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We were only a few days into lockdown when Bessie mentioned that she’d lost her earrings. She meant the original ones that she had her ears pierced with. Some might think that’s not a dilemma but Bessie is allergic to a lot of metals and materials used in earrings and when her ears are inflamed, she puts her original earrings back in until they are better again. (I was very much the same as a child).

I started to look online but Next had sent an email saying they were understandably closing on all deliveries until further notice. I started to think I was going to fail to get her some earrings to use.

Then I received an email from Miss Milly…

I’m the owner of a small jewellery wholesale company, Miss Milly. I supply retailers throughout the UK and with them closing, my sales are down 99% in the past fortnight. I have only ever done a small amount of direct to consumer selling so as to not upset my wholesale customers but things are dire and needs must as I still have overheads and stock coming in. I can’t currently access any government support unless I stop working completely on my business and mothball it, which is really not possible if I want to come out the other side. So, I would be really appreciative of any editorial coverage you are able to give my new initiative, “Letterbox Loveliness”.

Sarah Watmore

Having worked from home for many years as a freelance editor, writer and blogger, I was very aware of the struggle and my thoughts were often turning to my friends who were in the same boat as Sarah.

I wanted to help.

I took a closer look at her genius idea – Letterbox Loveliness, I clicked on her website and scrolled through pages of beautiful designs. My mother’s 75th birthday was coming up and I needed a beautiful gift to be sent to her as we wouldn’t be holding our planned family party thanks to Coronavirus lockdown.

Letterbox Loveliness was exactly what I was looking for.

There are various options to choose from, Beautiful Earrings, Gorgeous Necklaces, Isolation Indulgence and Cute Animal and Bird Keyrings.

I can’t tell you what I ordered for mum as it’s her birthday on Sunday and I don’t want to ruin the surprise but Bessie’s earrings arrived and they are beautiful. She put them in straight away (obvs) and hasn’t taken them out since.

I think there are many of us with family and friends celebrating lockdown birthdays. Like me, you might have an older member of the family isolated and struggling on their own. Imagine their delight to open a Letterbox Loveliness gift.

Not only will you be making someone very happy with your thoughtfulness but a small business will be benefiting too. they will do a little happy dance in their kitchen and will be more likely to survive this downturn in world events.

At a time like now, it is even more important that we support small UK businesses rather than the huge corporations that will sail through this period. Please join me in the battle to save the hard-working entrepreneurs out there and think where your cash is going before clicking ‘buy’.

Find Miss Milly on social media

Facebook: @MissMillyUK

Instagram: @missmillyuk

Twitter: @MissMillyUK

Disclosure: Miss Milly very kindly sent Bessie her earrings free of charge, this hasn’t influenced my opinion or my words as I had already suggested helping via my blog.


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