St Pete’s Florida 2006

I’m reminiscing again and it’s from the same trip as the one we visited Miami only this time we are over the other side of the Sunshine State at the beautiful and very popular destination St Pete’s Florida. Here our tour was to stop for a few days after the hectic running around and Paul and I were ready for some lazy days in the sunshine. Road to St Pete's Florida The approach into St Pete’s if you are coming from the Everglades and Naples as we were, was fascinating. Long stretches of roads sweeping out over the sea for miles into the distance. It is a very exciting lead up. Pelicans on pier St Pete's Florida We stopped for a break at a pier to grab a coffee and stretch our legs. I was amazed at how brave the pelicans were coming right up to you looking for food. They were quite vicious as well so we stayed away from them. I must admit to preferring to see them living naturally like this rather than in zoo’s though. view from St Pete's hotel window Florida Our hotel was on the beach and what a view we had from the window, white sandy beaches and calm seas to take a dip in. In fact at a restaurant one evening we got talking to the couple next to us on their honeymoon and the bride told me to wiggle my toes in the sand as I was walking out to sea, I would soon come across a Sand Dollar which I could pick up, dry out and take home with me. I did and was fascinated by this sea creature I had never seen before. married couple on beach st pete's florida We soon discovered St Pete’s was a popular destination for honeymoon couples and also for weddings. As we sat sipping our beers one lazy afternoon we watched a beautiful beach wedding just in front of us, how lovely! St pete's beach florida What a glorious backdrop for your wedding photos? hotel games florida We spent time by the hotel pool and I was intrigued by the games available for the kids like this one above. Paul and I had a go later once the children had left. You have a stick and you shove your discs to land on the high numbers. It was fun! We had put our names down for the Dolphin Cruise as apparently it’s an ideal spot for seeing dolphin. A short walk to the harbour led us to our boat and off we went into the sunshine on a dolphin spotting tour. NOT ONE DOLPHIN was spotted! Millionaires row St pete's Florida However, look at the scenery, Millionaire’s row laid out in front of us. Beautiful villas with their boats at the end of their personal jettys. villa St Pete's Florida This villa on the corner was my favourite. rowing school There was a rowing school out on the water taking lessons. Paul and Mari St Pete's And of course we had our souvenir picture taken, looking at it, it seems so long ago now! karaoke Our evenings were spent eating in delicious restaurants, drinking in fab bars and erm … singing karaoke after one too many Margheritas. Fortunately for the other guests it was very late, most had gone to bed as my choice of song was Angel by Robbie Williams. I thought (as you do when your tanked up on Margheritas) that I did a splendid job but Paul said it was ‘a bit screechy‘ Needless to say I have left karaoke alone ever since. And luckily no one knew me! american car Two more snapshots I want to share with you, this fabulous American car outside the hotel one night sunset St pete's Florida and I’ll finish with this spectacular sunset.

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