Lockdown Chronicles – Week 1

We are nearing the end of our first week closed indoors due to the Coronavirus and our government’s attempts to stop the virus spreading. All in all, it hasn’t been too bad. No one has killed another member of the family…yet – (although I did threaten Joe Wicks on Wednesday when I was unable to move without wincing!)

On Monday, I left the family safely holed up at home and walked to school because, as a TA, I am classed a keyworker and our school has a number of children whose parents are keyworkers too. It was an odd day, all of the staff were in as nobody knew what to expect. I started a massive 5000 piece Disney puzzle which was going to take up 3 school desks but we were later asked to put it away as there were too many people working on it and it didn’t comply with the social distancing. I totally understand this decision but annoyingly, we were only a few pieces away from completing the outline!

We were sent home after lunch as the number of children was lower than initially expected but armed with a rota – I didn’t have to be in until the following Monday, result!

Later in the week, the rota was scrapped as the number of children going in had fallen significantly and now I can stay home with my family. In the meantime, I have revived the Riverview Junior School blog and I’ve started a school Instagram feed. Feel free to follow us :)

The girls have been amazing this week, they’ve been up, washed and dressed and sitting at their laptops by 9 am. They have worked diligently through till lunchtime – dad allows them a morning break – and then finish in the afternoon. We have joined in with Joe Wicks’ PE at home and they’ve been in the kitchen with me learning how to cook (Food tech!) We made a delicious double chocolate cake to celebrate Tom’s birthday.

Yes, we also have Tommy living with us; plans to go to the caravan with the children were canceled and he’s stuck with us :) On the plus side, he’s been working in the garden, helping to clear borders and the veggie plot. You can see from this link that I haven’t done any gardening since I went to work at James Villas.

The girls planted lots of seeds for me and now we wait for them to come up and be replanted. All very exciting stuff. They also bought me a hydrangea plant for Mother’s Day which has been planted along with a tree from our school’s Forest School.

Paul is still job hunting but, as you can imagine, this is the worst time to be looking for a job! Even Asda (shelf stacking) aren’t getting back to him as they are so inundated with people wanting to work there!

So, what to do with all this extra time? Well, I have cleared out a few cupboards that needed a tidy up. Cleaned bathrooms on non-weekend days (I know!), sorted out the desk area which seems to be everyone’s dumping ground but there are plenty more jobs for me to be getting on with. I shall keep you informed – wardrobes are high on the list and so is the garden. I have also received my new embroidery kit from Emily Peacock which I am excited to start

I have taken on the role of ‘carer’ for my 99-year-old grandmother who is thoroughly not amused at being kept indoors – ‘They’ve even shut the lounge now so, I can’t even get a coffee!’ I delivered her shopping to her this morning which I add to my Asda delivery as she emails me her requests (I’m so grateful I booked a recurring slot now!) We’re doing the same for Grandad too and our plan seems to be working to a certain extent – Grandad got fruit shortbread biscuits instead of his custard creams and Nan got frozen peas and sweetcorn instead of her frozen mixed veg.

My beautiful boy

Last but not least, Baxter is the happiest member of the family. He ALWAYS has someone home with him now and he is being taken on so many walks! We are lucky that we had his hair cut last weekend so he should be fine for the next month – 6 weeks.

Take care everyone and stay home and stay safe. I’m in touch with Megan in Italy daily and with a bit of luck, they should be looking forward to coming out of their houses soon. Fingers crossed.


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