A Comfortable Bra, the new loungewear

Lockdown has a lot to say for itself, the economy, education, the NHS – you know I could go on and on but if I reflect on the past year, lockdown has also given us some good things in life. Quality time with the family, momentarily stepping off the mad stress wheel that our lives had become, more focus on our health and loungewear. If I look back over the past year I see I have spent the majority of it being comfortable. Not having to worry about how others might judge what I am wearing, I have been able to dress as I please, my make up has barely seen the light of day and any new pieces I have treated myself too are above all, comfortable.

Playtex has another eye-catching collection for spring and I was once again invited to choose something and write about it. It wasn’t an easy decision, it never is, as Playtex always create beautiful pieces and I spend a lot of time deliberating.

Flower Elegance

For example this sweet raspberry set from the Flower Elegance range, one I have tried previously, and enjoy how it is such a comfortable bra and makes my clothes look good on me too. Isn’t that pop of colour gorgeous? I love it! This set was very high up on my wish list.

Balcony Bra

The new balcony bra was also a hot contender. The attention to detail on the cup and the straps are delightful and the bra gives a wonderful shape. The detail on the front reminds me of a corset, would you agree?

Wireless Bra

This wireless bra comes in sheer pink, navy and black. What caught my attention first was the word ‘wireless’, that’s a point I have been actively trying to address. I think I’m done with wires these days and I love the way the back straps can be changed to suit t-shirts and dresses. It looks very comfortable and has a lovely scalloped line to the top.

How is your choice-making going so far? Can you see how difficult it was for me?

Comfortable Bra

We started this conversation talking about comfort and this support bra most definitely ticks that box. Made with a 100% organic cotton, this soft cup supports and comforts at the same time with no wires in sight.

Playtex wireless bra

The bra I eventually went for was the Playtex Semi Embellished Lift Wireless Bra. I ordered the Paris Nude version as I imagine wearing it under a lot this summer and I don’t want it to be more evident than the clothing above it. I have worn it a lot already and can vouch that it is a really comfortable bra.

I’ve been finding over lockdown that wires were digging in my sides and I was constantly pulling the elastic down – not with this beauty. I put it on and am able to forget about it all day until I take it off at bedtime. That is how a bra should be for me. Unnoticeable, can’t see it under my clothes (unless I want to make a statement of it), can’t feel it as I go about my daily activities, and keeps me comfortable throughout the day.

How about you? Would your choice be a comfortable bra? Check out the Playtex new spring summer 21 collection today


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