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It’s typical, isn’t it? During our last week at school, on the Thursday, temperatures hit 36°C. The UK was sweltering, it was our last day of school and nobody knew what to do with themselves. Unbearably hot. The tiniest movement I made caused yet another onslaught of abundant perspiration. On the other hand, it was the perfect weather for posing in new sunglasses but I couldn’t as I was at school.

Cue the summer holidays – yippee! Only it started to cool down and RAIN! Rain is no good for someone with flash new sunglasses.

For my perfect photo to showcase these wonderful specs, I had ideas of me being down in Thanet, blue skies, blue sea, colourful clothes and drop-dead gorgeous sunglasses with a sultry pose – gazing out to sea maybe, or just posing in front of a colourful background like I see so frequently on Instagram. That sounds perfect, right? Only, the twins are away at Girl Guide camp for the first week and I have spent my time knee-deep in paint and brushes as I tackle Bessie’s room and turn it into a tween den. So, once again, no sunglasses.

Smart Buy Glasses

Why all the fuss about sunglasses you may wonder? Well, Smart Buy Glasses got in contact and asked me to choose a pair of their summer shades to review. I clicked over to the website and proceeded to waste insane amounts of time trawling the pages and pages of designer sunglasses.

They are amazing.

I got a list going where I jotted down my favourites and then started to whittle them down to my very favourites. I think you should take a look yourself to see what I mean.

You’ll notice the sidebar has some handy filters, one being the shape of the glasses, Aviator, rectangle, oversized. If you know what suits you, this is an excellent way to start your search.

If designer labels are your thing you won’t be disappointed, Tom Ford, Prada, Chanel, Stella McCartney and many, many more.

Bvlgari Sunglasses

I made my final choice for these gorgeous ‘Made in Italy’ Bvlgari sunglasses. They are aviator shape and the lens are a really pretty shade. I put my order in and they took no time at all to arrive. I was very impressed with the speed and care of packaging to ensure no damage on route.

The unboxing was an experience in itself. When you choose designer sunglasses you would like to think they live up to the high level we associate them with. Bvlgari did not disappoint; a beautiful branded box containing the original circular design sunglasses holdall (which will look wonderful in my handbag). Inside that, a soft drawstring bag, the colour of the dawn of a beautiful day, containing my designer sunglasses.

The unwrapping of the product was as much to do with the pleasure of owning the glasses. An experience to be savoured. A well thought out process.

So, now I have my beautiful designer sunglasses all I need is the sun to shine and my family to take me to the beach where I can swan about like Lady Muck (as my mother would say).

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you – there are lots of discounts on the site so you too can find a fabulous pair of designer sunglasses that are affordable, go take a look.

Disclosure: I was sent the sunglasses for the purpose of this post, all opinions are my own.


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