Lockdown Chronicles – week 3 Easter

I have to say, it is absolutely no hardship staying at home for me. I am loving it. All this time on my hands, nowhere to run to, no ferrying the girls around from club to club and no stress from work. The five us (because Tom is staying here too) have adapted quite well to lockdown. We are getting jobs done, eating well, playing outside in the gorgeous spring sunshine and getting a whole list of jobs ticked off. So many that I shall be creating a new list very soon!

Rainbows and Clapping for the NHS

Thank you NHS Rainbow

Clapping for the NHS has become part of our weekly routine, dinner is finished and we’re outside on the street clapping, or making a lot of noise as one twin takes the cowbell we bought in Folgaria and the other twin and dad take pots and wooden spoons. It’s a beautiful moment, many of our neighbours join us and it shows the community coming together and we share a happy, hopeful moment together.

The girls have created a new rainbow based on many we have seen on Instagram and Facebook. They enjoyed creating it and are very proud of it too.

Garden and outdoors fun

The weather is beautiful – how we’d love to be down at the caravan right now! We were supposed to be spending Easter with our friends down at Birchington but that’s all on hold until further notice, I wonder what the COBRA meeting will reveal later today? Instead, dad has put the tent up in the garden and the girls go out every afternoon, with bags full of card games, books and other essential pastimes. I’ve played Uno and Dobble with them and I didn’t do too badly either.

Tom has been earning his keep ;) He has helped me weed the flower beds, dismantle the old trampoline, jetwash the patio and lots of other jobs. It’s great as it has created an extra outdoor space that is lovely to sit in.

Back in the kitchen

How lovely to have time to enjoy cooking again rather than grabbing bits from the fridge and cupboards in a hurry to feed the family. We have been eating very well – a little too well my belly would say. We have been cooking lots of our favourite dinners and the girls have helped me as part of their ‘Food Tech’ lessons. Tom made a fab Shepherd’s Pie which we all devoured in a flash. Next up will be Shortbread, Scones and Millionaire’s Slice plus Tom wants to make some Hot Cross Buns.

Does anyone else feel like they need to put ‘STOP! You are bored not Hungry’ posters up in the kitchen? I don’t know about your family but mine have a habit of heading to the kitchen when they are bored. The biscuit barrel is a frequent boredom breaker, so too are the crisps and the fridge.

Lockdown words

Our first puzzle, a 500 piece was completed this week, Winter Birds. Now we’re going to start a 1000 piece but don’t hold your breath!

I have taken note of new words that have come to be a part of everyday life; unprecedented – that one has been used a LOT. This is in fact, a totally new challenge to the entire planet.

Lockdown. Maybe, I have read about a prison on lockdown or schools in America when there is a killer on the loose but not countries!

Furlough. I hadn’t heard of this before the Coronavirus came to town and it makes me sad to think of all of the people who have been furloughed. It is the kind of situation that would keep me awake at night and I fear for many people in our society who cannot make ends meet. I hope our government helps these people quickly.

Chakras and wellbeing

Tom gave me some chakra bracelets to wear, and I love them. I put them on every day and when I see them, they make me smile and remind me that I need to stay calm and focus on my wellbeing. When I am well, I can make sure my loved ones around me are well too. One is made with beads from volcanic rock, this one reminds me of our trip to Lanzarote (we’ve had our Fuerteventura trip cancelled, we were supposed to go in May half term and we’re waiting to hear when – if – we will go). The other is made with Tiger Eye beads, so I swap them every day.

Take care, stay safe and Happy Easter!


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  1. April 10, 2020 / 12:03 PM

    We are also loving the tranquility of this time but then I get filled with guilt thinking of all the small business owners who are desperate and all the workers who live from one days piece work to the next. South Africa has so many people who have no savings and are already going hungry, almost wonder whether more will die from hunger than the virus. Our lockdown was extended by another 2 weeks last night and that will be the last straw for many.

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