Mum, can you print off my homework?

When I was a kid, there was no home printer. In fact, printers were only found in offices and used sparingly but today, many homes have a printer and children are used to printing off downloads from the internet, pictures of their favourite stars and of course, homework research.

Having a printer has made life so much easier. We now print off our own boarding cards – though don’t print them on both sides of the paper like I did on our recent trip to Calpe in Spain! Many companies send through a PDF of their terms and conditions which, if you wish, you can print off.

The last things I have printed off have included, I’m a Girly body outlines for the girls to get creative on, the Year 7 curriculum for their new school in September and a Fast 800 recipe that I found online. There are no limits to how useful my printer is to us as a family – Dad likes to print off Google maps when we’re going abroad or if he’s organising a pub crawl in a new area for his Friday Club.

Obviously, there is a cost to having your own printer and I recently bumped into Printerinks for cheap ink cartridges online which impressed me with their range of products and their low prices. It’s good to have a trusted go-to website which you can bookmark for ease and swiftness.

Another great use of a home printer is for photographs. You can now easily print off good quality photos in the comfort of your own home. I find it really handy to print off a copy of an image taken at a family party for my grandmother or my mum to take home with them.

Now, with the girls moving on to secondary school. I can see our printer becoming ever more important in our lives. they’ll be starting to learn so many new subjects that will require homework and, I imagine, there will be projects coming along too. A whole host of new things to tackle and fit into our lives. I least I won’t have to worry about the ink running out!

Disclosure: collaborative post.

Image by: Joshua fuller – Unsplash


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