What Roberta did next..

Roberta and I met many many moons ago. We were both in our early twenties, full of life and love and enthusiasm for out futures.

Roberta already had a little boy from a marriage that had already collapsed and was a single mum juggling childcare, dreams and general life commitments like the most of us.

A brilliant skier she and my ex husband would find themselves every year up at Passo Tonale fighting for a place on the Maestro di Sci course (ski instructors) which was incredibly difficult to obtain. Please rest assured should you ski in Italy the instructors are incredibly talented as only the best get through to the numbered places.

She did get there eventually, she also had another little boy from a different relationship that also collapsed even if this time it lasted a little longer.

During one of her last relationships she was convinced by her then partner to sell up her house in Northern Italy and invest in a farm in Tuscany, an agriturismo as they are known in Italy. Against public opinion, she sold up and followed her heart and her man and moved down to southern Tuscany with children in tow uprooting them and starting afresh with a new dream.

I had lost touch with her over the months and years and on the breakdown of my own marriage and my decision to return to the UK I took my own children for a holiday in Sardegna before I left Italy for good. On our way back the ferry dropped us at Piombino so I drove over to Roberta’s to check up on her.

I found her in a dreadful state, the evening before there had been an incredible argument and he had walked out again leaving her to cope with everything. The farm had had some work done on it but was nowhere near completion and what she needed was funding as she had run out of money.

She showed me around the place, I could see where the apartments were going to be, I saw the room where she made honey and she patiently explained the process to me. I listened to all of her plans and helplessly shrugged my shoulders at her dilemma, I had no money to invest and couldn’t help her even if I wanted to my own life sitting on a precarious line as it was.

When I worked at the Italian Tourist Board I wrote a monthly newsletter and would include her farm as often as I could but still felt it wasn’t enough until now.

Recently she sent me an email with this link and I am so proud of her. She has turned the place around and it looks beautiful There are four different apartments to choose from at Pian d’Acquaio each expertly designed with all the latest mod cons.

Please go and have a look at what she has achieved, a remarkable woman. She gets my 1st womanomics award! But I have yet to create a badge for it :)

If you haven’t been to Tuscany I would truly recommend it. Situated in middle Italy it offers the sea, the country and the beautiful towns of Florence, Pisa, Grossetto, Siena and many many more. The food is beyond culinary paradise and I’d heartily recommend a Bistecca Fiorentina washed down with a bottle of red Tuscan wine, an experience to die for.

I don’t have a mammoth readership but if you do like what you see, please pass it on. She’s worked incredibly hard and someone might like to take a visit there. I know they will love it and I’m booking for next year.

International Woman’s Day – 8th March

Today is one of those days that make me think of Italy even more than I usually do. Consequently I really miss the wonderful girlfriends I made there.

Today is the 8th March and it was during my Italy years that I would celebrate International Women’s Day with my girls.

I learnt that this annual celebration went back  to the beginning of the 19th century when the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory caught fire killing the majority of the workers (mainly female) who had been locked into the building to avoid them taking cigarette breaks. The enormous tragedy of this day was not superseded until the 9.11.01 disaster and led to legislation requiring improved factory safety standards.

Ever since, the celebration has been a way of remembering these ladies and remembering the importance of women in our society.

In Italy, it is tradition to give women small posies of mimosa and events are organised up and down the country for the women’s entertainment. Supermarkets, hairdressers, bars and restaurants all will offer their female clients a mimosa posy as she leaves. Special menus will be devised and cakes have been invented to honour of the day. This is the famous Torta alla Mimosa.

I have been out for pizzas, attended a male stripper event in a local disco ( he kept his undies on!) and spent wonderful evenings on Lake Garda in the company of my closest female friends sipping Mimosa cocktails also known as Buck’s Fizz.

It gave us a wonderful excuse to go out, leave the children with our other halves and enjoy an evening a little different from usual.

Women, in my opinion, are the backbone of our families and society. Mother’s are the ones that bring up our young and hopefully put them on the right track teaching them the importance of love and giving them the tools they will need to lead a successful life. Wives are the ones who support their husbands and keep the family home running smoothly.

Today’s women in our society have evolved, they manage to hold down careers, run the family home and be loving mother’s and wives and so allow me to wish you all Auguri for this special day whilst we think of those women in the world who aren’t as fortunate as us and join in the many awareness campaigns taking place today and throughout the year.

Top 10 Countries I’d like to visit


It’s a quiet day and I’m very tired as Bessie was awake at 5am again so my thoughts have turned to travel. This is going to be a tricky one as I love travel and I adore visiting new places but here we go, and the order may change as the year goes by

  1. South America – all of it :)
  2. Australia
  3. Japan
  4. USA – there’s so much more to see!
  5. Carribean cruise
  6. South Africa (not when the world cup is on!)
  7. Kenya (for a safari)
  8. Mexico (Mayan civilisation trail)
  9. New Zealand
  10. India
Key West sunset

A truly magnificent moment watching the sun go down at the harbour

And the top 10 places I have been to so far

  1. Key West, Florida
  2. New York
  3. Hurghada
  4. Prague
  5. Barcelona
  6. San Francisco
  7. Josemite National Park, USA
  8. South Wales, Tenby
  9. Finland
  10. Warsaw