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One Year of Lockdown

Thank you NHS Rainbow

This time last year, I think we were on week 2 or 3 of lockdown and it was all a bit of a novelty. I for one, was enjoying the utter bliss of being home with my loved ones and not having a back-to-work date. We had already made a huge rainbow in the bedroom window thanking the NHS and all the keyworkers. We had cooked some of our favourite meals, sorted out cupboards that were long overdue, planted seeds for the garden (now I had the time to actually do it). Nasty, horrible coronavirus had actually gifted me time and peace and I had no place for moaning about it.

I didn’t return to work until after May half term and even then, we only had half classes – 15 children per class. Behaviour was spot on because the kids wanted to be there. If they played up, they were told they would lose the privilege to come to school. So, they were as good as gold and work became fun.

Westgate on Sea, Kent

Westgate on sea, Kent

We decided, having had our trip to Fuerteventura canceled, that we would holiday at home instead and once we were given the green light, we went to our caravan in Thanet and made the most of our time there.

I successfully completed the first year of my Open University degree, obtaining a distinction in Arts & Humanities which, as you can imagine I was thrilled about. I wrote 30,000 words of a first draft for a children’s story that has been on my mind for years and I read lots of wonderful books which I updated my GoodReads account with, smashing my 2020 challenge.

On the down side, I was unable to visit Megan when she gave birth to Elsie in September, we both thought it was too risky, for her, for the baby and our families. I rebooked for December, a quick pre-Christmas visit but BA canceled that one and now, I have flights booked for August for me and the girls but I’m not raising my hopes too much yet.

And now, one year on, I have just completed my second weekly Lateral Flow Test and input the results on the NHS website. Who would ever have said that was to become the new norm?

westgate on sea mari and twins

As lockdown eases, our first trip was to Westgate on Sea (obvs) We spent the afternoon there as it was so cold and finished the day off with fish and chips watching the sun go down. Then we went to see my brother and SIL in Kingston. We worked out that we hadn’t seen each other since my grandmother’s 100th birthday in August 2020! We had a great afternoon, in the garden, drinking prosecco or beer and catching up.

So yeah, that’s another thing that happened in 2020, my grandmother, who I celebrated with a blog post on her 90th, turned 100! We had a garden party for her (just the family as numbers were still being restricted) and we may have been a few over as we are a large family but everyone was very careful. She got a card from the queen and hundreds of other cards which some are still on display in her cabinet. I have been her main carer for lockdown, visiting her once a week with her paper and shopping. Taking her to dental appointments and to Lidl occasionally for a special treat.

Old Time Blogging

One final explanation should be my title…I have neglected my blog but never shut it down completely because I feel I may return to it one day. So, here I am again, another attempt to find a way to continue writing. I am calling it Old Time Blogging because when I started out, blog posts were pretty much tales of what was going on in your life. Bloggers would share their own lives, leave a comment and I would spend time going to visit them and leaving comments.



  1. April 21, 2021 / 6:26 PM

    I miss the old time blogging, like you I’ve neglected mine many times over the years and then go back to it in fits and starts. I can’t see me ever returning the how I used to blog, especially now the boys are older and I can’t write about them in the same way.
    Glad to see your post, and here you are well.

    • April 22, 2021 / 7:29 AM

      Hello! How lovely to hear from you. As you can see, it’s not easy writing these days. Like you there is very little I can say about the girls so I have to find other things to talk about or not about them directly. Also, working full time and studying, well – that doesn’t leave much time but even if it’s only a post a month, I’m happy with that. Take care and thank you for popping by – just like the old days :)

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