Miami beach | 2007

Miami beach hut

This is why I set up the Time Traveller linky it was to enable me to go back through my archives of photos and write a post about a place I had been to before I started blogging. I want to be able to remember that place, that time and by writing it here I can do just that.

miami beach date and temp

I’m taking you back to 2007, before I was even pregnant with twins. The year Paul and I ‘did’ Florida. We were on a coach tour that was pretty flexible in as much as, booked from the UK you had hotels and transfers reserved but you were able to use your time in each destination as you wished. We visited NASA, St Augustine’s and on the 3rd or 4th day we stopped off in Miami for an overnight stay.

Arriving mid afternoon we went for a stroll along the beach prom and I spotted these fabulous beach huts that are so typical to the area. They just make me smile and remind me of the colourful bagni in Rimini, Italy.

miami beach hut prurple

That evening we dined in a beach bar and drank beer with the locals, we had a lot of fun but you must remember to tip after every drink, we were being very British and saving it up for a big final tip but were quickly put right by other Brits who shared our table.

miami beach bar

The next morning after breakfast we checked out of the hotel as we were moving on to Key West our next destination, but first a stop off at Miami Beach.

miami beachfront hotels

I fell in love with Miami, I loved the art deco hotels lining the beach front. Each one different to the next but fitting in so beautifully as a whole.

miami colony hotel

I loved the cadillacs and other vintage cars strategically placed outside the hotels.

miami cadillac

Later on that day we were taken over to the port where there is a large shopping mall full of Miami t-shirts and other tourist merchandise, we enjoyed mooching around and people watching as they went about there daily activities. Is he teaching her? Is she teaching him? Have they just bought it and are trying to figure it out?

miami vice boat

We strolled around the port, watched a huge cruise ship come in and the passengers descend. We picked out our favourite yachts in the marina and decided which one we’d have if …

miami port

We ate our lunch at Hooters which is a scream. The girls are dressed in shorts, tees and trainers and the menu was very American. We had a fabulous time in there and our waitress was really lovely.

Miami hooters restaurant

Check out the message on the back of the waitress’s t-shirts :)

miami hooter waitress

Miami Beach PD car – it’s got to be done right? This is a proper holiday souvenir photo.

miami police car

Your turn to join in the #TimeTraveller Linky, I’m really excited to see what you are showcasing this week. I have loved travelling back in time to Miami and reliving the experience, I hope you did too.

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