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Ecoegg. Have you heard of it yet? I hadn’t before being approached by them asking me if I’d like to review their product. I read the email, checked out the website and was curious, very curious indeed.

Ecoegg is so simple and is such a clever design that if it does what it says it does, it will change the way we wash clothes forever.

The fact is current laundry detergents that we use, are packed with harsh chemicals that frequently have adverse effects on our skin and our environment. However, this doesn’t mean that we just have to use them and get on with it. We now have a choice, a very good choice too.

Ecoegg is set to revolutionise our laundry habits. The Egg contains two types of pellets, mineral pellets and tourmaline pellets which work together to clean clothes. The idea is you fill up your washing machine with either a white or a coloured wash and then you add the appropriate egg (white wash or coloured wash) and switch on the machine. You can add softener if you wish but I haven’t tried that yet.


Ecoegg – how does it work?

Before I started to use my Ecoegg I did one wash on 90C on the longest programme with the Ultimate Detox Tablet. I am hoping this cleared a lot of the residue that tends to collect in the tubes and places we can’t see. Giving the washing machine a good clean every now and then is a habit we should all get into.

I filled up my sparkling washing machine drum with my whites and popped the Ecoegg on the top, I chose a 50C programme and pressed start.

On taking the clothes out of the machine, they all looked clean but there was no heavy scent that usually accompanies my washes.

I hung it all out to dry on the line and later on, ironed it all. There were a few chocolate marks on one of the twins t shirts that hadn’t been washed so I made a mental note to use their stain remover next time.

Whilst ironing the clothes I noticed they didn’t give off the smell I am so used to and I think going forward I may add a bit of conditioner. I also noticed the towels came out clean but ‘rough’ so another reason to use some conditioner.

I repeated the process with my dark wash and was equally pleased with the results.

I can’t fault the wash. It worked. Our clothes came out clean and fresh, ironed well and you wouldn’t know I had changed product apart from the strong perfume missing.

Why choose Ecoegg?

The first thing you will notice is that by investing in one kit you get 864 washes. That is worth 4 years of laundry and it works out at about 3p per wash.

In the kit you will find two holders for the eggs as they have to be dried out after each wash to ensure top quality. These holders also have a counter on them which makes it easy to record how many times you have used it because after a certain amount of washes you then replace your white mineral pellets with a new batch.


If you are curious too, then you can get a great deal on QVC today 29th August (Bank Holiday Monday) as Ecoegg will be the TSV (Todays Special Value) a bundle of the Ecoegg products will be promoted on the channel at the special price of £17.97

Just in case you still need convincing, Ecoegg won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation and they now have around 20 environmentally friendly household products.


Disclosure: I was sent this product for the purpose of this post. All opinions are my own.


Aldi kitchen gadgetsHow many times have you remarked at a friend’s house, ‘What a lovely ….’ only to hear them say, very pleased with themselves, ‘It’s from Aldi Special Buys, only £x and just what I was looking for.’

And you know that if you go into Aldi that very same day they will have run out of that fabulous product?

How many times?

It happens to me all the time and I love our local Aldi. I also love their special buys that can be absolutely anything on the market, from thermal ski socks to garden solar lights, anything. My grandmother is a huge fan too and is a lot quicker off the mark than me, she swears by the milk frother she bought and of course no one else in the family has managed to get one.

For that very reason readers I am giving you an Aldi Special Buys head’s up way in advance but do not sit on your laurels because we all know these products are going to fly off the shelves the minute shoppers see them.

Aldi knives and toaster

This time I can boast of being very fortunate as Aldi have sent some products from their latest range of kitchen gadgets to review and to spread the word so you guys don’t miss out. (Don’t say I never do anything for you!)

Please admire my fabulous kettle and toaster, made by the brand, Russell Hobbs. A lovely red colour that adds a punch of energy to our kitchen in our ‘new-to-us’ static caravan we have recently purchased at Birchington in Thanet – that’s a whole separate post to follow!

We ventured down on Friday, my birthday, as we were planning to eat a celebration meal at Minnis Bay and we wanted to use the occasion to take our 4 bikes down, something we can only do when the girls aren’t with us as we need to put the back seats down.

man in a box

Whilst husband busied himself with bikes and garden storage boxes, I unpacked my new shiny kitchen products and put them in their places, I felt very pleased with them.

Both the kettle and the toaster can be bought for only £14.99 which is gobsmacking amazing value for electrical goods.

Aldi had been kind enough to add a few extras for me to show you, like the set of kitchen knives (£7.99) these stackable storage canisters (£5.99) and a lovely set of tea towels, of which you can never have too many right? (£3.49)

Aldi kettle

I have been shown their press release which includes a Russell Hobbs Grind and Brew coffee machine for only £69.99 and a Russell Hobbs microwave for only £44.99.

There is a wonderful range of products and each piece is priced at a very reasonable, unmissable price but as you all know …

when it’s gone it’s gone!

So be warned this Special Buys sale is available in store from 5th May – that’s this Thursday, put a note on your calendar ;)


Bedroom wall art gallery

PS. Please note our bedroom makeover isn’t quite finished, I need to change the bedside lights and the switch plates!

I love the wall art galleries I am seeing around the internet at the moment, I have collected a few on my Pinterest boards for inspiration and as we are doing up our bedroom at the moment I wanted to come up with an idea of bedroom wall art gallery.

Wayfair recently got in touch and invited me to choose some products from their site to create a #SpringShelfie

Perfect timing! I have ordered us a wonderfully comfortable king size bed so the girls can squeeze in on weekend mornings and read with us before our days start. My choice of bed comes with a fabulous headboard which acts as a shelf and a bookcase unit too.

I have gone for a white bedroom, this time, making it a clear space that is light and airy. It’s a very good sized bedroom with built in wardrobes (that also needed painting) and it is easy to keep tidy with all the cupboards, plus the four large drawers under the bed!

Wall art gallery

I have been in love with this idea for a long time and just waiting to use it in our own home. I love how a mixture of paintings, pictures and photographs, placed well together can make an overall display. With this in mind and a couple of pieces I already wanted to use, I started to browse the Wayfair site.

Bedroom wall art gallery

Another favourite way of displaying that I love at the moment is using printed pages out of books and writing or drawing on top of them, so the Shakespeare book print was a perfect start to my wall art gallery, the quote is perfect for bedrooms as well.

I wanted a pop of vibrant colour in my display and so I searched for flowers, I love the Tulip print on canvas, it was just what I was looking for.

These two pieces, together with my own made the perfect backdrop for my headboard and shelf, now I had to find some interesting pieces to continue my display.


Previously I had three photos of the twins in frames above the bed. They are very cute but dated, I wanted a change but still wanted photos. My Wayfair search brought up this novel and colourful idea of a family tree with images hanging from the branches. I am still in the process of selecting images of the twins, my older children and the grandkids but I cannot wait to see them all on my tree frame. I chose the colourful option but there is also a white tree with white frames available.

Useful shelves

The practical me kicked in as I continued to think about what I want on my shelf, I thought about my bedtime routine and one thing I do is take out my earrings, take off my necklace and put these pieces somewhere. I found this delightful silver coloured bowl which is perfect for looking after my treasured possessions whilst I sleep.

Bedroom wall art gallery

Bedroom indulgence

A candle, a scented candle and why not? If I am honest this is something I would make more use of than the husband so it would be an indulgence to use when he’s out on a Friday night and I want to slip under the covers and read books with no disturbance. The candle in a tin means there is no harm of catching alight as it will be kept far from anything hanging. This is my girly touch.

Last but not least I popped a couple of books in my display. They are two books that I am currently reading, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert all about being creative and fighting the fear and a very interesting Peace of Mind by Georgina Rodgers which is for busy mums, like me and possibly you. A great book which talks about mindfulness and how to bring it into the midst of your chaos and use snapshots of it. I love it, plus it’s very colourful on the shelf too.

So there you have it, my Bedroom #SpringShelfie.

If you like the products I have chosen you can find them all here

Tulip canvas

Shakespeare book print framed art

Family Tree Frame

Metal dish

Rose candle not the exact same  but very similar

Disclosure: Wayfair sent me the above products for the purpose of this post.

It seems weird to think we have been living in this house now for 5 and 1/2 years, the time has flown by and although we’ve done quite a bit of decorating, we’ve still not done everything we set out to do.

This winter will see us tackle our bedroom and make it into a haven for getting a good night’s sleep.


We started this change just before Christmas by treating ourselves to a new King Size bed, the reason being is the girls like to jump in at the weekend and we all read our books for half an hour before getting up and starting our day. I think it’s a great way to encourage kids to read and I must admit I like those early morning snuggles, it’s a moment of closeness that gets lost in our busy days later and something I am keen to encourage for as long as I can.

So the bed is looking fabulous, it’s white, has four large drawers underneath which house the bed linen and other out-of-sight-junk and my favourite bit is the headboard, which again is white but stands back from the wall with a small shelf running across the top of about 25 cms. Perfect for my photos, and bits and pieces.

Now of course I need to complete the look. Currently all the walls are magnolia and the built in wardrobes have taken on the same hint, we’re still using the original curtains that came with the house that are lovely and thick but way too long, they cover the radiator so we have to hook them up on top in winter to allow the heat into the room.

Jen Stanbrook from Love Chic Living did a bedroom makeover for me a while back and you’ll see I have gone for the bed she proposed, now I have to get on with the rest.

Plans for my bedroom makeover

I’m going to paint the entire room white, walls, ceilings, wardrobes and skirting boards but I’d like one feature wall behind the bed and I love this birch tree wallpaper, I think it’s plain enough to hang pictures on and not take over the room.

black and white tree wallpaper

Image credit HomeDIT

I’d like white plantation blinds like those The Shutter Store gave us for the girls room, we have found them to be the perfect solution, easy to clean and a nice tidy look to the room whilst keeping out the light at the same time. I love how we can direct the light where we want and choose how much by simply moving a shutter.

I need to change the handles on the wardrobes and fit a drawer unit in one of them for my t shirts and folded items. I would like two bedside lamps, we currently have settings on the wall either side of the bed.

I’d also like a full length mirror to go by my bed, something like this one here.


full length mirror

Image credit: Exclusive mirrors

To finish off the room I want to hang one large picture or a collection of smaller pictures above the bed like this Gallery Wall by Apartment Therapy which is a great article on how to create something on the cheap. It would allow me to hang lots of my favourite pictures, including art the girls have made and photos I have taken throughout the year.

gallery wall art

Image credit: Apartment Therapy

Another idea buzzing around my head would be to convert the 4th bedroom next to ours into to a master ensuite, in which case I’d best start gathering small bathroom ideas wouldn’t you agree?

sheesham sideboard

Earlier on in the year we treated ourselves to a new dining room table and chairs, the one we had been using for years was very beautiful but very tired. I had been lucky enough to inherit it as a family heirloom which had been passed down through the line from my great grandmother to me. Like I said, beautiful but very tired.

One thing I did like about it was it was big and come Christmas or family occasions I could easily sit 10/12 at my table comfortably. On looking for a new table I wanted something that was as adaptable.

Once it arrived and we had adjusted our living/dining room it became apparent that we could really do with a sideboard.

My tiny kitchen is heaving at the seams with crockery, gadgets and all sorts of cooking paraphernalia and it can be really frustrating putting everything back in the cupboard once it’s been washed and dried, it fells like I need a degree in engineering to squeeze it all back in.

A sideboard would be the perfect solution, I could home my beautiful but not so frequently used items in there and make some space in the kitchen cupboards. I could also use the excuse to go through all my wares and throw out what is no longer needed or used.

sheesham sideboard

I hunted high and low and came across Sheesham furniture which I had never heard of before but fell in love with instantly. Sheesham is an evergreen rosewood tree also known as Indian Rosewood and is known internationally as a premier timber species. The heartwood is extremely durable and not only that has a wonderful tonality to it ranging from golden to dark brown.

I ordered my sheesham sideboard and was amazed at the delivery. The guy went to the trouble of bringing it in, unpacking it, taking away all the rubbish and asking me if I wanted the handles changed as the original wooden ones had been replaced with metal ones. I did ask him to change them over for me and I was really impressed with his fantastic customer service. Thank you.

I love how the wood is really thick. It is a strong piece of furniture that will easily brave a busy household and live to tell the tale. It is extremely well made and sturdy. The finish is beautiful and it is very easy to look after.

I am still not tired of looking at my beautiful sideboard and have posted  a few images on Instagram of how wonderful it is. I also spoke about it on our weekly #MumsLikeUs with Nadine from JuggleMum. It is made up of two cupboards at either side and three central drawers. I have alcohol and glasses in one cupboard and china and serving dishes in the other. The drawers now home serviettes, table mats and table cloths.

So have I made any room in the tiny kitchen? Maybe a little bit but still not enough. I now have my eye on a total kitchen revamp, that should do the trick!

Disclosure: Trade Furniture gave me this sideboard to review for the purpose of this post. All opinions are my own.