Ideas for Updating Your Bathroom This Autumn

It is a widely known fact that the best way to add value to a home you wish to sell is to revamp either the bathroom or kitchen.

The obvious reason for this is these are two functional rooms in which you spend a lot of time doing things: cleaning, cooking, eating and general living. It stands to reason that if they are attractive rooms for a house buyer, then they must also be rooms that an existing homeowner can glean more enjoyment from with a quick spruce up too.

Last year, we looked at ideas for giving your kitchen an overhaul in our article Updating Your Kitchen for 2019, so to complement that, we have put together some ideas you might want to use in your bathroom this autumn. If you are planning to breathe new life into your home before the festive period, then why not try one of the ideas we have below and make your bathroom feel like new?

New Floor

You may only have a limited budget, but still desire a fresher feel to your bathroom. One cost-effective way to achieve that is by laying a new floor. It need not be expensive, without having to move any furniture it is purely a cosmetic change which can have a powerful effect on your enjoyment of your room.

You might want to change the material on your floor, for instance going from vinyl to tile could make your bathroom feel fresh and new. It may be you are happy with your existing material and simply want to change the pattern. You would be surprised how much impact simply changing the floor covering can have.

Smart Technology

Technology is permeating every inch of our lives, from our leisure or household chores to consumption of current affairs. There are also plenty of smart technology options for your bathroom which you could implement without a full renovation. Lifestyle Asia reports how smart bathroom technology is proving exceedingly popular in Asia, with heated seats and water-saving cisterns commonly found over there.

It might be a simple change you are looking for, maybe a media system of some sort to deliver relaxing music or the very latest podcast whilst you soak away your worries.

Full Renovation

If it is within your budget, a full renovation will, of course, transform your bathroom experience, and it can be fun and refreshing as a project too. Who doesn’t love choosing colour schemes, textures and furniture for a new room?

The vast array of styles and options available to you means you can let your imagination run wild and create a haven for yourself and your family to relax in. It is imperative to remember some of the smaller details when budgeting for your project though, as Home Building states it can cost as much, or as little as you have. Overstretching yourself could result in what should be a fun experience becoming stressful. Remember, post-install, it is a good idea to have some sort of cover for your renovation, so any problems caused by the fitting can be swiftly dealt with. A guide to plumbing and drainage cover by HomeServe shows how it can cover leaking pipes, blocked drains, blocked toilets and sinks, as well as leaks or blockages to your water supply pipe. That ensures that any problems arising from your new bathroom, or those exasperated by the interference with your current plumbing, can be swiftly resolved at little expense to you.

Revamping your bathroom should be a fun project that is only restricted by your budget and time available to conduct the work. From little tweaks such as the floor to wholesale changes throughout the room, you can make a real difference with just a little thought and a lot of imagination this autumn.

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