s soon time to leave and move on.

OH sauntered off, quite disturbed at seeing one of his favourite beaches in high season when it should be teeming with kids playing cricket with dads, crabbing on the rocks and building sandcastles in the sand, off to have a chat with the lifeguard.

Seaweed problem, North KentOn asking why the beach was in such a deplorable state and why the council were doing nothing about it (it wasn’t the first day we’d seen this mess) the reply he received was that thanks to the latest EU laws the seaweed could no longer be collected and taken to the local dump/burnt/do whatever they used to do with it. No, now it had to be collected and returned to the sea – so as not to destroy the ecological system, meaning basically that with the next tide it would all be dragged back in again. As is happening.

It makes me so angry that some dimwit stuck in a Brussels office signs a piece of paper and changes all the rules over Europe including our local beaches that now thanks to these ridiculous laws cannot be enjoyed in the summertime. Thanks to that ruling, as you can see half the beach is out of use.

The fact is that our British summer hasn’t been the best so far this year and therefore everyone is just waiting eagerly to get to the beach and spread out on the sand to enjoy some of the balmy summer whilst it’s with us.

Is it right that we must comply to these ridiculous laws? After all, we probably spear head any ecological justice knowing our lot! I am all for respecting eco systems and looking after our environment but this surely is not going the right way about it. Is it?

St Mildred's beach North KentHere is the same shot taken earlier this year to give you an idea of how much beach is out of use to the summer punters, Can I just remind you that we’re in a full scale recession which is hitting local businesses badly where it hurts and this idiocy really isn’t helping them. How many more local businesses will be shut down by September due to lack of trade because tourists couldn’t access the beaches?

Rant over. Tara – thank you for the opportunity to showcase this mess, maybe I should have tried something beautiful like an Italian fountain or a stunning lake shot but this came over as more important, for more beautiful shots of water, please head over to Sticky Fingers