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Bude, Cornwall

This is my entry for Mocha Beanie Mummy’s Silent Sunday, head over to see plenty more.

Cornwall, short breaks in the United Kingdom

I’m still running around ‘catching up’ and Bessie is poorly today, high temperature, listless and clingy. Add to that my T Mobile dongle is just not wanting to check out Tesco direct for me it’s been a pretty frustrating morning but I have downloaded the photos of our birthday trip to Cornwall and there are some beauties I’m really proud of, I’m very tempted to make a book of them immediately otherwise they just stay on the PC never to be seen again so in the meantime I made a pretty collage that sums up our recent short break to the beautiful region of Cornwall in the South West of England.

You may have noticed I took a photo of the Museum of Witchcraft which can be found in Boscastle on the Atlantic coast not far from Tintagel rumoured to be the home of King Arthur. I stood outside and giggled at the ‘broomstick’ holder for visiting witches, I couldn’t visit the museum as the girls were getting tired and Paul had walked them down to the water’s edge to throw stones whilst I managed to get a few snaps but I couldn’t resist popping my head through the door and Lo and Behold I discovered a tiny shop around the entrance.


In actual fact I love any shop so I ran my eyes over the tiny selection of merchandise and instantly spotted Spell Candles! Only 25p each and a selection of colours to choose from depending which spell you wished to cast. Hallelujah, I read the meanings of each colour and opted for a blue candle for spirituality and wisdom and purple for success and financial prosperity. I paid my dues to the long grey haired man at the desk who was a wizard in civilian clothes and made my merry way back to my family happy that I had some witches’ spells to cast.

It wasn’t til the early hours of the morning when I was woken by a strange noise that I hadn’t heard the previous nights (I’m a very light sleeper) It was like a metal on metal noise, just a tiny screech that you really had to listen hard for. ‘Ghosts in chains’ my over imaginative brain told me very matter of factly. ‘Oh shut up and go to sleep’ I retorted, thinking ‘Pathetic idea’ and then there it was again and yes it did sould like metal on metal. I wonder if someone’s trying to break in?

I got out of bed and peeped behind the edge of the curtain so if we were being broken into at least my burglars wouldn’t spot me spying on them. Of course there was no one just a silent field of hay behind us, some trees and well, nothing else.

I jumped back into bed and snuggled up to my man for courage more than warmth. Screech! and there it was again. The hair on the back of my neck started to prickle and I could feel my heart booming in my chest. I thought back to the afternoon when we’d stopped to get the girls an ice cream in a cafe, the old woman serving us had been ugly – ugly in a witch like manner – and I had that thought when I saw her.

Had she tapped into my mind and was she coming back to get me for being so rude? I thought of my candles lying in their little brown paper bag ready to be burned and gulped.

‘Maybe I shouldn’t use them? Maybe I should throw them away? Maybe I’m meddling in something I have absolutely no knowledge about.

My thoughts started down this scary route and there was no stopping them. OH turned over in his sleep and opened one eye wondering what the hell I was up to.

‘I can hear noises!’ my voice giving away a tremor of worry.

‘Umph.’ or something similar. He wasn’t impressed at all but luckily for me just at that very moment a bang but as he pointed out it was clearly one of the girls turning in their beds and banging the side of their room.

It was quite obvious I would have to save my family from any wizardry or black magic On My Own as he was already back to sleep.

I tossed and turned. I fretted and worked myself up into such a state. I made the sign of the cross – Twice!

And then I must have fallen asleep as I woke to birdsong, sunny skies and the girls chattering next door but what a night! What a fight! I still have my candles to light but I’m still not sure whether I will or not. Shall I throw them or burn them?

rick stein padstow cornwall

V Festival 2007


Now here’s something we can’t do anymore and occasionally it’s one of the things I really miss as I love the atmosphere at Festivals, they make my soul sing and my heart open with joy. In fact I was quite late in discovering music Festivals having spent the best part of my youth in Italy where stuck up a mountain these things were few and far between – not that we didn’t have other fantastic things to do of course.

v festival

So it wasn’t until I met Paul that I discovered them. We’d be going out for about 5 months when he first mentioned V Festival, in all honesty I didn’t have a clue what he was on about but I’m always open to new experiences and said i’d love to go along with him. That first year 2005 we chose to return home after the Saturday and travel by train back in the next day which was a shame as to catch all of the connections we had to miss the last 20 minutes of the main band but hey, we learnt form that mistake and the following years booked camping tickets which is The Best Fun Ever – trust me!

There’s nothing quite like turning up in a long queue of excited music lovers eager to get out and pitch their tents. There’s no seeking out the best spot at a festival; the most important things to bear in mind are 1. not too near the loos as they get disgusting, 2. try and get close to a fence to avoid drunks falling over you as they wander aimlessly in the middle of the night through the camp 3. Remember in which direction you parked your car, it will be very helpful on Monday morning.

V festival

We invested in a trolley to help us cart all of our belongings deemed necessary for this weekend party and by mid morning our tent was pitched and our bacon was cooking on our camp stove. we spent a weekend listening to favourite bands, new bands, bands that you’d think would NEVER make it and they did, and others who you thought were clear runners for top of the charts who you have never heard of since. I spotted stars walking in the mud, stag parties, hen parties, tea ladies, weirdos and all sorts, it’s a brilliant place to people watch.

When The Killers came on stage last band to play on the Sunday I knew I was in the right place. I watched the stage mesmerised, their music took hold of me completely and I swayed with the crowd shouting out the words with the best of them. I had previously gone alone to the bar to get myself that ‘last glass of wine’ having left Paul with his work mates who we’d managed to meet up with, ‘I’ll be back, don’t worry about me!’ I admonished, ‘you’re by the pylon, I can’t miss you!’

v festival

I did, I made my way back to the wrong pylon, one across from them but I was so taken with The Killers, I thought to myself ‘No worries, I’ll find them as soon as this is over.’ and started to enjoy the show. A hundred meters to my right Paul was looking around frantically, worried as to where I was, his friends were urging him to go and find me so he was also getting a tiny bit annoyed that I was ruining his Killer show too.

I’m sorry Paul. I really didn’t need that last glass either did I? I managed to lose my pashmina scarf on that single bar trip which I’m still gutted about but that’ll teach me to curb my drinking won’t it? Won’t it?

Thanks Karin once again for letting me indulge in my past and sharing one of my favourite memories. For many more Flashbacks head over to Cafe Bebe, it’s a lovely peek into other people’s lives

v festival

Crabbing, fish and chips and Spring days out

This weekend the weather wasn’t brilliant but it was time for us to get out of the house and have a day out so we decided to go to the beach. The sea air would do the world of good to clear up lingering coughs and colds, it was time to introduce the girls to crabbing and sand castles and fish and chips, a firm favourite used as a special occasion on beach days. So car packed to the hilt, it’s amazing how much stuff goes with you, off we set arriving at the beach just in time for lunch. Daddy ordered fish and chips and with the windbreaker up we sat on our mat and enjoyed a very welcome meal. Funny how it tastes even better at the beach isn’t it?

We had buckets and spades and I took some photos, happy of the change of scenery at long last! I mean there’s only so many shots you can take of the girls and flowers in the garden before it becomes a bit tiring!

Just spending one day ‘out’ made me realise how much time we’ve spent around the house since last summer and I am so ready for the good weather to arrive and beach trips to take place again.

Other exciting news to tell is I have been invited to a champagne cocktail by Proctor and Gamble, Check. Me. Out. It’s to take place in a swanky hotel in Soho and I shall get to see the launch of their 80th celebrations of which I am part! I’m so excited, my vlog and posts will be added to their website P&G Proud sponsor of mums along with all the other lovely ladies who joined in and exhausted themselves in the name of research for them. Could this be the start of something new I wonder? Bring it on, I am so ready for challenges and who knows this could lead to a prosperous and famous career….I just might start working on my Oscar speech later this week, of course you’ll all be the first to see it :)

Have a great week all, I’m off to my retired wardrobe to see if there is anything in there fit for rubbing shoulders with the champagne posse. Toodlepip