Are your car tyres safe enough for long routes?

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Good question and to be honest – one that wouldn’t naturally spring to my mind before setting off on a long journey. Petrol. That would be a definite and I might even think about checking the oil but tyres? They get checked at the annual MOT and husband does the lion’s share of looking after the car so it could very possibly get missed by me.

This year, my daughter and her family will be joining us for Christmas (yippee!) What’s that got to do with tyres you may ask? Well, most of my long term readers will remember that she lives in Italy – Lake Garda to be exact. In fact, (small sidetrack from tyres – see what I did there?) you may even remember our wonderful day trip to Venice and the pretty island of Burano?

Anyway, they will be driving over from Lake Garda as her partner doesn’t like flying and prefers to be at the steering wheel. That is a long journey – 1,385km long to be exact – that’s what Google tells me; a journey where I would most likely think a little bit more about the health of my car and tyres would feature in my check-up before setting off with a car laden full of goodies.

What must also be taken into consideration are the road conditions to be found along the way at this time of year. It is cold and miserable so, rain, ice, snow in Switzerland and fog can be expected on route.

It is fundamental to check your tyre pressure before setting off and handy to keep a foot pump in the car (remember to pack it where it is accessible so you don’t have to empty out a full bootload to get to it!) That way optimum levels of air can be maintained throughout your journey and, more importantly, in preparation for the long journey back home!

The depth of the tyre tread is also very important to note. It’s that deep tread that will keep you on the road when the conditions are slippery or you need to slam on the brakes. Headley Tyres Basingstoke Branch are more than happy to check your tyres and car condition throughout the year, so do feel free to pop in and book a ‘check-up with them. In the meantime, keep our healthy car list checklist to hand for a more personal check before you head out on the road.

Healthy car checklist

  1. Windscreen wipers and screenwash.
  2. Tyre pressure.
  3. Depth of tyre tread.
  4. Oil level
  5. Lights.
  6. Emergency equipment – red triangle/hi-vis jackets/first aid kit
  7. Fuel level
  8. Keep a blanket, water and snacks in the car in case of need.

Disclosure: A collaboration with Headly Tyres.


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